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Bird flu could become a human pandemic. How are countries preparing?
  • I've dealt with this too from an anti-vaxxer. It's really frustrating when you can't even agree on a common source for the data being discussed.

    With this person, every source I told them I got my information from was wrong or biased - yet that same rebuttal from me about their sources were loudly talked over and/or the goal posts were moved.

  • Basic instincts
  • But one thing that I have noticed is that the people that are mocked for their hobbies are also the one's that are the most accepting of others.

    My guess is they know the pain of being the butt of other people's jokes and empathize with others more.

  • It's not Critical Role, it's Podcasting Itself
  • That may be a reason for it. If so offer them the opportunity to just watch, to consume D&D as they do podcasts. They can leave whenever and it won't mess up the game, but it also may get them more interested and want to commit to actually playing.

  • Why is Horizon: An American Saga flopping in theaters?
  • I think the four part series called The West by Ken Burns is shorter and probably better.

  • Apply this to tenant applications too
  • Yes. Go back to my previous post I mention that in some cases maybe the punishment never ends due to the crime committed. But not all crimes deserve life long punishment. But I'm not arguing sentencing guidelines really, What I want to know is if someone is convicted of a felony, completes the punishment given to them, should they still be called a felon?

  • Apply this to tenant applications too
  • I'm not arguing how we punish people I'm arguing why do we punish people What's the point of putting a person in jail or prison for some length of time if, when the get out they are still saddled with their crime?

  • Apply this to tenant applications too
  • You are talking about the conviction, I am talking about the punishment. We the people of this country decide what the punishments are for crimes.

    So in the case of a murder conviction it maybe decided that this person has to be incarcerated for 20 years. They do their time and released. They did the punishment We decided as appropriate for the crime. They are done.

    In your example again We the people get to decide the punishment. It could be (and probably is) part of the punishment that a convicted child molester can never have a job working with people under a certain age. Maybe in this case the punishment can never fully be carried out so they always carry the moniker of felon/child molester.

    All I'm saying is that for those crimes that have a definitive start and end point for the punishment there should be a qualifying start and end point for the title of felon.

  • Is anyone else highly concerned with the SCOTUS ruling that the POTUS is immune from criminal liability?
  • I have not read the ruling but if this is how it goes then it feels like a slow burn coup by the SCOTUS. The fate of every decision of the president is in the hands of these justices. They now control what is 'official' and what is not. They now control the president in some way.

    or maybe (hopefully) I'm wrong.

  • The aliens need our gold! The proof? 3.
  • Yes. What gets me is how people devalue humans. That if our linage doesn't come from aliens then somehow we are not special?

    I'd say everything that had to happen for humans to exist is more impressive than "aliens"

  • The aliens need our gold! The proof? 3.
  • Wait so a super technologically advanced life form that is able to travel through the universe easily doesn't have the knowledge to create technology that can mine for gold on a different planet? That instead they need slaves?

    I mean if you are going to go down this crazy route at least make it more plausible!

  • Apply this to tenant applications too
  • How about if a person successfully and fully completes their sentence associated with the felony(s) that they were charged with the felony is removed from their record.

    We as a country have decided that certain punishments are meted out for certain crimes. If the person serves the punishment that we the people have decided is appropriate then why are they still saddled with the sentence of their former crime after the punishment is served?

  • Supreme Court impeachment plan released by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  • Because there are some Democrats that have held on to their seats for many many years and are too fucking scared to do anything "out of the norm" because they may lose their seat. There are also some Republicans that will state they don't like the ruling but are also too afraid of the loss of their seat to actually do anything for the country the swore to protect.

    Ultimately it comes down to the fact that there are not enough brave representatives in Congress and the Senate to take on this problem. They all talk a big talk but if their actions reduce the chances of their reelection then they are out.

  • Big problems require solving root issues
  • yeah, but that takes work and money - you know what's free? blame.

  • Idaho book ban goes into effect on Monday
  • It would be cool if a private citizen or two set up tables around Idaho towns and just gave away these banned books to anyone that wanted them. The fear is those people that follow the teaching of a peace loving hippie that lived 2000 years ago would probably beat them up and threaten to kill them.

  • Aliens haven't contacted us. Scientists found a compelling reason why.
  • I like to think about it differently: That this planet is an incredibly unique and rare thing and humans are even more incredibly unique in the universe. And from that one thing makes us and our planet very very special.

  • America’s housing crisis continues to worsen, renters are struggling more than homeowners, report says
  • I totally agree this isn't a easy fix and it will take decades to change but I feel that should be a challenge for the US to start making the change not a reason to keep the status quo.

  • Happy Father's Day


    What's your clickbait headline that describes your life right now?


    Music to Workout to

    What's your go to for music while you workout?


    Ladies if all the men of the world disappeared for 24 hours, they are fine they will come back, BUT during those 24 hours what are YOU doing?

    This question has been around for a while but I'm curious as to your answer


    What something that you are really good at?

    Sometimes you just want to brag about something you excel at but never get the chance or you're just to modest. Now is your chance to tell a bunch of internet strangers about your amazing talent.


    Native Lands Welcome -

    Native Land is a resource to learn more about Indigenous territories, languages, lands, and ways of life. We welcome you to our site.

    Native Land is an app to help map Indigenous territories, treaties, and languages.


    What physical features do you find attractive on a person that would be considered unattractive by your culture's beauty standards?


    What really popular movie or TV show have you never seen?

    When I tell people I've never seen the Lion King they are really baffled by that.


    Baby And The Pacifiers - After U Jump (1981)


    what are some phrases that you use in your hobby or work that would make no sense to outsiders?


    How do you get an executable from a GitHub link?

    I see a lot of posts for apps that I would like to try but they all send me to a Github link - What is the process for getting an executable of these apps? Do I have to compile them myself? OR am I missing the .exe or .zip file option?

    I really feel like I'm missing something easy..


    What would it take to change an Internal Combustion Engine Car to an EV?


    Everything isn't as far away when you use a Pluto year for your light year measurement

    So Alpha Centauri is now only .016 light years away.

    Boom! suck it Astronomers



    Remember The First Time Colorado Tried Fracking With A Nuclear Bomb? The 1st Time Colorado Tried Fracking With A Nuclear Bomb

    Today the site of Project Rulison is mostly forgotten.

    The 1st Time Colorado Tried Fracking With A Nuclear Bomb

    On Sept. 10, 1969, six and a half miles south of Rulison, Colorado, a 40-kiloton nuclear bomb exploded in the subterranean depths of the Piceance Basin.

    The device, more than twice as powerful as the weapon at Hiroshima and with muscle equivalent to 40,000 tons of TNT, was an unorthodox tool in a grand experiment to free natural gas and kickstart a boom. The nuclear age wanted to give the oil and gas age a hand up.


    Conservatives have already written a climate plan for Trump’s second term Conservatives have already written a climate plan for Trump's second term

    Hundreds of conservative operatives outlined a plan that Donald Trump, or any Republican, could use to purge climate action from the federal government.

    Conservatives have already written a climate plan for Trump's second term

    Called Project 2025, it would block the expansion of the electrical grid for wind and solar energy; slash funding for the Environmental Protection Agency’s environmental justice office; shutter the Energy Department’s renewable energy offices; prevent states from adopting California’s car pollution standards; and delegate more regulation of polluting industries to Republican state officials.

    69 Family died in Rockies after trying to live ‘off the grid,’ official says

    Two sisters and a teenage son moved to a Colorado campsite last July, living off canned food. They had wanted to take a break from a world that distressed them, a local coroner said.

    Family died in Rockies after trying to live ‘off the grid,’ official says

    Last summer, Rebecca Vance talked with her family about a dream she’d had: She wanted to live in a land disconnected from the world, which she viewed as chaotic and dangerous.


    Are all calories created equal? Your gut microbes don’t think so.

    Skeptics GoofSchmoofer

    What's with this idea that transmen are breastfeeding children toxic chemicals?

    OK. I'll start. got a reel where they are ranting about trans me using chemicals to grow their breasts and then breastfeeding. This is somehow going to kill babies and the government is in on it.



    What's up with this concern over a company called Apeel?

    A friend of mine who is deep into conspiracies started sending me stuff on this company called Apeel all concerned about ..... pesticides? I don't really have the time to watch all the videos and Instagram reels, so what is the issue with this company? Is it a legit concern or a crazy conspiracy? or something inbetween?


    hey @ickplant Thanks for all the posts and keeping these communities alive

    That's all.