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"PSN isn't supported in my country. What do I do?" Arrowhead CEO: "I don't know"
  • I think his argument comes down to, don't hate the playa, hate the game. Far better for them to have made the game, as it clearly is a good game. The publisher coming in and shitting all over everything is what makes the situation bad. Hopefully, this can serve as more inspiration for indie devs (who do make most of my fav games) and maybe lead to more studios not accepting Sony as a publisher. I can't fault Arrowhead for wanting to make what they love, but I can hope Sony burns to the ground never to rise again.

  • Glimmer of hope that the PSN linking decision gets reversed.
  • Yeah, but the legal system lags way behind on tech and data. It lags harder that the original Ubisoft potato servers.

  • We Don’t Need Warrior Cops Policing Campus Protests
  • Hmm. No, I meant my comment to be subjective, as in, your opinions are bad within the scope of my viewpoint. I don't need it to be subjectively "fixed" to be a useless statement like how Twitter artists "fixed" animated characters. Hope you have a great day regardless.

  • We Don’t Need Warrior Cops Policing Campus Protests
  • You really like collecting downvotes. You are very good at sharing bad opinions.

  • The original Souls-like
  • My parents also got me a bougie one, but it was frog themed

  • I, too, cast repost
  • And as a bonus, second repost

  • Zelenskyy straight-up said Ukraine is going to lose if Congress doesn't send more aid
  • I mean involvement of the voters themselves. I push a lot of my friends to just go vote, but they still won't. If you figure out how to get people to actually want to fix the situation, let me know.

  • Zelenskyy straight-up said Ukraine is going to lose if Congress doesn't send more aid
  • I agree with the viewpoints, but many voted for the Russia supporting party, and noone else got enough support in the primaries. There needs to be massively increased primary involvement before a systemic change to move away from the two party system can be feasible. I'm a big fan of ranked choice voting myself, but what big party candidate is going to advocate for that in the current climate? I'm hoping changes can happen over the next decade as my generation and the one below get even more active.

  • Don't get me started. I rule at monologs
  • I've ironically and unironically sent this a few times.

  • Don't get me started. I rule at monologs
  • Thank you for sharing. Hope you have a good day.

  • Who are you talking to?
  • I mean, you still get the stray pube that ends up in the mouth, but that's part of the game.

  • Who are you talking to?
  • Thumb is holding pant. Hard to notice at first.

  • It's been a while since I followed the rule
  • That'll be one vote pls

  • It's been a while since I followed the rule
  • That's enough to rent this one for a week. If he likes you, he'll stick around.


  • It's been a while since I followed the rule
  • Simple flattery will not get you a discount.

  • It's been a while since I followed the rule
  • Good luck getting better quality for price with the dwarves or, gods forbid, kobolds.

  • Question to those not in the USA, and who have lived outside the USA.

    I've been thinking about something and want to check an assumption I have. I only hear directly from other people in the USA, and interract with the global community through memes. How are the gun regulations/laws different from yours in terms of strictness, and do you wish there was more or less where you live?

    Not looking for a debate here, discuss cold drinks vs hot drinks instead. Appreciate either answer. ❤️

    Edit: Thanks for the answers all. I'm super proud how productive eveyone kept this talk. I figured most of you had very different experiences than I. I'll share my most recent experience. I don't have a firearm, but have considered it after being trained enough. When sharing this with "normal" people around town, I had multiple people offer to sell or gift me a gun where the serial number was scratched off and non-traceable. I ofter heard, "oh man, yeah. You need a gun." I have literally never needed one. The fact that people offer to give me one when I don't have a liscence or training shows the mindset of the minority here and how much of a problem a few individuals can make to safety within the current system.

    Animemes you say?

    I didn't actually watch it. No idea if it was good or not.

    This dog ice cream rules

    According to the beagle; vanilla cheddar is her favorite.

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