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  • Please leave me alone

  • smoking
  • Thank you

  • smoking
  • You are the one who presumed to know what I do or don't actually want. Thank you for your attempt at kindness but it really didn't come off like that to me. I think its best to end this interaction here as its not going to be productive for either of us. Sorry.

    Edit: oh i thought you were the person who I was responding too but you are not.. in that case please leave me alone, thankyou..

  • smoking
  • i wasn't asking for advice and its not welcome

  • What is a quote that captures something you've learnt through living your life?
  • sometimes people will really fuckin hurt you and you won't ever get an apology

  • smoking
  • im trying very hard to quit smoking weed... i know it's not the same as nicotine addiction but it's still a struggle. I smoked weed almost every day for like 6 years or something.

    its annoying cus like i will be reminded of it constantly, weed culture is everywhere, memes and shows and movies and books. I get reminded and i want it, I get the urge and its hard not to smoke a little. i will go days or weeks without any but then I will fuck up and smoke again and suddenly i will be smoking every day again for a few weeks.

    edit: i wasn't asking for advice, i have a therapist I am working with please stop trying to give me advice its not what I want or need and I don't like it, it makes me super incredibly uncomfortable. Its not helping. Thank you

  • President Joe Biden calls on LGBTQ+ community ‘to wave their flags of pride high’ this June
  • LGBT people can throw other LGBT people under the bus too, you are not exempt

  • What's something you've been called in life that isn't generally something bad, but made you feel awful
  • Basically any and all compliments make me feel like shit, it's not a good quality of mine but its the truth

    Before I transitioned being called handsome hurt, I didn't want that. Since I transitioned I have been called beautiful and sexy. I still feel bad, I don't believe them. It's odd because.. I can kinda see what they mean? Like I personally like how I look sooo much better now it's insane, but from other people it feels like a lie. Or else it makes me feel like I'm just an object to them, like an exotic sex thing, not a person.

    I work as a gpu/graphics programmer, and people say I'm smart and talented. I never believe it, ever. When I was young I did not do well in school, like special ed classes. That early life experience is still internalized. It's why I push myself really hard at the detriment of my own health. I truly believe I am not a smart person despite recognizing why people think I am.

    Last year I was diagnosed autistic with Persistent Demand Avoidance sub type. I have read online that PDA people often struggle with compliments. Its super fucked tbh, I can never feel good about any accomplishment, nothing is enough, and I feel unlovable.

  • President Joe Biden calls on LGBTQ+ community ‘to wave their flags of pride high’ this June
  • Another person who is perfectly willing to throw LGBT people under the bus. We see you for what you are stop pretending moral superiority.

  • Stealing everything you’ve ever typed or viewed on your own Windows PC is now possible with two lines of code — inside the Copilot+ Recall disaster.
  • Can you elaborate on what "subpoenable information" means. Like I have a vague idea but im not super clear if thats like a legal term with special considerations or whatever. Elaboration would be helpful.

  • It's been around a year since a lot of us quit Reddit, myself included. I'm happy with Lemmy, but I still feel a bit lost online since leaving the old site. Discussion?
  • I feel similarly often, but I think it has started to push me towards growing out of spending so much time online. Lemmy definitely has not filled the same niche reddit did, in some ways it's better but I am often disappointed what I see here as well. Even things like youtube I have started to watch less lately. It all is just starting to feel like hyper processed slop, like what am I really getting out of this thing I feel attached to?

    The only social I really still enjoy lately is mastodon and that's because it's possible to make real connections with people there, it's not about making viral posts that tons of people see. Though clearly I still visit lemmy, I find myself often wondering if it's worth it.

    I feel better consuming less social media, feel healthier. I have read so many books over the last year, just last month I read 16 books though that is an outlier. Not just fiction too, though that is the vast majority, but also pure math books. Smoking a lot less weed, I use to smoke it every day, I was high every day for years and years but now im close to just giving it up completely I think. I have started to exercise and eat better too and I am more willing to just be alone with my thoughts. Sometimes its painful but I think its good for me.

    I don't think it's all down to just less social media, but it has been helping for sure.

    Part of me often feels like if I don't check social media im like doing something wrong, not participating in the world, like I /need/ to stay informed. But social media isn't going to save the world, i'm not actually helping anyone or anything by reading and commenting on posts. Its an illusion of participation, a honey pot that just sapps away my time and my mental health and doesn't give me the things I actually want like real human connection.

  • What's the most popular activity you could never get into?
  • Alcohol, I just dont like the taste

    I smoke weed occasionally but even that I have been trying to cut out cus I abused it for years

  • He came with receipts
  • That's low key the charm of it. I use to only use reddit and it confused me too at first. I never used Twitter but on mastodon you can actually make friends with people. Friends who will discuss the topics you are interested in. I have queer friends on there and gamedev friend and math friends. We are interested in the same things, we boost posts that we all are interested in. Make general often vague looking posts because we know who will see it, like a long drawn out conversation. Its so much cozier than lemmy or reddit, here everyone is trying to correct each other or yell at each other or be the cleverest comment in the thread. On mastodon people are alot more interested in being authentic, thats been my experience of mastodon at least.

  • He came with receipts
  • mastodon is fantastic and is honestly better than lemmy community wise.

  • Cop Rule
  • no no no dont you know saying that here on lemmy means your a taaannnnkkkieeeeee /s

  • After successful animal trials, human trials to begin for tooth regrowth drug
  • Not being able to talk about capitalism in a tech community is like having a fishing community and not being able to talk about how the waters got shit in it.

  • Hoo hoo.
  • The Tootsie pop owl is their cousin and they both hate that guy, fuckin asshole

  • Difficult decisions
  • I duno to me it feels like the entire bunch has kinda become more interested in their own celebrity than making interesting science videos. The point when I decided to fall off was around the time Allen made that video about snake legs, it felt so lazy and half hearted, its like why am I watching this?

  • Meet my new puppy: Ass!
  • Smarties :3 tbh not a bad name for such a cutie 🥰

  • What do you use for movie recommendations?

    And a bit of a follow up question because I want to complain a bit, why does it feel like most movie recommendation websites suck?


    Has anyone else seen accounts other than your own show up in the top left while the page has not finished loading?

    Basically what the title says, while the page is loading sometimes I will see someone else's username and pfp in the top left corner before it switches to my own when the page finishes loading. I have seen this happen twice now.

    Posted this over on asklemmy but they deleted the post so posting here now..