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Low-hanging fruit 🥱
  • Can i also interest you in the Southwest? Tolkien based the Shire on it you know :) x

    Cornwall can drift into the Atlantic for all I care but Devon/Somerset are surely worth hanging onto!

  • Low-hanging fruit 🥱
  • Fight me and my bad dentistry you overweight, stetson wearing, language butchering, gun touting redneck.

    The UK has a Michelin star restaurant for every 360k people, the US has one for every 1.5million people.

  • it’s just the rule thing to do
  • Is that a thing? Only pieces of shit use the word triggered now...?

    See, to me, you outed yourself as a piece of shit by burning things that could have been donated to kids who have nothing.

    So I guess we all have our perspectives huh? :) x

    Edit: interesting edit to decide to add the word snowflake to your comment.... Trying to work out if you're being a bit thick or deliberately ironic. Either way it's an odd decision in this context to be honest.

  • it’s just the rule thing to do
  • Then you're totally welcome :) x

    Do you realise the first comment in the thread was just a harmless (amusing even) observation and you were triggered for some reason and responded with "hurrr durrr"....?

  • Glory to our new overlords!
  • Not in the way it used to be though. I guess what I really miss is finding matches for counterstrike and stuff using IRC, it felt properly community based instead of designed to extract maximum money.

  • What are some items that really aren't worth paying the expensive version for?
  • 100%

    What an insane point to make. If you're a car person then of course you'll admire others' cars, even if you're not, they're often great bits of design and good fun in the right setting.

    It's only stupid if you then go out and try to get something to compete with it for more than you can afford to spend. I have no idea what the poster you replied to is talking about.

  • Report: PC gaming has a larger market share than all consoles combined
  • Yes on par is stretching the truth very thinly for sure (today at least), the gap is closing though and eventually I expect phones will be running AAA games too. It will take some more large developments in phones before it's realistically possible but I can totally see phones being "dockable" becoming the form in future, and I expect mobile gaming will have some big changes if that does happen.

  • Report: PC gaming has a larger market share than all consoles combined
  • You're very welcome, although not actually an insult, again I'm just making the point as I see it. This one being that you appear to be an actual child.

    I consider failure to make a coherent point an actual failure, so thanks for that :) x

  • Report: PC gaming has a larger market share than all consoles combined
  • You claimed it was lightyears behind to be fair, nobody said it'd be an equal to today's gaming rigs but the gap has certainly closed a bit.

    Current phones are more powerful than a switch already, which is releasing AAA games that people are buying so some people are perfectly happy playing a game with moderate gfx and performance. I can absolutely see AAA games being designed for phones in the future and docking in a similar way.

  • I'd like to be made mod of the inactive reddevils community on

    The original mod exited around a month ago and handed to reins to someone else but that person hasn't commented at all since then and it seems like the community has no active mods.

    The community is [email protected]


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