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Disable windows updates
  • I just install DoNotSpy after a fresh install of Windows and have never had an issue with Windows Update ignoring me and doing whatever it wanted.

    Obviously the system has to be offline until it is installed and probably restarted, but after that you can plug in a cable and be fine, to my experience. Mind you I am still using an old, old, copy of 10 Pro as the installer, so I am uncertain how newer, fresh installs or home edition will handle it.

  • This company is the laughing stock of gaming right now
  • I purchased Rayman Legends on a big Steam sale because it is a great game and I wanted to play it again. I installed it. I hit play. It tried to install the Ubisoft launcher. I uninstalled it and refunded.

    Fuck off, Ubisoft.

  • lemmy user(ule)s: "this sign won't stop me because i can't read"
  • The push to get people to stop saying it Streisand Effected the word into a slur. There's no reason it shouldn't have just gone the way of "moron,

    Sure. But it didn't. And now it is a slur. And no matter how much you'd like to defend your version of the word, that isn't what it means. Sitting in your own bubble and insisting on your own version of language history doesn't change the meaning of the word to the evolving world.

  • lemmy user(ule)s: "this sign won't stop me because i can't read"
  • So, we're just going to pretend that language doesn't evolve because it justifies your bias?

    People didn't put their foot down when the meaning of those words began to shift, and now they mean something entirely different. In our more socially and culturally aware culture, we as a people understand nuance and are generally educated enough to see what's happening. We have by and large decided that it's a bad thing to continue normalizing attacking the mentally disabled.

    Fuck off with your pseudo-intellectual defense of toxic, dehumanizing culture. Words mean things. The things they mean can change. Those ones, in a less educated and accepting time, did. The ones we have now have not. Your attempt to dismiss that is genuinely hateful.

  • lemmy user(ule)s: "this sign won't stop me because i can't read"
  • Imagine calling the difference between people who do stupid things and people who are born with diagnosed mental illnesses "splitting hairs".

    It's very, very simple. In one case, you are attacking someone who is completely in control of their mental facilities. In the other, you are attacking people who are literally incapable of defending themselves, from birth. They are not synonymous. If you think that level of punching down is okay, then be as indignant and self-righteous about it as you want, but you deserve to be told.

  • Rule
  • Watching the wheels turn when a straight person, upset by being forgotten, is told that this is what LGBTQ+ people are used to and have had to deal with for most of history.

    chef's kiss

  • Pentagon ran secret anti-vax campaign to undermine China during pandemic
  • The military program started under former President Donald Trump and continued months into Joe Biden’s presidency, Reuters found – even after alarmed social media executives warned the new administration that the Pentagon had been trafficking in COVID misinformation. The Biden White House issued an edict in spring 2021 banning the anti-vax effort, which also disparaged vaccines produced by other rivals, and the Pentagon initiated an internal review, Reuters found.


    Not saying I'm super impressed with the bidden admnistration, but "started it with an explicit goal of spreading misinformation and "took them a couple months to put a stop to it" are not the same thing. Your statement sounds like it's trying to draw that false equivillency.

  • What do I give my bad dad for father's day?
  • This.

    Nothing says "I have fulfilled my social obligation, but I don't give a shit about you" more than a low value giftcard for somewhere generic.

    Alternatively, give him a halfway decent gift and feel better about yourself for not continuing the cycle of neglect, even when he won't appreciate it. We can make the world better, even for those of us that don't deserve it, and considering how to make it a better place as opposed to how to get back at the people who make it a worse one is just a better use of our time and energy.

    Besides, at the end of the day, truly awful people already live with the worst punishment so could imagine: having to wake up every morning and continue being themselves.

  • Well-Known Anti-Gay “Conversion” Therapist Comes Out As Gay
  • Listen, it's a very easy premise: these anti-gay workers and activists believe homosexual thoughts are something everyone struggles with, because they experience similiar thoughts and urges all the time, and homosexuals are just people made the wrong choice. The logic is easy to follow. People bias their own experiences and wrongly assume that most people have similiar thoughts and feelings. So when you have feelings that you have been told your whole life are "wrong", "unclean" or "evil", you don't assume that they're unique to you; you see them as demons that everyone faces and attribute your ability to turn them away as a virtue. These people believe homosexuality is a choice because they believe themselves to have made the other choice.

    The hate you see isn't loathing for things they don't understand. It's resentment. It's a deep-seated bitterness born of resentment and envy for people who chose not to fight against their own nature and instead celebrate it. And they believe they're doing good by helping people like them make the "correct" choice, and eliminating any attitudes, conversations or, in extreme cases, persons, that would normalize the "incorrect" choice.

  • Simple question: Are you a nice person?
  • I take "nice" to mean something very different than "good" or "kind". No, I am not a nice person. I am inclined to be an honest asshole over a nice liar. I try my best to be good, kind, understanding, etc., but "nice" is, in my books, more about manners than good acts or genuine understanding. And I generally feel that time and effort spent on attempting to be "nice" is much better spent on genuinely empathizing with and supporting people, even when that support isn't kind or well-mannered at a glance.

    I think I just take issue with the word "nice".

  • Looking for insight - Games on a school managed Chromebook

    So the situation is this: I am a junior high ELA teacher and I want to bring some videogames into the classroom. What I have to work with are the students Chromebooks. At first glance, I figured I'd throw some short, playable without install games on some flash drives and we could play through whatever game it is, and then talk about it like any other short story. Bring in the relevant terms, connect it to the course outcomes, easy. Then I began to learn the limitations of Chromebooks and how challenging it can be to run Windows .exe's on them, or find games that run natively on a Chromebook without installing.

    Getting the rights to install anything on these devices is functionally out of the question. The request would have to go through the school board. Even if they agree that it's a good idea, the practicality of giving me the rights to install things without opening it up so the students can install things and without consuming an inordinate amount of class time in just setting up is unlikely. Ideally, I need games that can run on a Chromebook without running an install, or games that run in browser.

    I'm googling around and considering emulator options. If anyone has experience in playing games in these circumstances, I'd love some options and insights. Additionally if people have recommendations for games that would be particularly good (narrative focused), I'd love to hear them. It's 2023; these kids don't need to learn what conflict is through short stories written by white men in the 1920s. With all the push towards student-focused learning and differentiated education, I want to start giving them choice and breadth in how they take in these concepts.

    Thanks in advance for anyone who gives me their time and expertise on this.