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  • I'm guessing OP never had explosive diarrhea that you barely managed to get to the toilet!!! Then again normal people clean after themselves so the sign being there means that some assholes are going to that place!

  • Seems awfully dangerous
  • We know and that's why most of us that care about our life we drive slow as well as stop even if it's a green light the rest well let's hope they have good luck or don't depending on what you wish for them!

  • Seriously, why aren't most people using adblock these days
  • To be fair targeted ads based on what I like I don't find as a problem as long as they are not intrusive and very in your face! But due to how bad most ads are I don't see even those as I always have adblock on!

  • Seriously, why aren't most people using adblock these days
  • No idea what adguard is, I used adblock plus before thought I'm not using it now as for why I'm not using it I have no idea but I think some ads were getting through otherwise I would not have switched form it. For a few years now I use Ublock and never had a problem with it, in fact it's the first thing I install on any machine after I finish install an os on it.

  • Sad
  • Pretty sure if we can make a sun we will be able to stop this one from exploding or we will have a way to absorb the insane amount of energy generated from that explosion without any damage to anything in our solar sistem. To be fair that's a long time, if we still exist at that point I expect our technology to be so advanced that we would be literally god's. To be fair with our current understanding of physics it seems impossible for such technology to ever exist but a few hundred years ago cars and phones were also impossible and any technology advancements were seen as sorcery. So who know what we might learn that could change everything on the future!

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  • There is nothing we can do yet, 5 billion years is a long time and this can go one of 2 ways, either we die due to a mass examination event by then or our since evolve so much that we can actually create suns by that point!

  • Cats suffer H5N1 brain infections, blindness, death after drinking raw milk
  • Why did thy torture pure cats for a study that proves something knew for years cause I'm pretty sure everyone knows that milk from cows should be boiled before sold and even if you buy it you still boil it after just to be sure at least in my country they did this for at least 100 years!