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Trump Melts Down Over ‘Trash’ Fox News Poll That Shows Biden Ahead
  • I've got a family member who was a LIFETIME Republican, he now shocked everyone by saying he won't be voting for Trump no matter what. And if it looks like Trump could win he would vote for Biden.

    I'm sure he isn't alone in these feelings, and Fox want to rile up their voters.

    It was hilarious hearing another family member being shocked and arguing why Trump is the only reasonable vote. When my newly never trump family member kept rebuking every argument, they finally said, "well you sure have an answer for everything, don't you?" I'm sitting there just thinking, yea no shit, wonder why that is....

  • "Getting paid more money is for fools"
  • Still too many who don't know this, it's best to explain to everyone. I've explained it to my mother several times, and she gets it, but then conveniently forgets about that when discussing politics.