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US threatens ICC, warning 'If they [prosecute] Israel, we're next!'
  • Neither is Israel. But even just the optics of the ICC ruling on Israel is good for the rest of the world to see. Honestly, same for the case of the USA. Most USA Presidents are textbook case war criminals. Only because their military operations help the USA itself geopolitically it does not make it generally ethnical. Most Americans in this perspective ate very biased. But the rest of the world sees it.

    Over 1 million Iraqis are dead because of Bush Jr. actions and their downstream, Obama ordered drone kills above any other previous President, many of those killing civilians, USA has destabilised dozens of governments over the course of the 20th century, Project Condor is a perfect example.

  • Can anyone recommend a lightweight, stable distro for a thinkpad?
  • Arch is you know how to use Arch. If lazy then something like Bhodi or Q4OS. I put the latter on a couple of friend's laptops who recently jumped from Windows. Since it is very Windows-like but it uses less than 400mb of RAM to run on a cold boot.

  • Pigs Riot at U.C. Irvine
  • Tried reading this. It's seems written by an 11th grader, who has drank too many lattes for the first time. It would benefit from cutting down the comic book type cliché language by a tad.

  • Can Milky Way and Andromeda collision reconcile with an Expanding Universe with galaxies spreading away from each other like "raisins in a loaf"?
  • Gravitational pull in local clusters of galaxies can exist and even contradict larger clusters or the universe as a whole, just in a smaller scale. The passage of time is also localised due to gravitational intensity, too. We know the universe is not expanding at the same rate in different places, as well.

    This can happen in sets of complex systems of systems. In your query it somewhat analogous to if you were throwing a ball northbound at 100km/h in a train moving southbound at 50km/h. On a planet circling its star at 107,800 km/h in a total different direction. While the star drags the earth along with other planets in its own orbit in a different direction.

  • What do you think of the term "short king" as a term that's supposed to champion body positivity for men?
  • Who keeps coming up with this bullshit labels? It is like kindergarten.

    My advise?

    Words only get traction if they are used.

    Whether you are short or not, ignore them. Do not use them.

    Best way to win at that never ending game is to simply not play.

  • Netanyahu's Cabinet votes to close Al Jazeera offices in Israel following rising tensions
  • The conspiracy is a lot simpler. Bibi is in serious, serious shit with many Israeli voters except for, Right-Wing, Zionist, many religious and some moderate Jews. He is looking at possible removal and even jail time for corruption and blatant abuse of power. Not the first time. He tried to weaken their Judicial Branch, too, by removing some of their powers last year. Gee... I wonder why? There were protests Re: that in Israel that did not get a lot of airtime in the West but you can find lots of footage if you look for it. At this point both the Biden admin and the GOP speak a lot of different BS but in the end they both are folding like a house of cards to their masters, I mean moneyed interests and lobbyists. Just look at what they are both doing, laws they are passing or gave just passed, and what they are 'not' stopping. Both DNC and GOP are also voting to send even more money to Israel. BLM protests? Let entire city blocks run to the groundfor months. Looting weekend in and weekend out for months . Cops take a knee on command. Pro-Palestinian protests? Sent snipers to rooftoops, send swat teams right always, and try to shut down TikTok. Also, what is with trying to manipulate pro-Palestian sentiment into anti-zionism? Not the same thing. Reasonable people can see this.

    This is what they say:

    This is what they actually push for:

    Removing the Palestinians from Gaza would be a major victory for him and this party and in some circles Bibi would go into the history books for 'bringing all of Israel back,' he is hoping this will safeguard him from any Legal Liabilities. In fact he is aiming for the opposite. We know he wants the Palestinians/Gaza shipped elsewhere, anywhere. Biden and some other leaders are already looking into taking some. The West Bank will be next. He will claim that there are terrorists there or Hama's and will try to push for more subjugation or worse, removal.

    At this point, both the DNC and GOP will do Israel's bidding. The DNC will just be more careful to not be as blatantly obvious. I really do not think they care who wins. Albeit granted Trump is more obvious with his support on the surface.

    The big end game is for Bibi's party to stay in power and Bibi thinks this move will keep in jail and likely the opposite, be remembered as a Hero for the cause if he removes the Gazans and takes over the land. Which he likely or at least partly get if he succeeds.

  • Why people don't talk about Google Maps' privacy issues
  • Most people into Privacy, either stumbled upon the niche or work(ed) in some IT or related field. Have tried talking to the family, they are in denial or do not care. Or think that using WhatsApp is a wise choice and/or they are immune to ads. Somehow. It's like talking to a goat who has more desire for habit over sense.

    I remember playing with Google Now, thinking it 'neat' and then within seconds realizing that in order for it to work optimally meant giving Google everything. It got me to root my phone and removed Goople Play Services and/or different ROMs. Today, I do not use Google for anything or use front-ends with a VPN or if ever really needed, Tor.

    Organic maps or OSMAnd. Plus, I find these two better for cycling and hiking, over Gmaps. If you must use Gmaps briefly, then GMaps WV from F-Droid.

  • Celebrations in Gaza after Hamas says it accepts ceasefire deal
  • And right after that, Israel will continue to bomb the southeast of Gaza as if nothing was agreed on, at all. Oh, typical Bibi.

    But this was expected. The master plan is to get rid of the Palestinians, removed them from their land. Hoping someone else will take them, and then be their problem. Oh, typical Zionists.

  • Advice on finding a partner?
  • Like others said, focus on living your life and be social. It is likely to happen organically. Focus on social things where you are bound to meet people either way. Do not pressure yourself or it will take away from the fun aspects of the hobby/sport/events.

    And for god's sake, do not use online dating sites/apps. They are bad in so many different ways. The endless dating is tiring and can twist your perception of dating and people in general, especially if you run into bad luck. Albeit this did not happen to me, I had friends from both sexes that hated how people got turned into commodities, and treated others like things to be discarded. A couple to girls I knew were on dates on a weekly or biweekly basis and it really warped their perception of men in general because they tended to picked incorrectly or got tired of the repetitive cycle akin to job interviews for all parties they ended up pausing all dating for ages. As it took the fun out of it. Online dating these days is more for hooking up and bad experiences. Despite that I am sure that many people have met significant others online, dating online is not like 10 years ago.

  • Either ya understand why most women pick the 🐻 or you are the 🐻.
  • What kind of negative, horrible quality are "all women" culpable and guilty against men at all times? In your mind, then?

    If you say "nothing" or "not all women" do that, then why would anyone not say STFU to you too? Because all you are then guilty of is of one sided projecting.

    That's would me more of a you problem. It would also make you a bigot. Since the question is really meant to put a wedge between the sexes. That much is clear.

  • Either ya understand why most women pick the 🐻 or you are the 🐻.
  • For those men who do not understand, think of it like this:

    Imagine you are strolling deep through the woods, its late, you are exhausted, now who would rather randomly run into, a normal, reasonable woman or man, or a crazy, mysandrist feminist who is blind to only see the world through the bias of absolutes?

  • Kristi Noem defends killing dog: ‘I’m tired of politicians pretending to be what they’re not’
  • Albeit her statement is quite correct and true, one can simply watch her own interview and see how she comes off as a complete hypocrite. Watch the part where they asked her why her book has a passage where she met North Korea's Dictator. How? When?

    Either, her book was ghost written --likely-- and the writer fucked up, writing North Korea instead of say, North Dakota and now she has to cover that shit up OR she actually wrote the book herself and outright lied with somwthing so removed and ridiculous that it defies reason and now she has to cover for it. Either way, she looks terrible. Woman should not be near any position of power.