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  • Free users are low value but they can cost a ton in support and commercial effort

    Maybe they shouldn't offer a free trial then

  • Anon watches nature documentaries
  • We also like talking loudly in English, being sick, and light hooliganism

  • Songs for when I'm eating gemstones in the museum gift shop
  • Politest way I've ever been called out for reposting!

  • Songs for when I'm eating gemstones in the museum gift shop
  • Abigail has this playlist on a loop if you marry her

  • Songs for when I'm eating gemstones in the museum gift shop

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  • A wizard did it

  • Seaside donkey owner weighing kids before they ride
  • Mate, if you think running donkey rides is the same as owning slaves then you really need to rethink your world view a bit. I'm all for reducing animal cruelty but I don't think this argument is helping.

  • Marketing
  • I think it is being used incorrectly here, it should probably be underperforming awhile or underperforming for a while

  • Marketing

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    Lancashire mum fined £240 defends term-time holiday
  • Mrs Melling said she took her children out of school during term due to the "unbelievable price" of holidays in the summer months.

    One travel agent told the BBC that holiday costs can be as much as 40% higher during the school holidays.

    "It was £5,500 to go in the summer and to go in February it was £2,500, it's a no brainer," Mrs Melling said.

    Yes, the reason it costs more is because everyone else is following the rules

  • new sharkey instance now open:
  • trans enby girl polyam lesbian gender terrorist

    Can you explain to us old farts what this actually means? Like I thought I knew what all the individual words mean but aren't non-binary and girl mutually exclusive? And isn't trans implied by enby anyway?

    I'd guess the shitty comments are from people dismissing this as a pile of buzzwords, hopefully if they can understand better then they'll be less shitty :)

  • Reform UK under pressure to prove all its candidates were real people

    Doubt raised about election hopefuls who stood without providing photos, biographies or contact details

    Reform UK under pressure to prove all its candidates were real people

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    Sunak's Lament
  • Didn't know he was also the PM of Australia

  • sounds like he's fun at the office
  • TIL you can view people's name-change history on Steam

  • sounds like he's fun at the office
  • I'd hope that it's that their friends are edgelords and keep changing their name when they leave their phone/computer unlocked

  • Crofty after seeing the qualifying results.
  • Why be annoyed by the guy doing his job instead of being annoyed with their own broadcaster being too lazy to hire their own commentators?

  • Abhorrent
  • You fackin weebs'll read all your fackin mangas in Vinnie Jones's voice and you'll fackin like it

  • And then everything went perfectly
  • A classic prank

  • Crofty after seeing the qualifying results.
  • What, the British man hired by a British broadcaster to provide commentary for a British audience in a sport where people often follow drivers based on their nationality is focusing on the British drivers? Oh no, call the FIA immediately!

  • What did your parents refrigerate? Mine refrigerated bread.
  • Then put your other food in a container!

  • What did your parents refrigerate? Mine refrigerated bread.
  • Medication will tell you if it needs to be kept in the fridge, probably best follow the instructions!

    By lotion do you mean like moisturiser? I imagine that's just because it's nicer to apply it cold if it's a hot day (or you're sunburned).

  • Cry me a river.
  • I didn't twig who was in the picture and assumed there was a policeman waiting on the other side of the "keep door closed" sign just waiting to arrest anyone who opened it

  • Dune Memes FozzyOsbourne

    Eyyyyy, howya dune?

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    Only works if you pronounce "dune" like "doon", but I'm not going to let pronunciation get in the way of a good pun


    What is your loo roll of choice?

    Lavatory paper, toilet tissue, bog roll, bumwad, arse wipe, shit tickets; we all need it but I can't find a good one for a reasonable price.

    Obviously I don't want the tracing paper you get in a public toilet, but it seems a waste to pay for the quadruple-velvet perfume-soaked premium nonsense. Supermarket own brand is soft enough but tends to fall apart. Who Gives A Crap is environmentally friendly but their basic stuff disintegrates immediately and their premium stuff is even more expensive than the fancy Andrex.

    And no, there's no room for a bidet.


    Funny, those guys don't usually agree on that much

    Do any of them know what the word "liberal" actually means?