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(Answered) Question about the new IOS
  • If it works the same way as android it will upload all the pictures you take with your camera.

    I haven’t used android so that statement doesn’t mean much to me, will it just upload every photo or albums.

    As for deletion like I said in my post they’re pretty much independent from each other in that regard

  • (Answered) Question about the new IOS

    I just had few basic question about the iOS automatic upload for photos

    First will it upload all albums or can I choose which albums it will upload?

    Second will deleting a picture from drive delete in photos or vise versa, I’m assuming they’re independent of each other apart from the automatic upload

    Fallout 1 and 2 won’t be getting remade, Todd Howard says
  • I always like to think of Skyrim (and fallout to a lesser degree) as essentially a head canon driven gmod

    Maybe I’m a vampire who’s powerful to drain dragons (highly recommend sacrosanct) or maybe I lead a small army with no armor making me play strategic

    I cannot remember the last time I played the main quest for the quest and not unlocking some side content

  • It would distract from the grind
  • I think their point is an asexual wouldn’t have any pleasure from sex but they’d know you’d like it so that’s why they’re doing it. Like how people watch a tv show they with their GF even tho they’d rather not, it makes her happy

    Idk that’s my takeaway from their comment at least

  • Thinking about getting into helldivers- what should I expect


    Helldivers has been on my radar for a while now and I was wondering what should I expect

    Since I dropped planetside I’ve been looking for a “main game” to fill the void

    All I really know is shoot bug and if you aren’t getting friendly fired to hell and back you’re playing wrong


    Stupid question about tenno gen items

    So I've begun the downward spiral into fashionframe after accidentally opening the cosmetic menu. Terrible jokes aside I have had my eye on some tenno gen items and I see that their not shared crossplatform. I do occasionally play on my switch (such as my lunch break at work) and my phone (usually just claiming extractors and foundry stuff when I'm out and about) but I primarily play on PC.

    But my question is: if I buy a tenno gen item on PC and equip it, then play on my switch, would the item be unequipped when I return to my pc or will it just not be equipped on my switch and then be equipped on PC? Hopefully my ramblings make sense.

    Then if I am absolutely in love with a tenno gen cosmetic and am insane enough to buy it twice- are purchases between mobile and switch shared because all my plat is unavailable on my switch but is there on mobile


    Any tips for grinding out wisp prime

    First off wanted to thank everyone who chimed in on my last post I feel like I'm no longer stumbling around in the dark.

    But I've started to grind towards wisp prime while progressing my start chart using this wiki to see what relics I need and where to get them, but I've been having bad luck

    I got one of my friends to help me earlier during a void fissure mission but still no luck opening getting the blueprints

    I'm sitting on a radiant relic that has the blueprint for wisp but I'm holding off on opening it in case there's something I can do to further increase my shot on getting the gold tier wisp blueprint


    New Player Advice

    Like in the title I’m a new player and just looking for some advice. Back in 2018 when discord offered game I played then but really on started the fortuna quest and ofc the earth dungeons to get there. I just did the fortuna quest where thursby becomes legs and then a few dungeon quests. I also let the impulsive thoughts win and bought the gauss warframe and have been having fun with it :). I also got 3 relics from defending a cryopod, look like mossy orbs but I opened them when a mission had this swooshy icon over it (idk how to describe it) and I collected 10 rift thingys each to open them. I have no idea what I did but I got blueprints so I’m assuming I did something right

    But any friendly tips? Is there any particular area (like free roam vs dungeons) I should be focusing on. Is there more than one story quest line per planet In free roam like the one with the iron rose in the box on earth or the aforementioned fortuna quest

    I’m just kinda going from place to place progressing though dungeons but I lost and just feel like I’m kinda stumbling forward in the dark with no goal other than just go here and give em the ol swish swish stab stab bow l chicka bow wow

    Edit: forgot to mention back when I briefly played in 2018 through discord I played Sayrin to Sayron, the disease or fungus idk one simply because poison damage seemed nice among other obvious reasons, but is she any good to play compared to gauss prime

    RPG FlihpFlorp

    Pokemon TCG Card Distribution?

    First off if this isn’t the right place to post or there’s a better community to throw this in please let me know.

    Now off to the post. Me and my GF got into the whole ttrpg and card game and actually have money to do so

    Anyways this whole silly adhd interest between us made me dig up my pokemon cards (binder form when I was in elementary school and decks I built like a couple years ago)

    My distribution of my decks is 30/15/15

    Now whether this is Pokemon/energy/items I honestly don’t remember. But is it a good distribution or would I want to to less uniform numbers like 28/12/20

    If I do where should I start deck building cus honestly I bet I have decent cards but absolutely terrible synergy between cards and stuff


    Can I edit .docx files without a Microsoft 365 subscription and if not are there any alternatives

    TLDR: can I edit docx files on word without a subscription and if not what are some apps that can allow me to do so

    Like the title says I need the ability to edit .docx for college (sadly other file formats aren’t accepted AFAIK) and my Microsoft 365 subscription is expiring and will not be renewed thanks to you lovely people getting me on the Proton family of software and obsidian for note taking.

    However i created a .docx file today and and got a popup in word saying my Microsoft subscription is expiring soon (in march I believe) and that I would lose many feature.

    This scary message wasn’t very helpful as to what features id lose (probably a lot of them I don’t even use) but the internet has not been helpful in telling me if I can still view and edit all my docx files that I have been collecting and creating over the years and have migrated to my proton drive

    If I won’t be able to access docx files in word what are some apps that can open them from my proton drive (this is a hard requirement for me).


    OneNote Alternatives

    First off wanted to say thank you for everyone who chimed in on my last post a while ago starting my privacy journey

    Anyways with my classes starting up again I was looking for a OneNote alternative as I almost had a small oopsy daisy with trying to move my OneNote off of OneDrive and hey Microsoft I appreciate backing up files but I have proton drive for that

    Anyways as for a one note alternative stuff I do have a few requirements and preferences:

    1. I use a surface with a touchscreen and a fold back keyboard to use as a tablet and a pen for handwriting notes but I also like to type sometimes so something that has palm rejection and plays nice with with the touchscreen

    2. I use it across multiple devices, mainly note taking on the aforementioned surface laptop but also view them on my home computer since I do some schoolwork on that because nice monitor and keyboard :) but I’m mostly just viewing on that computer - basically I would either like cloud saving to get that across devices OR the ability to save the files to proton drive

    3. Not really a necessity but the ability to organize notes like one note where I can have a “book” > “category/chapter” > “page”

    Really point 1 and 2 are my priority but if I had to choose I’d say point 1 with playing nice for the touch screen and pen takes priority but I also definitely wouldn’t mind having something that makes it easy to save with ideally a cloud save that does the work for me but I’m probably capable of setting the directory to save it to proton drive


    Some questions about switching to more privacy friendly options

    Hello lemmings lemmons and any other lemm out there. I’ve always wanted to try to switch to more privacy focused options but it’s always been difficult for me as I’m not really tech savvy and frankly for a very long time haven’t really cared about privacy.

    Transitioning has also been hard since I feel like I’m pretty much the antithesis of this community: using an iPhone and 2 windows computers (one for home use and one for my college classes on campus) and use OneDrive to sync work between the 3 devices.

    Pretty much every account I have is under my gmail account and a second back up email is also under gmail.

    Frankly I’m sure this is the highest form of insult to this community but I use edge simply because I’ve given up trying to fight Microsoft

    So it’s been a challenge to switch but for browsers and just copy paste all my bookmarks and saved passwords when I download Firefox on my phone and computers but as for email and online accounts switching off that gmail account seems daunting but not impossible and I have no idea what to do to replace OneDrive since it is useful and works in file explorer with no extra software

    I figured if anyone was smart enough to tackle the abomination that is my privacy it’d be you guys


    There are Single Lonely Bots Looking for Connery Outfits in Your Area

    Hello lemmings, lemmons, and whatever other lemms are out there.

    TLDR: local idiot is looking for an outfit that’s NC preferably but willing to play with TR or VS as well

    It’s me FlippiestFlop your favorite obnoxious javelin knight looking for a Connery outfit. Fisu is linked there and I’m looking for a casual outfit that still tries to win every once in a blue moon. Looking for an outfit that’s ideally NC but being NSO id be willing it check out other factions too. As for promotion opportunities I’d be looking for something where I can lead but not hold the reigns. For orbitals and citadels I rarely use them, I’ll leave those to the people with functioning brains and I use vehicle discounts at armor fights ofc.

    As for me I’m looking for an outfit but giving my old one, dawi, just a little bit more time before I jump. I have like 0 brain cells which surprised me I made it to asp 2 level 74 as of RN; so try hard sweatfits I will kindly ask you to leave. I’m a decent enough player with .8/.95 kd if you count vehicles. I love my javelin, it’s terrible, I love it so make of that what you will. I like doing vehicle and infantry stuff. I’m a ok pilot in a valk

    Dunno what else there is to say so i look forward to hearing from your desperate outfit recruiters