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What to put on new phone?
  • You can toggle internet access per app on stock Android tho...

  • New GNOME Mutter Code Prepares Fractional Scaling For XWayland
  • X11 runs the whole desktop on the lowest refresh rate and Wayland can run each monitor at a different refresh rate

  • What’s the grossest food to watch someone eat?
  • Was it that Asian women who did mukbangs where she was eating live sea animals? She didn't just eat them alive, she was actually torturing them. Stuff like taking the "outer layer" off of them (multiple ones at the same time), dipping them in sauce and then just letting them sit. She was also laughing about it. Made me so angry watching that.

  • True pisspost
  • 👽?

  • Comparing the environmental costs of buying a brand new high-efficiency Mini-lab computer, instead of a used less efficient one.
  • From what I heard, it's best to only get a new EV when you have to get a new car anyway. There's also the option of getting a used EV but that market is still rather small.

  • I am genuinely horrified to see how much data google collected from me
  • Wish I could do that too but my email is still tied to some accounts where I can't change it

  • I am genuinely horrified to see how much data google collected from me
  • Have the same issue on one of my accounts. I can login but when I try to do anything, I need to verify by getting a code over SMS. The thing is, the phone number on that account is an old one I don't have access to anymore. There is no other verification option, I can't delete it from my account without verification and I'm definitely not adding my actual number.

  • I am genuinely horrified to see how much data google collected from me
  • I don't see how your fingerprint could be used for advertising

  • I am genuinely horrified to see how much data google collected from me
  • Idk about that. What data could they get with that, that they can't already get through other (cheaper) means, that would justify all the network traffic and storage space?

  • I wanna be middle center, but I know I am top left
  • For some drugs, like alcohol, that may be true but most drugs won't make you bother other people in any way. Even alcohol doesn't necessarily make you do that.

  • ChatGPT's Growth Is Flatlining: Where Does It Go From Here?
  • Just wanted to say that "GPT" is a general term and not just a name. OpenAI tried to trademark it but couldn't because of that. It's as if Nintendo was trying to trademark the word "Kart" because of "Mario Kart".

  • Jensen Huang says even free AI chips from his competitors can't beat Nvidia's GPUs
  • I run AI stuff just fine on my AMD GPU using HIP. At least LLMs and Stable Diffusion work perfectly fine but that's the only things I've tested.

  • I wanna be middle center, but I know I am top left
  • Bottom left is how you feel on drugs

  • why? how?
  • I was thinking of switching instances anyway

  • why? how?
  • Is it the one that's defederated from That's probably why I didn't know about it.

  • Bye me
  • Sex isn't real! The government is lying to you to sell more condoms!

  • Pipewire vs PulseAudio: What's the Difference?
  • The latency is insanely low on Pipewire, which is important for rythm games like osu!, that's why I originally switched to it. It's also really cool how it's compatible with all other audio backends as well.

  • Germany legalises possession of cannabis for personal use
  • Another thing is that Germany's parliament is made up of all parties that got over 5% of votes and they get seats based on the percentage of votes they got. That means that you also have parties like the CDU/CSU and AFD there who do everything they can to block the legalization and that also contributes to making it more restricted and complicated.

  • Germany legalises possession of cannabis for personal use
  • I mean, we do still have a lot of politicians saying that it's super dangerous. Söder is a good example, always saying how bad it is and that he doesn't want drugs for Germany. He also drinks beer all the time btw. His party (CDU/CSU), who have been in power for the last 16 (or something) years before the current government also said the first thing they're going to do when they're back in power is make it illegal again.

  • what do you wish you did when you were 18?
  • I'm going to finish school soon and I want to drive a car when I have a job and can afford it. I've used public transportation for the past 3 years and will probably still use it in the future when it's not too inconvenient but a 30 min drive to work taking 1 hour instead, where I spend 30 minutes just waiting, sucks. This weekend I drove to a friend. It would have taken 30 minutes by car but it took me 2 hours with public transport because I had to wait a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes. The issue isn't public transportation itself but that the government was trying to save as much money as possible and it is getting better with the new government but there is still so much to do and it will take time.

  • Need advice for a 3D printer for 200-250€

    I want to buy a 3D printer for about 200-250€ but I'm unsure which one to get. There are printers that a lot of people recommend but others say they're a piece of garbage.

    The ones I found so far are these:

    • Creality Ender 3 V3 SE - 182,94€
    • Anycubic Kobra 2 Neo - 199,00€
    • Sovol SV06 - 239,00€

    There's also the open source firmware Klipper, which a lot people recommend but from what I understand, you need a Raspberry Pi for that. I do have a Pi 4 that I was planning to sell that I could use for that instead.

    Would be great if some of you who know more than me could help me decide what to get.


    Good mini PC for around 100€

    My current setup consists of a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4gb RAM and a 1tb external SSD. I'm thinking of getting a used mini PC for around 100€ to replace that tho because it would give me a lot more power and especially RAM (I currently need to use an 8gb swap file). My plan so far is to get a used mini PC that's quiet, has a built-in SSD and at least 8gb of RAM (16 would be better). Because of the built-in SSD, I could also sell the external SSD and buy an 8-12tb HDD instead.

    Does anyone have recommendations for what mini PC to get or things that I should look out for?

    Edit: Thanks for all the help! I decided on the Firebat T8 Pro Plus with 16gb RAM and 512gb internal storage because that really seems to be perfect for my use case.


    Is it possible to have a Subsonic server that falls back to the YT Music API when a song isn't downloaded?

    The major thing keeping me from self-hosting my music is that I mostly discover music by using the radio function in ViMusic (Uses the YT Music API to stream music) or by finding a song through friends, social media, etc. and then listening to it in ViMusic to see whether it's good and I want to add it to my playlist.

    Not having the radio function wouldn't be that big a deal but having to wait for a song to download before being able to listen to it could be very annoying, depending on the situation.

    So my question is: Is there some way to have a Subsonic server where I'm able to search for any song from a client and have the server stream it from something like YT Music when it's not downloaded?


    Link in email missing

    My dad has a tutanota email address and he got an email that was supposed to have a link in it (probably button with a hyperlink) but the link/button is just missing. The email just has a blank space where the it's is supposed to be. Can anyone help me with this issue? Should I report it on the GitHub?

    Edit: Forwarding the email to himself fixed it, somehow


    Lazer pp is here! osu!(lazer) Updates: Performance Points Now Live · news

    The next client is ready for worldwide competition. Read on and decide whether you'll be taking it on today!

    osu!(lazer) Updates: Performance Points Now Live · news

    Here's also the changelog:

    Keep in mind there's a possibility lazer scores will be reset if required.


    JMAP support for YunoHost mail server

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    > Is there a way to get JMAP support on YunoHost? I just found this mail client for Android but it only supports JMAP. That's why I'm asking.


    JMAP support for YunoHost mail server

    Is there a way to get JMAP support on YunoHost? I just found this mail client for Android but it only supports JMAP. That's why I'm asking.


    AV1 playback in LibreELEC on a Pi 4

    I installed LibreELEC on a Raspberry Pi 4 yesterday and it's working really well, except for AV1 playback. The thing is, it's almost fast enough but the video stutters every few seconds and is a little slower than it should be. Is there a way to make it faster, by switching the decoder or enabling multi-core decode or something like that?

    I found this decoder which might be what I'm searching for but I don't know how to make it work in LibreELEC.


    Is blocking 3rd party scripts and frames worth the hassle?

    I'm already blocking it but manually unblocking stuff every time I visit a new webpage is getting kinda annoying. Does it make that much of a difference? Do you think it's worth the hassle?


    Automatically remove torrents without seeders

    I have the issue that sometimes torrents get grabbed that have no seeders. Is there a way to automatically mark them as failed after some time? I currently have 3 torrents with 0 seeders at the top that are basically blocking the download of everything else.


    How do I install on a device that isn't in the repos? (Xiaomi Mi 9t)

    I want to install PostmarketOS on my Xiaomi Mi 9t but, as it say on the wiki page, it's not in the repositories, so I can't just select it in pmbootstrap. How do I install it then?

    Anime Wallpapers Fisch


    Anime Wallpapers Fisch

    Girl with umbrella


    TorrentLeech open for signup

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    > Invitation Code: FLREFUGEE

    Open Signups Fisch

    TorrentLeech open for signup

    Invitation Code: FLREFUGEE


    Sounds like something a balloon would say


    Can the government decrypt your WhatsApp chats?

    For open source messengers, you can check whether they actually encrypt your messages and whether the server has access to your encryption keys but what about WhatsApp? Since it's not open source, you can't be sure that the encryption keys aren't sent to the server, right? Has there been a case where a government was able to access WhatsApp chats without reading them from the phone itself?

    Open Signups Fisch

    KrazyZone signups are open

    General tracker


    NinjaCentral registration is open (closed again now)


    What search engines do you use?

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    > I've recently started using a self hosted SearXNG instance but I'm still using the search engines enabled by default (google, duckduckgo and qwant). What search engines do you have enabled or which ones do you feel you've gotten the best results with?