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Donald Trump's chances of winning election slump after RNC speech
  • Can you explain these decimal odds a bit more? I'm confused.

  • Democrats Now Openly Admit They Pushed Biden to Block Bernie
  • Yeah, probably not the best example...

  • How dare he
  • I don't understand... but I like it.

  • ‘Daily Show’ Cancels On-The-Ground RNC Plans After Trump Assassination Attempt
  • Def the former. (Speculation) but def the former.

  • Orb support
  • You would.

  • "Travel" by TheSquareComic
  • For health reasons I stopped eating fast food more than 10 years ago. I'm still amazed so many people do. It feels like something you do when you're a kid to me. I know it's not that way for many. It is very unhealthy food though. I highly recommend not going. Best of luck.

  • Always have that on lock
  • Defo did this after reading it.

  • Biden issues Medal of Honor to Civil War soldiers who helped hijack train in Confederacy
  • This is a pretty amazing story. Dope pick actually.

  • Anon's dad has no words
  • And??

  • The Biden administration is inching closer to a heat standard for workers — if the election doesn't doom it
  • I mean, this is a possibility. But under the Biden administration a lot of workers rights were improved, I wouldn't be surprised if this one happens as well.

  • Be Cool Even When Really Big Goblins Casually Drop Acid

    Lemmyversers, I'm looking for some help developing a new mnemonic device.

    Inspired by a video by Epic Spaceman, where he explains a handy system for comparing the size of things from a banana to an atom, I’ve come up with a mnemonic device to aid in remembering these scales.

    He lists items, each smaller than the previous by a factor of 10:

    It goes:

    • Banana
    • Coin
    • Edge of the coin
    • Waterbear/microorganism
    • Red blood cell
    • Bacteria
    • "Good virus"/Bacteriophage
    • Corona Virus/"Bad Virus"
    • DNA
    • Atom

    So a coin is roughly 1/10 a banana, and the edge of that coin is roughly 1/10 the size if that coin.

    It gives good references for thinking about other things if similar size. A sort of banana for scale at each factor of 10.

    And allows you to quickly determine approximations like Covid is roughly 1000 times smaller than a red blood cell. Or an atom is roughly 1 billion times smaller than a banana. (That doesn't sound right. Is that actually right?)

    Do you think that's a useful memory tool? And are these best touchstones for scale at each level?

    The mnemonic I've come up with for it as you may have guessed, is:

    • Be
    • Cool
    • Even
    • When
    • Really
    • Big
    • Goblins
    • Casually
    • Drop
    • Acid

    Do you have any better ideas or tweaks you"d recommend for the mnemonic or the touchstones?

    Would this be helpful when trying to wrap your head around the scale of the micro?

    Also, what would make for a good macro version of this? Where everything got bigger by a factor of 10?

    Finding your motivation
  • In the ocean? I like decent grandmas who want their car batteries properly d'esordio of.

    Edit: disposed*

  • Changing interests [Haus of Decline]
  • Porque no las dos?

  • Travle #560
  • This is so good! I wish they had an easy mode for my simple geocentric American brain, but I think this will help me with said brain nonetheless.

    Edit: The word I was looking for was ethnocentric I guess, but I don't even feel comfortable describing myself that way as a joke. It's how we were all raised here, though.

  • The Killing of Hind Rajab
  • In related news. Watch Democracy Now's coverage of "The Night Won't End" which features the audio from Hind with translation in a part of it.

  • This shit is getting ridiculous
  • It's rhe trillions of dollars in debt bit I'm skeptical that it really matters.

  • Men, are you physically affectionate with other male friends? (eg, hugging, snuggling, playful wrestling, etc). If you aren't, do you wish it was more socially acceptable if it isn't in your culture?
  • I'm a big hugger. I wish that there was more affection between men, I often worry I'm making other men uncomfortable and then in turn I get uncomfortable about it. The whole thing makes me far more stressed than I wish it did honestly.

  • The 3 day no poop challenge - where it all began

    August 22nd, 2023. History occurs on

    I need to survive for 3 days without pooping, and eating as little as possible. I can pee, but not very often. It can’t take up too much space. What food do I pack?


    OP is very much focused on answers and taking this very seriously. They mean business, about not doing their business.

    But, in their steadfast preparation they make a fatal flaw...

    [ANSWERED] How long does it take your body to process and excrete gummy worms, and how to make it faster? [URGENT AND SERIOUS RESPONSE REQUIRED]


    The memes came in hot.

    What makes Lemmy feel like home After day 3 Lemmy users in 3 days

    A tragedy

    3 Days? Supermarket shelves in 3 days

    Title required

    I hate pooping


    I’m sorryy :(

    Yeah!.. No uh pooping!

    Built different

    It’s a struggle

    Shitty Situation

    Collapsing an entire industry

    Created a new Lemmy user manual

    Putin’s address to the nation - OP "is that a threat?"

    No 🚽 where we’re going

    Respect the poop guy, him who goes to a honorable quest

    Lemmy right now

    --------------------- OP seemed to enjoy them

    --------------------- More notable moments:

    Things are looking dire, OP still seeking advice the next day

    Is this all a part of some spiritual journey for OP?

    A fan asks for a photo.

    The community gave OP their everlasting support.

    ------- Did they accomplish their goal?? I DID IT

    Maybe, the journey is not at it's end yet... They asked for advice about ramen, and calcium tablets... ----- The community still waits with baited breath...

    Godspeed, u/mizu6079 o7


    Great app! - A few requests

    Got some ideas/requests.

    This is my favorite app so far. Love the swipe controls and the compact UI. Liking the snappiness of it all.


    • Add direct messaging (I can see my messages but can't respond to them).
    • Add trending communities when you click search/a way to explore communities rather than having to type in the specific community you want.
    • Make it so clicking on "all" at the top of the screen opens a menu that gives you the option to switch between all, local, subscribed and specific subs and functions as a search.
    • Allow user to customize UI a bit more, specifically in compact mode I'd like to be able to switch the side that the preview thumbnail is on.
    • Show profile banners and have a way for users to customize their banner and profile pic.
    • Add an edit post function.
    • Add sidebars.
    • Ability to save drafts on posts and comments.

    Keep up the amazing work! ʕ⁠·⁠ᴥ⁠·⁠ʔ--