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Wells Fargo fires more than a dozen employees for faking work using mouse jigglers and keyboard activity simulation
  • Define "work".

    If by "work", you mean contributing to the capitalistic growth of The Economy™, then no I wouldn't want to work.

    If by "work" you mean meaningfully contribute to my community and society as a whole, yes I'd still want to work. Not every day, but I was on unemployment benefits for almost a year, and it gets boring after a while not feeling like a useful member of your community.

  • What would you do with your time if you didn't have to work to meet your food, housing, and healthcare needs?
  • I'd do a lot more bicycle-touring, mainly. I really want to do cross-Canada one day, but work makes that tricky. I guess I'd also learn way more useless skills (so far I can juggle, ride a unicycle, solve a Rubik's cube, and catch most any bite-sized food item in my mouth)

  • What world record do you come the closest to having broken?
  • I once had the second fastest time on a surf map back when I was really into surfing in CS:S.

    If anyone reading this was also always on KSF servers back in the day, it was surf_hurrr, which was the surf map equivalent of a shitpost. So even in the niche realm of surfing in Source engine games, it wasn't impressive, let alone for the general population.

  • What was your first operating system or Linux Distribution?
  • I'm probably on the younger side of Lemmy, my first OS was Windows 98, but the first one I truly remember using is XP.

    When I really started getting into computers, our family PC was running Vista, and the first nerdy thing I remember doing was trying to "downgrade" that computer to XP. My parents were none too pleased when they saw that the PC wouldn't boot, thinking I had bricked it. It took me about a week to getting XP running properly, and that feeling of satisfaction is what started my love for tinkering with computers (I'm definitely a noob compared to the average Lemmy user, though).

    Afterwards, I fell into the Apple fanboy pipeline and begged my parents for a MacBook. I was a huge Mac nerd, even saving up money as a teen for an iMac, until I started wanting to game more on PC, especially with friends on Steam. I then started dual-booting, initially XP but then Windows 7, and eventually I realized I was never booting into my Mac partition. I played around very occasionally with dual-booting Linux as well, Ubuntu and then Linux Mint, but this was more for computer nerd clout than a genuine need or interest for libre software, also the command line scared me and I still played too many games to main a Linux distro.

    I then built a PC for gaming, and ran Windows 7 on it until around 2 years ago when I got really into FOSS and switched to EndeavourOS which is what I've been happily using ever since. I've always enjoyed tinkering on computers, but with EndeavourOS I feel like I'm less battling with my OS and more with my lack of skill/knowledge, which is much more rewarding to surmount, and makes me feel like my system is truly mine.

  • Can You Lose Your Native Tongue?
  • The vast majority of my social circle is bilingual, with French being the language they spoke at home growing up and English because it's the more common language in my area.

    I know plenty of people who have moved to quasi-exclusively anglophone areas, working jobs in English, who have found themselves surprised to start losing their French. The idea can seem absurd when you're in a situation where you get to speak your first language on a regular basis.

    The article is really mainly about how language ties in to identity, and IMO was a really interesting read. This is something monolingual anglophones can sometimes have a bit of a blind spot for; when your language is so dominant, it can be hard to see how it's intertwined with culture and identity. Many people I've talked to, even if mostly sympathetic, have struggled with the idea of French being important to my sense of self. Language can be just seen as a tool when you speak the "default" language of an area. I've been asked "Why do you bother keeping French alive here? Wouldn't it just be easier for everyone if we'd do everything in English?" Note, plenty of francophones in the 1940s and '50s did switch to English out of social pressure, shaming, prejudices, economic prospects, not bothering to teach their kids French. I know so many unilingual anglophones with French last names who can't have a full conversation with their grandparents because neither of them can fully speak the other's language.

    Sorry if that became a bit of a ramble, but the stuff the article explores is very interesting and very relevant to my experience as a member of a linguistic minority. I mostly wanted to clarify to anyone reading your comment that it pertains more to the headline than the content of the article.

  • Is Canada Finally Taking Far-Right Extremism Seriously?
  • Most definitely not "just on the internet" (which is kind of a weird statement, the vast majority of Canadians use the internet). Just have a look at the current polling.

    Anecdotally, here in NB (which is a conservative cesspool, to be fair) I've seen a few "Fuck Trudeau" stickers and flags, and have heard many go off on rants about why he's to blame for everything they dislike (typically stuff over which the prime minister has zero power).

    It almost makes me feel bad for disliking Trudeau for being a massive neoliberal and lying about getting rid of first-past-the-post. I don't want to be associated with the "Fuck Trudeau" crowd.

  • Is Canada Finally Taking Far-Right Extremism Seriously?
  • Here's the best article I could find after some brief searching. Sorry for linking to a "law enforcement magazine", but the article is actually quite well written and concise.

  • Real debrid client
  • There's some confusion somewhere here, but I'm not entirely sure where. If you're using a torrent client, you're not using Real-Debrid. You can download torrents via Real-Debrid, but the torrent part is done on their servers. When you then download the files, you're not torrenting, you're downloading directly from Real-Debrid's servers.

    If do you want torrent client recommendations, qbittorrent on PC and LibreTorrent on Android. Just know that you wouldn't be using Real-Debrid while using these.

  • Vaccines don’t cause autism, but the lie won’t die. In fact, it’s getting worse.
  • Link to the video, since no one has done so yet. Warning: this video is 1 hour and 44 minutes long, and if you're anything like me you will want to watch hbomberguy's entire catalogue afterwards.

  • Vaccines don’t cause autism, but the lie won’t die. In fact, it’s getting worse.
  • If wearing Crocs with socks is wrong, I don't want to be right.

    My all-time favourite graffiti I've seen in the wild is "Don't touch my croc socks". Sound advice.

  • Why Canadians are angry with their biggest supermarket
  • Our country is becoming unliveable for anyone who isn't rich, must be because of immigrants and trans people!! (/s)

    I wish people would band together to hate the wealthy instead of minorities.

  • Study Says That People Who Like Loud Exhaust Are Psychotic
  • You do know being exposed to constant loud noises has a measurable impact on mental health?

    No one's saying "motor noises are icky!" (they are, but that's besides the point.)

    We're saying that imposing such a loud noise on everyone around you is an asshole move. I'm sure most of us would be saying the same about people on bicycles blasting their music through a shitty speaker. Revving your motor in a residential area is the vehicular equivalent of going to the library and yelling at the top of your lungs.

  • 4 June 1979
  • He's a fucking cat Jon, maybe next time you take them out of the wrapper before giving it to him!

  • Why do transgenders (F-M) want to sport a trucker male look?
  • I wouldn't have called you an asshole until I read this comment! Really makes it seem like the whole post was more about ranting about your freedoms and those sensitive transgenders than a genuine inquiry into the lived experiences of trans guys, you know? Especially considering no one has said anything yet apart from yourself.

    In case anyone reading this is actually having questions about the content of the main post, OPs anecdotes are not representative of trans men as a whole. Those who choose to present that way do so for a myriad of reasons, just as the cis men who present that way do. Would you be asking yourself these same questions about cis men? Trans people get shit if they try "too hard" to conform to gender stereotypes and also get shit if they don't conform enough.

  • What's something you've been called in life that isn't generally something bad, but made you feel awful
  • This really reminds me of my family dynamic. Anything I do, my dad can excuse, but the smallest mistake my younger brother makes is a travesty.

    I end up in the drunk tank, and my dad's only answer is "it stinks in there, eh? 😂"

    My brother doesn't reply to a text for a couple of hours, and it's the end of the world.

    I hate it, because my bro is a good kid, ultimately. But I can see how much the way my father treats him affects him negatively. It ends up being a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • This could be humorous… but it’s actually tragic
  • A pedestrian being hit by a small car or big car is likely ruined either way.

    Vehicle size actually has a huge effect on the severity of vehicle-pedestrian collisions.

    I find that full-size SUVs and pickup trucks pose a particular danger for pedestrians. A pedestrian hit by a full-size SUV is twice as likely to die than a pedestrian hit by a car under similar circumstances, while being hit by a pickup truck rather than a car increases the death probability by 68%. I find that high-front-end vehicle designs are particularly culpable for the higher pedestrian death rate attributable to large vehicles. A 10 cm increase in the front-end height of a vehicle increases the risk of pedestrian death by 22%.

    Source study.

  • Pope Francis apologizes for using a homophobic slur during a meeting with bishops | CNN
  • The 87-year-old pontiff reportedly made the homophobic remark in a closed-door meeting last week as he told Italian bishops that gay men shouldn’t be allowed to train for the priesthood.

    The newspaper articles, which were translated from Italian, claimed the Pope had said there is “frociaggine” – which translates in English to “removedry” – in some of the seminaries.

    Francis’ comments were made in the context of proposals from the Italian bishops to amend guidelines on candidates to seminaries.

    "removedry in the Seminary" sounds like a Catholic-themed porno movie from the '80s.

    As gross and homophobic as this is, I doubt it cracks the top 1000 worse things the Church has done.

  • Best Buy Membership "discount"
  • Link to the YouTube video in question

    Only Technology Connections could get me to watch a one hour video about a fridge.

  • Quelles répliques de film sont devenues des expressions courantes chez vous ?
  • "Quand l'appétit va, tout va!"

    Surtout de la part de mon père dans sa meilleure interprétation d'Obélix qui chante (et par meilleure je veux dire très médiocre)

  • Why Dutch Bikes are Better (and why you should want one) [Not Just Bikes]
  • I don't think they're saying hills make cycling impossible, I think they're saying Dutch-style bikes are not the best tool for the job if you live somewhere hilly.

    Most of the features of a Dutch-style bike are absolutely great for cycling as transportation regardless of your location, but riding a heavy steel frame with limited gearing? It's absolutely fine if you ride somewhere mostly flat, but it isn't a well-adapted bike for inclines.

  • Air Canada's chatbot gave a B.C. man the wrong information. Now, the airline has to pay for the mistake

    Air Canada has been ordered to compensate a B.C. man because its chatbot gave him inaccurate information.

    Air Canada's chatbot gave a B.C. man the wrong information. Now, the airline has to pay for the mistake

    Jake Moffatt was booking a flight to Toronto and asked the bot about the airline's bereavement rates – reduced fares provided in the event someone needs to travel due to the death of an immediate family member.

    Moffatt said he was told that these fares could be claimed retroactively by completing a refund application within 90 days of the date the ticket was issued, and submitted a screenshot of his conversation with the bot as evidence supporting this claim.

    The airline refused the refund because it said its policy was that bereavement fare could not, in fact, be claimed retroactively.

    Air Canada argued that it could not be held liable for information provided by the bot.


    Legault sur l'utilisation de l'anglais auprès des jeunes

    Lien Streamable pour ceux qui ne veulent pas suivre le lien Twitter pour visionner le vidéo. Celui-ci expire 2 jours après la publication.

    Patrick Déry:

    >« Il y a des jeunes, malheureusement, qui trouvent ça cool de sortir des mots an anglais ou de se parler en anglais. » > >Manifestement, pas juste les jeunes! 🤣 > >PS. Priceless : le visage de M. Legault quand il cherche à comprendre sa bourde.


    Federal cap on international students is unfair, N.B. says

    New Brunswick universities are scrambling for information after the federal government announced new caps on international students, set to come into effect for the next school year.

    Article en français (Acadie Nouvelle)


    Marqueur de sexe X sur le permis de conduire : la SAAQ dit oui, mais à une seule personne Un marqueur de sexe X, mais pour une seule personne

    Cette exception faite par la Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec pour le permis de conduire d'une personne non binaire soulève des enjeux d'égalité.

    Un marqueur de sexe X, mais pour une seule personne

    La Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) se retrouve dans une position délicate. Radio-Canada a appris qu’une personne non binaire vient d’obtenir un permis de conduire avec le marqueur de sexe X, une première au Québec. Pourtant, la SAAQ s’abstient de faire le changement pour les autres personnes qui ont formulé exactement la même demande.


    [Help] Audio devices disappear after reboot (EndeavourOS, Pipewire)

    Hello! I've posted this a few weeks ago on /c/[email protected] but I didn't get much of an answer, I hope it's okay to post it here as well.

    I use 3 audio devices on my computer: my monitor's speakers (through HDMI), my headphones (through line-out/built-in audio) and my microphone (line-in/built-in audio). They all work fine, but when I reboot my headphones / line-out don't seem to get recognized at all.

    The only solution I've found thus far is to re-install alsa-utils twice after rebooting. Upon the first reinstall, my line-out / headphones reappear but my line-in mic disappears, only to come back after the second reinstall. Technically my sound works perfectly fine after this, but it feels extremely dumb to reinstall a package twice after every reboot.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance :)

    Linux 101 stuff. Questions are encouraged, noobs are welcome! Evkob

    My audio device configuration disappears after boot-up

    Hi there! For context, I'm on EndeavourOS using Pipewire.

    So like the title says, my audio configuration works until I reboot my PC and then I need to fix it. I'm using both my CPU's internal audio (to power a microphone and headphones through 3.5mm audio jacks) as well as my GPU (to send audio to my monitor through HDMI). I never use the headphones and monitor speakers concurrently, I switch between them in the device manager as needed.

    When I reboot, only my HDMI audio and microphone appear in my device manager. The only fix I've found so far is to sudo pacman -S alsa-utils, which makes my internal audio reappear but makes my microphone disappear. I then re-reinstall alsa-utils which makes the microphone reappear, giving me access to all three of my devices.

    Anyone have any leads on how to permanently fix this? My system still works, but it feels really silly re-installing alsa-utils twice after every reboot.


    Any recommendations for an open-source RSS widget?

    I've been using Feeder on my phone, and while I quite like the app, I would love a widget for my RSS feeds on my launcher.

    Are there any apps that include a widget, or standalone widgets, but that are also FOSS?


    Quel est votre accent français préféré?

    Une des choses que j'adore du français, c'est d'entendre l'immense diversité dans la façon dont nous parlons. Quel accent vous a le plus marqué? Perso, j'avais un prof du Cameroun à l'université et je n'ai jamais écouté autant attentivement dans un cours, son accent était similaire à celui dans ce vidéo.

    Un autre préféré c'est l'accent cajun de la Louisiane, en voici un exemple qui parle aussi de la culture de la francophonie en Louisiane. Je suis francophone de l'Acadie (Nouveau-Brunswick) et c'est intéressant de voir les similarités entre nos accents malgré l'influence intense de l'anglais en Louisiane.


    Want a more accurate number of Canada's homeless population? Try counting health data

    A new method for counting homeless people is offering a clearer look at the magnitude of the social issue, with preliminary results indicating the country's homeless population could be three times higher than current estimates.


    Bikes and beer, name a better combo

    Bike on a beer can on a bike.

    Fun fact: Radler is the Bavarian dialect word for Radfahrer (“cyclist”)

    18 As the Bank of Canada prepares for a digital Canadian dollar, democratic concerns loom large

    While a digital national currency does have the potential to mitigate key financial issues, we cannot ignore the democratic risks such a currency could introduce without safeguards.

    21 Homeless advocate calls for $1B-investment in public housing

    Maritime housing groups are calling for a $1 billion public housing project and a national strategy to help people living rough.

    Traduction en français (DeepL)

    Les groupes de logement des Maritimes demandent un projet de logement public d'un milliard de dollars et une stratégie nationale pour aider les personnes vivant dans la rue.

    Cheryl Forchuck, chercheuse au Homeless Hub, a voyagé dans chaque province et territoire du Canada pour tenter de trouver des solutions à l'itinérance et a partagé ce qu'elle a appris lors d'un forum organisé jeudi au Cap-Breton.

    "Le Canada est le seul pays industrialisé au monde qui n'a pas de responsabilité en matière de logement et d'itinérance au niveau national", a déclaré Mme Forchuk.

    Selon elle, le nombre de sans-abri a augmenté dans tout le pays.

    "Nous assistons à la prolifération des campements, des personnes vivant à l'extérieur parce que le système n'a pas la capacité nécessaire.

    Bien que le problème des sans-abri soit généralement traité au niveau local, M. Forchuk estime qu'il s'agit d'une crise nationale et qu'elle doit être abordée en tant que telle.

    "J'aimerais qu'une stratégie nationale sur le sans-abrisme soit pleinement mise en œuvre", a déclaré M. Forchuk.

    Jeudi également, le Carrefour du logement du Nouveau-Brunswick a demandé à la province de financer la construction de 10 000 nouveaux logements sociaux.

    "Au Nouveau-Brunswick, nous demandons au gouvernement provincial d'aider à soutenir le secteur du logement communautaire en investissant 1 milliard de dollars au cours des cinq prochaines années", a déclaré Mylene Vincent, de Housing Hub of New Brunswick.

    Selon Mme Vincent, le marché locatif de la province a perdu environ 9 000 logements dont les loyers sont inférieurs à 750 $ depuis 2016

    "Nous ne trouverons pas de solutions tant que nous ne considérerons pas nos populations sans-abri comme faisant partie de notre communauté, comme nos voisins, comme des personnes." ___


    All of Sid's toys are so gender

    [Image description: A screenshot of a tweet, with a picture attached. The tweet by user @TomZohar reads: "ELEMENTAL features Pixar's first nonbinary character" oh so we're just ignoring this legend's impact??

    The attached image shows a screenshot from Pixar's Toy Story of one of Sid's toys. A toy fishing rod has had the legs of a doll with high heels attached where the fishing reel would typically be.]