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A handy reference guide
  • Huh, TIL. What's it intended for then?

  • What smartphones are people using nowadays?
  • I hope so but they've lost my loyality so I'd have to be impressed to return to them

    Considering the Nothing phone next

  • Why are people so antsy to see others in person?
  • Totally agree. I'm on restricted duties at the moment so meet all of my clients on teams. I hate it. The audio is terrible so one or both of us is always mishearing, my desk is in front of a window so I have to keep my curtains closed for them to see me. I don't get to build the same rapport with them and their responses to my questions are more stilted because of it. A large part of my job is judging body language and reading non-verbal cues, which is next to impossible on teams.

    And on monday, my computer decided to do a mandatory, 3 hour update, so I missed an appointment and couldn't access the client's number to apologise or explain. So I had to text a colleague to run over to the client's office let them know I wasn't going to make it

  • This is a major Life Pro Tip
  • What year was this?

  • What smartphones are people using nowadays?
  • My 2 was amazing, it lasted me years and worked so well with minimal bloat. I went for the 10pro this time and it's not the same. The camera's phenomenal but it's now two years old and just not holding up well. Glitches like crazy and the battery's starting to die. Can't distinguish it from any other phone now

  • What smartphones are people using nowadays?
  • Oneplus have paired with Hasselblad, if you're looking for something with a good camera. I regret the phone because the quality has gone downhill over the generations but the camera is on point

  • ich❓iel
  • 'What'

  • on the bright side, I get to smoke for free
  • Just here to let you all know that mine is currently 1. Living in the middle of nowhere has its benefits, at times

  • Shamima Begum loses bid to regain UK citizenship
  • Who hasn't made fucked up choices when they were 15? Especially having been groomed, we should be apologising for having failed her.

  • The detail is "where do they park?" The answer is they don't.
  • You joke but yeah, that's a thing. Season ticket holders of my local club with a disability can request a free pick-up and drop-off for every match

  • Apocalypse Rules
  • Yet another reason to not go to war

  • Apocalypse Rules
  • Yeah, probably an old wives tale, I guess

  • Apocalypse Rules
  • Huh, TIL. Thanks

  • Apocalypse Rules
  • I can't speak for all women but I think I'd try to have enough of both food and pads/tampons if I could. Pads are much more efficient at absorbing than a bundle of cloth and are cleaner, so wouldn't cause thrush and other infections

    Pads and tampons are also good first aid supplies - I think tampons were first invented to plug bullet holes

  • 1 dead, 21 others wounded in shooting following Chiefs Super Bowl celebration rally, officials say | CNN
  • Yes, well done. The US is behind Iraq and Zimbabwe so of course nothing needs to be done in the US until those countries sort their shit out

  • Apocalypse Rules
  • Yeah, by stuffing moss and bundles of cotton in their knickers. If it's a choice of that or stocking up on pads when I'm raiding Tesco, I know which one I'd rather

  • Are we allowed to recommend websites? If so, I suggest everybody checks out Garnspecialisten
  • Yeah, seeing that they have a physical location has ruined me

  • Are we allowed to recommend websites? If so, I suggest everybody checks out Garnspecialisten
  • Yeah, I like the sustainability of it - and there's so much that knitters can make use of

  • Are we allowed to recommend websites? If so, I suggest everybody checks out Garnspecialisten
  • No problem. I'm always on the look out for sustainablity in the craft world so got a bit excited when I saw this

  • Are we allowed to recommend websites? If so, I suggest everybody checks out Garnspecialisten Køb billigt garn online → Garn med bedre samvittighed

    Billigt garn til strik og hækling → kæmpe udvalg ❤ Red garnet fra at blive kasseret ❤ Gratis opskrifter ❤ Fri fragt over 500 kr. ❤

    Garnspecialisten offers surplus yarn from the fashion industry at a reduced price and seems to have a range of type, quality and price points.

    I don't know if the shipping is justifiable for those in the US/rest of the world but, for those in Denmark and North/Central Europe, I definitely recommend checking them out.


    Made my brother this gansey, I'm so incredibly proud

    It's based on a gansey that our dad had commissioned; my brother wanted one too so I copied what I saw, modding for his size. I've learnt a lot from it, mainly that I never want to knit such a tight knit ever again. I'm so incredibly proud of it though, it just shows what perseverance can do