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Woman Stuck in Tesla For 40 Minutes With 115 Degrees Temperature During Vehicle Update
  • Normally, when you want to open the door, you push the door button, the door window drops and opens an inch or so, clearing to door seals. The emergency door releases force the windows through the door seals without the window drop. If you do that too much, you'll damage the door seals. If you do it rarely, it doesn't matter.

  • China has flooded the market with so many solar panels that people are using them as garden fencing
  • Part of this is done to kill the US manufacturing sector.


    My point stands. China has been subsidizing their solar industry with massive amounts of government money for over a decade to dominate market share and keep others out. To be fair, the US punishes China by prohibiting the highest end technology from going to China. This is mirrored in various other industries as well.

    "There have been two main reasons for First Solar’s decline. Besides slowdown in Europe, the main reason is the large subsidy the government of China provides to its solar manufacturers. By some estimates, China gave $30 billion to solar manufacturers last year and now China dominates the solar industry with names like Yingli Green Energy, Suntech Power, Trina Solar and LDK Solar."

  • Buyers Are Avoiding Teslas Because Elon Musk Has Become So Toxic
  • Who would have known, alienating your biggest customer base (West Coast Liberals) with crazier and crazier right-wing nonsense would be a bad business decision. You'll have to pry Billybob's cold, dead hands off of his F-150.

  • ‘Office Space’ at 25: The Unlikely Cult Hit That Had Its Cast “Biting the Inside” of Their Cheeks From Laughter
  • Old job...

    Boss says, "So, what do you do when you get off work in the evenings?"

    "I usually go home and watch Office Space, it's hilarious! " I reply.

    "Really? Mind if I borrow it?"

    "Sure! I'll bring it in tomorrow."

    I was fired one week later.

  • 49ers @ Chiefs Super Bowl LVIII Game Thread
  • The Kansas City Chiefs. Champions of the World. Again.
    The route to how they got here was different. The parade route is the same.
    It’s what they do.
    In Kansas City.
    In February.
    They have parades.

  • Key Trump Lawyer Withdraws as Manhattan Criminal Trial Nears
  • Any lawyer who represents Trump should have their head examined. He lies to them, blames them when the lies don't work, and then stiffs them on the bill.   It's just stupid to represent him. The really good lawyers already know this and decline representation. The ones who stupidly take his cases get what they deserve.

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