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  • Yup. Education is not their goal. It’s crime prevention.

    Look up the "school to prison pipeline" anyone who doesn't blindly follow the program is sent to a shitty school and then if they ask questions about the rules then everything they say is a "threat"

  • Dead and Rad [War and Peas]
  • sharks aren't actually as vicious toward humans as most people believe.

    If you want this to be a little more realistic, have a whole bunch of box jellies in that tank.

  • The future is here
  • 2 quarts is not equal to 2 liters.

  • Daily check-in for May 24th
  • I still haven't touched alcohol in my life.

  • Lifehack
  • wow, even a 4 year old knows that schools are bullshit.

  • Canada is out of control
  • Wikipedia is not a legitimate source of information

  • Amazon plans to give Alexa an AI overhaul — and a monthly subscription price
  • I was never going to buy one of those, but now I have a second good reason to not want my conversations eavesdropped on

  • Scientists grow diamonds from scratch in 15 minutes thanks to groundbreaking new process
  • Looks like the diamond industry just wrote a new hit list

  • Learn how to count with Bill Gates
  • What about windows millennium edition?

  • USB tunneling
  • look at the plug and look at the hole. Square peg square hole

  • Question: The laser on the Wurkkos HD01
  • Edit: I asked the author about IR and they got 2.1mW@1064nm, with the caveat that the laser power meter may not be very precise at low power levels. That’s probably not dangerous.

    so even if it has a little bit of IR, it's still not dangerous if it accidently reflects off something and hits someone in the eye?

    what wattage does it have to get up to to be dangerous?

    Okay, I just used brave search to ask what wattage of lasers are dangerous, the figures you gave me don't seem to be dangerous as long as there's no prolonged exposure.

  • Maybe those 20 seconds were because of the lack of getting raises?
  • no one was ever going to get a raise in that workplace. That's just something they hold over your head.

  • feeling old now?
  • the oldest millennials are 44 actually

  • Question: The laser on the Wurkkos HD01

    Is the laser on the Wurkkos HD01 safe to use to play with pets? I've got a dog that loves to chase the laser but my Nebo Slim+ 1200 died when it fell off of my backpack strap.

    This is a robbery
  • Robbing the bank means you're stealing money from regular people. That's not the corporation's money, that's the bank-client's money.

    Which means that the clients lose money and the banks get another reason to have free money from the tax payers.

    Double-theft where only the corporations win.

  • Winner's Luck
  • Use a magazine feed pistol and make her go first

  • ts moment
  • Team skeet moment

  • Chicken vs Egg
  • but had our critical thinking skills to varying levels stunted by shitty education.

    I've also noticed that everyone I went to school with who got good grades is a dunce. But everyone who got shitty grades with me was much easier to talk to.

    I never have to explain in verbose detail what I mean by every fragment of a sentence to someone who got shitty grades in school. I had a principal at one school I went to who was an idiot.

    Every time another group of students stole my hat and there was a coordinated effort to keep it away from me, I had no choice but to go to the principal, because the teachers wouldn't help me either.

    Every single time this happened, the principal, with zero self awareness would say "what do you mean ____ stole your hat? did you give it to him?" Then I had to explain in vivid detail each thing that happened for 15 minutes, like I was programming a robot-arm in a factory to this idiot with no ability to listen and think.

    George Carlin used to rant about how schools teach kids to just barely be smart enough to pull levers and push buttons, but never to critically think about things or to solve problems they don't have a pre-planned solution for. and that's why I hated going to school, as high functioning autistic man, when I was in school, they always wanted me to fit into a cookie-cutter path they set for me, but I never went along with it.

    This one boomer I know refuses to ever use anything except for the official tool you're supposed to use for each thing. So I ask him, "well if this other pair of plyers does the job, why can't I just use this one if I can make it work.?" "IT'S NOT MEANT FOR THAT!" with no good reason for not wanting me to help him by using that other pair of plyers that I can make work.

    I quit high school about half way through my 10th grade year one day when literally everyone in the school yelled at me when I tried to talk about literally anything. I just got my stuff out of my locker and walked home.

  • I really like this song! but screw the rest of the album!

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    > cross-posted from: > > > I guess I'm just Single Minded > > > > P.S. my store is on sale! > > > > [!](

    Nintendo Switch EmperorHenry
    Question: Socks5 Proxy settings with authentication?

    Title says it all. I want to buy a switch but only if I can use a proxy with it for all the online stuff.

    Problem with the link to AuDHD

    Just FYI when you click on the link to AuDHD from a different lemmy instance, your browser won't stay in the instance you have an account on.

    The instance I'm on is federated with lemmy world so I know that's not the issue


    Anyone else here follow the three laws of robotics without realizing it?

    Who said that?

    I've done this a lot...even though I'm not confirmed to have ADHD, I'm autistic though

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