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It's surprising that no one has thought of it first.
  • To qualify for a wheelchair under American insurance, you have to be unsafe to use a walker or cane for mobility, be primarily wheelchair bound (need person to help transfer you or have enough upper body to transfer yourself), etc. Most patients I think of that I discharge with a wheelchair would not be able to use this device...

    For those that can use something like this, there are so many micro mobility things out there. As someone pointed out recumbent bicycles already exist.

  • Medicaid is paying millions for salty, fat-laden ‘medically tailored’ cheeseburgers and sandwiches
  • Dirty!! They just presented their services to our hospital too and were excited that our patients were going to have their nutritional needs met.... Obviously not....will share this with hospital teams to have them further assess before using these services

  • Redbox’s disc rentals are over
  • Understood. I honestly don't know many alternatives to Redbox besides those for renting movies... Even then, as others have mentioned, there's a difference between streaming and playing a blu ray. All movies I rent are <$2.50 from Redbox, nicer quality vs. >$5 Amazon.

  • Trump World ‘panicking’ as Project 2025 gets on the radar of voters
  • My husband has specifically asked me not to talk to him about politics. He has verbalized he feels powerless and wants to focus on things he can control more within his immediate realm (dont worry guys, he's still voting Biden). He's also asked me to decrease the amount of depressing topics I share with him overall. I did tell him I recommend him read up on it because its "scary AF" and that I was quite scared

    However, I do agree with other posters that its the lack of news coverage on the topic is why so many people are uninformed. We need more individuals to share and educate about this.

  • JPMorgan Chase warns 86 million customers they might have to start paying for their bank accounts
  • I have a credit union and unfortunately a Chase account now. I had to open a banking account with First Republic to refinance my student loans from 6.7% to 2.75%. They were the only ones that took on high student loans (lot of medical professionals) and required a constant $20k in the bank.

    Once my loans are done in a few months though, I am moving everything back to m y credit union and closing Chase.

    To speak to some others like my in laws, husband, and my own parents, likely plus a few friends:

    1. They believe that banks offer more services and even more security than a local credit union (ironically my FIL is board member of a credit union but banks with a bank)
    2. Like that there tends to be brick and mortar locations nationwide
    3. Dont know any better (this is most people I believe, unfortunately financial literacy in US is low. Lemmy is not representative of general pop)
  • Historian who predicted 9 of the last 10 election results says Democrats shouldn't drop Joe Biden
  • Hi! Apologies. Other people were naming other potential candidates without further justification so I didn't think I need to.

    Pete is young, intelligent and very reasonable. Back when he was running in 2020 and when I was doing my own research I found that our political views aligned the most. He is young and white so he has that going for him if looking for general appeal lol

    I currently have Newsom as governor and while he did a great job with the pandemic and healthcare policy in general (I was on calls with his team and many other hospital systems), I hate how he protects corporate donors like PGE. Overall though he signs many good bills into law. I'm just concerned he can be bought and he's more of a corporate ally than he gives off.

    With the media coverage I didn't state whether or not it would be successful. I'm not even sure if we should change at this point because there's a lot that goes into that transition (voters need time to know candidates, campaign ads and efforts likely planned out until November, etc). All I said is they can likely pick anyone and there would be significant media coverage. DNC nominates X! Then many articles around who is X! Again, I'm voting any way to defeat Trump.

  • Historian who predicted 9 of the last 10 election results says Democrats shouldn't drop Joe Biden
  • Would love Pete Buttigieg over Newsom but honestly will take anyone that can beat Trump

    Anyone they pick from now will get name recognition no matter who they are from media presence alone. Changing candidates at this stage will be significant news.

  • Are you still living with your parents/family?
  • Concur. Hate the nuclear family idea. And no worries about still living with your family OP. Most people do and if it works, it works. I live with my husband and moved out at 24 but have many friends that havent and we are in our 30s now. Hope you do find a job sometime though! I believe for most people jobs provide more sense of security and more financial wiggle room.

  • What do you think of birdwatchers and birdwatching ?
  • Honestly, my husband and I birdwatch and we treat it like Pokémon Snap when we go out! Myself with binoculars, husband with camera.

    I felt like it adds another dimension or another sense to our world. When I walk from parking lot to work for example, I can hear and identify what birds are around just off sound alone.

  • Steller's Jay [OC]

    Beautiful Steller's Jay spotted Burleigh Murray Ranch in Half Moon Bay, leaning over a picnic bench to look over.

    What book(s) are you currently reading or listening? June 04
  • The Covenant of Water by Abraham Verghese. Its a thick boy and will take me some time. Hoping to mark of the "Water, Water, Everywhere" square for it.

    Tom Lake by Ann Pratchett has been a very leisurely listen. Unsure if there's any squares to use for it but I like it either way so far. Simple, so far, pleasant telling of a former actresses life to her three kids.