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I played: Butterfly's Poison; Blood Chains
  • I feel the reason people are getting on Vyn is because a psychiatrist not following the rules hits a lot closer to home for some people, whereas the other careers are more removed from the average person’s life so it’s easier to let it go. And they might not be considering the fact that it’s playing fast and loose with realism in re: what the careers are actually like as well as the feasibility that the characters are that good at it.

    Some flaws get on nerves more than others, or jerk people back into a reminder of an unpleasant reality they’re trying to escape with the fiction, which is why I imagine some characters’ flaws are getting ignored and others are getting picked on.

    People are free to talk about their discomfort and analyze characters’ red flags, but from your posts it seems like it’s less discussion of these things, and more actively shaming people who enjoy the characters and/or narrative for daring to enjoy something with problematic elements.

    At least, this is my guess as an outsider who wanted to like Tears of Themis but dropped it early on because I really hated the card battles. It’s less of a “ToT bad” thing and more “ew, a genre I personally don’t like”.

  • I played: Butterfly's Poison; Blood Chains
  • On my current account, spoilers don’t work. Also doesn’t work through my Lemmy account, so it was definitely good to be considerate of people outside kbin. It does work on though! At least for me, where I checked on mobile and am not using any plugins for any site.

    Aww, what popular ones? Just curious.

  • I played: Butterfly's Poison; Blood Chains
  • since I still don't know of any hideable spoiler markup here on the threadiverse

    [You should have had to click to see this text.](#spoiler) will work for this magazine, because of how its CSS is set up. However, there are issues with it working across instances and maybe across platforms (e.g. mobile vs. desktop). There’s more discussion of that here. So giving warnings is still probably good for now. As a quick test, I’m going to try to spoiler something. I’m typing from my mobile phone on You should have had to click to see this text.

    Shiba is SO obsessed with the MC that several of the routes have "bad ends" that have her marry him anyway.

    Oh my god I love this concept so much. I’ve been looking for a game where that happens, because I plan on it happening in the otome I want to make!

    Those who like to wear down a distant, professional LI until his control breaks will have a great time here.

    Fujita didn’t catch my interest until you dropped this line.

    Hideo’s content warning thing sounds incredibly fascinating, not going to lie. I might not be into that in a sexual manner but oh my god is it ever ripe for drama yes please please please

    I’m usually not interested in otome in historical Japanese settings, and I heavily prefer fluff to dark things (as a personal preference. I believe stuff with “problematic” content has a right to exist—I’m just usually not too interested in taboo things). However, your descriptions of the LIs has piqued my interest and I might have to give this one a go!

    I can't believe there aren't certain segments of the internet up in arms about it. There's quite a bit of "problematic" content especially with regard to age gaps, consent issues, and family relations.

    Also, my general perception is that otome seems niche enough that we generally don’t get the purity police chasing after us to make sure our content has Only Good Messages™. And its audience is adult women who are able to separate fun, consequence-free exploration of stuff in fiction from its harmful reality.

    Thank you so much for the lengthy review. It’s really helpful for this community.

  • Instance Protectionism in the Threadiverse happens because of the Prisoner’s Dilemma (protecting one's own instance is currently more sensible than increasing overall discussion quality)
  • I do the exact same as you, with the exception of a few topic-specific instances, where the local communities are only about that topic. There I will actually use Local as default.

    At least on my Kbin instance, going in All and Local opens me up to doom-and-gloom “big corporation and alt-right bad” news and outrage bait.

    I agree wholeheartedly with “big corporation and alt-right bad” and that they’re the cause of too many of the world’s big serious problems. I’d also rather spend my time on Kbin enjoying what I see instead of getting mad. I can already find out what horrible thing a corporation or alt-right politician has done from the regular news, without the understandable but exhausting comment chain of outrage.

    Even without an algorithm shoving it down your throat, outrage bait will rise to popular status on its own. Unfortunately, getting mad at and feeling superior to the idiotsincars, choosingbeggars, etc. is kind of crack to our brains. I’m no exception, which is why I have to only look at /sub. I have to keep it out of sight, because if it’s in my feed, I’ll click on it and get mad too.

    So how do I find new stuff? There’s a lot of communities out there whose purpose is to advertise other communities. I subscribe to those.

  • Harry Turtledove’s The Road Not Taken

    Link takes you to a PDF on an external site, not to a page on Reddit.

    I’d say this was pretty well-known on r/hfy. Figured I ought to post it here!

    If you don’t want to read 20 pages and just have time for the summary, you can find one on the story’s Wikipedia page!


    Eastern cottontail photographed by Joe Grzybowski

    What's the difference between asking someone title or someone's pronouns ?
  • Not conservative.

    I’ve gotten very very used to being asked for titles on forms and the like. I’ve gotten used to respecting other peoples’ pronouns.

    I have not gotten used to being asked for my own, and I don’t like it.

    I understand that you can look just like me while having a gender identity that does not match my own—some men like to present in a feminine manner sometimes while still being men, and some people are non-binary, third gender, agender, etc. but might still dress in a very feminine way for whatever reason. To cover all your bases, ask pronouns, because guessing “she/her” at a feminine presentation in a body with a feminine shape won’t always be right. If you want to maximize your chances of being correct, you need to ask.

    But whenever I’m asked, I also wonder if I’ve presented in a way that signals anything other than “woman” (which frequently but does not always line up with feminine presentations from feminine bodies). Did I just totally fail at presenting the way I want to and if forced to assume you’d guess I’m third gender, or are you being inclusive and considering that people who present like me aren’t always women? It’s the privileged, cis-woman version of “did you have to ask because I failed hard at passing, or did I pass and you just ask everyone this because not everyone conforms to the gender binary?” I’m really used to my gender being assumed and assumed correctly, and am not comfortable with people being unsure or even assuming wrong. I’m basically getting a microdose of what many non-cis, non-binary, and/or nongenderconforming people have to deal with, and I don’t like it.

    I also understand it is probably for the benefit of most people (I’m aware of some non-cis people also disliking people asking pronouns, with reasons being along the lines of “please assume, I’m a binary trans person and asking makes me worry I don’t pass” or “I’m in the closet right now and asking my pronouns makes me choose between outing myself and misgendering myself” and it’s worth finding some solution for this) for asking to be normalized, so I let my personal discomfort and dislike go. After I ask if they asked pronouns because they honestly thought it’s super likely I don’t use she/her in which case oh god what do I change so I can make the assumption be that I use she/her, or if it’s just them trying to be inclusive and cover all bases which is good and respectable.

  • Why does everyone make such a fuss about privacy?
  • I definitely haven’t seen questions like this asked at all, let alone repeatedly, which is probably where part of my patience comes from.

    wait, why is everyone so interested in everything I do all of a sudden? Why is every corporation suddenly collecting all my data and giving me free stuff in return while raking in billions of profits? Hm, sus

    This never occurred to me. I found articles about privacy and the risks that were out there as a young child, way before I noticed any kind of change in levels of privacy (didn’t notice any change myself). As a kid I wasn’t aware that certain corporations were making billions, I just enjoyed the free ride and then saw all the articles about privacy risks. And nothing bad ever happened to me and I didn’t see articles about bad things happening to people, so I still didn’t care (after all, I was on Android, I could just… deny this app permission to access something, problem solved! At least that is what I thought) until I saw someone get doxxed. I’m 18+ now, but sometimes you have kids online who don’t obviously seem like kids because you can’t see them online, and thEy Arent TypIng l11k3 dis!!!! or making constant baysic english lenguige missteaks but use regular English at the same level of fluency as adults. If you transplanted my 10-year old personality into a 10-year old today I could easily see them getting on the Fediverse and passing for an adult for awhile, because my 10-year old self spoke and wrote basically the same way I do now, minus the swear words and life experience.

    And also, the fact is most people just don’t care about stuff until it affects them or someone close to them. It sounds nasty and I want to be better than this, but the fact remains we all have a limited amount of care and energy to go around. I mostly try to fix my own issues, not exacerbate anyone or dismiss anyone else’s, and help out where I can.

    I’d imagine if you’re not in tech circles you also don’t find out much about privacy risks. I really try to extend the benefit of the doubt to people, give a way they could reasonably not know things, because I know I’m arrogant and want to counteract my own “oh my god how do you not know that you fucking idiot lmao I’m so much better and smarter than you” tendencies. And I truly cannot know what things are actually like outside of my experience, at most I can just read about them and get some idea.

  • Why does everyone make such a fuss about privacy?
  • Once I wondered why everyone cared so much about something I didn’t. I wanted to give what seemed like most of the world the benefit of the doubt instead of dismissing their care as invalid and stupid, so I sat and thought about it and came up with a guess.

    My guess was way off base. It correctly explained some tertiary aspects of why people cared, but totally missed the primary reasons. And until I had it explained to me, I probably would have continued to miss the primary reasons for my entire life. Sometimes it’s useful to get the answer from the horse’s mouth instead of guessing on your own.

    But I definitely understand the bit about people getting upset when the things they care about are invalidated. One of my Things is people just assuming the best of each other or at least not namecalling each other when assuming the best is foolish or impractical, so I reacted to your comment and wondered if I should have because half the time I get a nice exchange like this one we’re having, and half the time I get some condescending, snarky replies. And the condescending replies feel very bad.

  • Removed communities
  • Thanks for not cutting us off. I sub and post to a lot of communities, some of them small, and wouldn’t want to have to stop contributing or make a new Lemmy account.

  • Why does everyone make such a fuss about privacy?
  • I totally get your point about the vegetarian forum and agree with you, but this is c/asklemmy, not c/privacy. I’ve been around the Fediverse long enough to know it’s generally a pro-privacy environment, not everyone else has been.

    Again, I’m really not seeing the “I don’t see why anyone else should” part in their question, I suppose we’re interpreting it differently.

  • Why does everyone make such a fuss about privacy?
  • As another user said, it’s good to ask these questions. We shouldn’t shame people for asking. I’d rather ask a question and look stupid for needing to ask it once, than be ignorant forever. Could they have just searched “why should I care about privacy” online and gotten tons of answers? Yes. I’d also imagine that not everyone grew up with the norm of exhausting all other avenues of information before you ask other people for help.

    As for how they asked the question, I’m just reading it as them saying they don’t care about privacy, not that we’re all idiot twats for caring. I think it’s an honest question, not a disingenuous “why does anyone care, you shouldn’t and you’re all stupid if you do.”

  • Why does everyone make such a fuss about privacy?
  • I probably should care about what big companies are doing with my data, but honestly I feel I’ll just be one more person in a group of a million. Companies won’t care.

    What I’m scared of is stuff like the example above. A dedicated person trying to connect my online identity to my real-life one.

  • Snakes Elevator7009

    Regal ringneck snake

    Mc Foxo
  • I’ve heard that too—and that they’re a giant mess to clean up after.

    Fortunately for me, I’m just looking at cute pictures of them online, not actually taking care of one.

  • Author Writes About Live Foxes A Family of Foxes

    Commonplace Newsletter #104

    A Family of Foxes

    Substack writeup about a family of foxes near the author’s home


    What otome isekai are you reading right now?

    I’ve finished all I currently have available to read. I am “currently reading” some incomplete series (or at least series whose English manga version I do not have access to):

    • The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen - From Villainess to Savior
    • Villainess Level 99 - I May Be the Hidden Boss, But I'm Not the Demon Lord
    • My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom
    • Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte

    I have read I'm the Villainess, So I'm Taming the Final Boss, but I’m not going to finish it up. I really enjoyed what I read so far up to chapter 12.5, and don’t have access to the rest. But from what I’ve heard, the stuff after chapter 12.5 focuses heavily on some tropes/plots that I personally don’t enjoy, so I’m not going to continue.

    Edit: what norm did I violate or do wrong lol, I’m not sure why I’m being downvoted


    Can you be a fairy or some other fae-type creature in Fae Farm? | No, you can’t

    I think I heard someone mention something like this in real life, but I forgot who said it so I can’t ask them, and looking at the game’s website and Steam page description didn’t answer this question for me.

    What is wrong with anvils? Why people complain about the level-limit?
  • TL;DR: concerned about running into anvil level limits because of the new villager book nerfs, later tested and found I can still get my max tools without running into limits so I don't have any problems with the anvil anymore

    What with the new villager nerfs, I’m not looking forward to trying to smart combine the nerfed books from librarians while still getting the rest of the enchantments on my tools. Instead of working with Efficiency V, Fortune III, and Unbreaking III from the start we now have to use multiple Efficiency III, Fortune II, and Unbreaking II books to recreate those books. Not sure if it’s even possible to get a max tool through combining books from villagers anymore, but I’m leaning towards “no.” I could always just luck out on the enchanting table, and if I recall correctly a random one of these books can be found through exploring, fishing, and raid rewards, but I’m not feeling having to go back to RNG for my enchantments. I liked the reliable, repeatable source of an enchantment. I wouldn’t mind the nerf quite as much if the level cap on the anvil got removed or at least raised.

    Also, these lower-level books are an unlocked purchase as a reward for leveling a desert, taiga, and jungle librarian respectively to Master. At least Mending and Silk Touch are still themselves (although you have to level a swamp and snow librarian to Master respectively for them).

    EDIT: Just checked with this calculator and you can still get max tools, including max picks with Fortune III, even with the villager nerfs. Still upset about the villager nerfs but less upset. Calculator will not let me check if I can still get my favorite sword enchant set with these new limitations though because the calculator won't take over 11 items. (Unbreaking III = x2 Unbreaking II, Sharpness V = x4 Sharpness III, Mending, Fire Aspect II, Knockback II, Looting III, Sweeping Edge III, sword: that's 12 items) I checked myself in-game and found I could still get this sword. My worries are assuaged and so I have no grievances with the anvil.

  • /kbin meta Elevator7009

    Is there a way to report an individual user?

    There is a user who posted an irrelevant ad on a magazine I follow, so I clicked their profile to see if the rest of what they posted was spam too. It was. However, I didn’t find a report user option on their profile. Is there one anywhere? I know I can go through and report their individual posts, but I’d also like to flag the user for attention.


    This picture has probably been all over the internet but it’s still the cutest bunny picture I know of

    Snakes Elevator7009

    Timelapse video of corn snake hatching

    I looked up lots of snake hatching videos and at least for the ones I clicked, I didn’t see the snake actually maneuvering its entire body out of the egg. This video actually does show the snake fully exiting the egg! It’s cute!


    Snow fox



    Personal Knowledge Management Systems (PKMS) Elevator7009 A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden

    A newly revived philosophy for publishing personal knowledge on the web

    A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden

    Crossposted from @digitalgarden.


    What’s a game you consider cozy that others might not?

    I think a lot of people agree with me on Minecraft being cozy, but some might not because of how prevalent combat is outside of Peaceful Mode. I personally find Minecraft cozy even off of Peaceful Mode, but this also might have to do with the fact that I usually play it with friends indoors, and I’ve done so on a rainy day with some hot cocoa and/or tea or something.


    Excluding Factorio, what’s your favorite automation game and why?

    Excluding Factorio because it has so much dominance in this genre. It’s great but I’d also like to hear about other automation games!


    Breaking News: Foxes Laying on Trampoline


    What do you most enjoy in life simulation games?

    I spend a lot of time in the character creator and love to play with the relationship mechanics. I also love to create drama.

    Otome Games Elevator7009

    What otome are you playing right now and how’s it going?


    Otome Games Elevator7009

    Trying to play someone else’s route

    I go in intending to play another LI’s route for a change, but I end up choosing the choices that I know will set me on my favorite’s route all over again.


    Dungeon of the ENDLESS Dungeon of the ENDLESS™ on Steam

    Dungeon of the ENDLESS™ is a Rogue-Like Dungeon-Defense game, in which the player and their team of heroes must protect the generator of their crashed ship while exploring an ever-expanding dungeon, all while facing waves of monsters and special events as they try to find their way out...

    Dungeon of the ENDLESS™ on Steam

    Free for a limited time.

    Dungeon of the ENDLESS™ is a Rogue-Like Dungeon-Defense game, in which the player and their team of heroes must protect the generator of their crashed ship while exploring an ever-expanding dungeon, all while facing waves of monsters and special events as they try to find their way out...


    For discussing otome games: games aimed at women with a focus on romance