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Maine Cybertruck Owner Sad Everyone Hates His Truck
  • great use of your surplus labor value

  • Dad is full of surprises
  • and then everyone clapped

  • Devout Christian Mike Johnson shows up to hush money trial to defend a guy accused of cheating on his wife with a porn star
  • according to the bible, the character jesus said that he was here to bring a sword and turn families against each other, so fits right in from what I can see.

  • canyon
  • I'll try not to freak out, but no promises.

  • what is this game
  • Final Fantasy, this is a Malboro

  • Think what you will of Brave's crypto, but its adblock is spectacular.
  • I haven't tried Brave, but LibreTube is great for this

  • terraplana - olhar pra trás
  • fucking hell, this is lush

  • I'm looking for play testers for my wacky Stanley Parable inspiredgame to give me honest opinion. If you are fan of those types of games, let's play : )
  • would you be okay if it were played on a livestream? or would it have to be a one-on-one sort of thing?

  • stoners
  • Igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.

  • Daniel C. Dennett, Widely Read and Fiercely Debated Philosopher, Dies at 82
  • Consciousness Explained really opened my mind in ways I will always appreciate.

  • Oklahoma man arrested after authorities say he threw a pipe bomb at Satanic Temple in Massachusetts
  • irrational fear over something unverifiable taken to a degree of violent extremism? sounds like a fit to me.

  • The dairy industry really, really doesn’t want you to say "bird flu in cows"
  • I'm now being accused of using alts to upvote my own comments, I just wanted to say thanks to all my alts out there for coming through for me, I appreciate you.

  • The dairy industry really, really doesn’t want you to say "bird flu in cows"
  • no one asked if you eat meat or not, sounds like you're still happily supporting the industries propelling the next pandemic. if the cost of being on the right side of this issue is faux outrage from "people like you", I welcome it happily without a second thought.

  • The dairy industry really, really doesn’t want you to say "bird flu in cows"
  • obviously, the solution is to dismantle the industries that cause these conditions, but I imagine you already knew that.

  • the license
  • they'll grow back, right?

  • artifacts
  • this might sound sarcastic but I promise it isn't.
    I love that I have to do an internet search to understand your work.

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