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Eeyore_Syndrome Eeyore_Syndrome

I cooked food for 20 years. Now I build computers and dive down Linux 🐇 🕳️ on a personal learning journey.

Mostly, I cat sit and watch anime when not gaming or editing files.

Fibromyalgia sucks! Existence is pain and resistance is futile. Thanks for noticing me.

uBlue Kinoite🎮Gamer👾Linux Nerd

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Why I Never Replaced a Joystick in a DualShock 3 Controller
  • My DualShock 4 lived a very long time.

    I think the mini charging connector broke before the stick drifted.

    Now I've had 2x refurbished DS5 from GameStop.

    One stick tore off from broken down rubber/material. The other stick drifted real bad, after both extended plans ended too.

    Current purple DS5 was new from Best Buy last July.

    It started drifting three weeks ago.

    I bought the extended plan and they said I can exchange it or use as a store credit towards a different controller (I see the edge joystick module is out of stock everywhere lol).

  • Mass. restaurant group objects to signatures gathered for tipped wages ballot question
  • Also the restaurant association of America can suck me.

    Working on bringing back 1919, since..... 1919.

    "For the last 100 years, the NRA has lobbied consistently to maintain the subminimum wage for tipped workers, and to maintain the lowest possible minimum wage for all other restaurant workers."

    • Child labor ✅
    • Wage slavery ✅
    • Abolish benefits ✅
    • Monopoly on their bullshit certifications ✅

    Anyway, abolish tipping.

    Pay staff and cooks especially living wages.... maybe toss in profit sharing.

    Anyway, I only cook at home now.

    People don't deserve my energy anymore.

  • Android 15 may soon be even more accessible for color blind users
  • On my Pixel 8 Pro on 14/July 5 it's still pretty limited:

    I look forward to this. I really just need help enhancing green and red since for me they wash out into brown/gray 🥹.

    Now for pesky lack of real life accessibility 👀.

  • [email protected]: Should I get a phone number through the US lifeline program to use on websites and businesses?
  • If you're already on a cell plan then either port your # to lifeline or STFU.

    Some people actually need the program.

    That's just my opinion.

  • Here's why modern gaming suuuuucks.
  • 07 Commander 🫡 I'll be casually playing Elite Dangerous till the servers go offline. 🥹

    My first experience was Elite on N.E.S. they should let us play that on our Fleet Carrier Captain chair console.

    FRONTIER does, I believe give a 🆓 PC Copy and Mac Copy of Elite FYI.

    Also 🆓 PC copy+commander transfer/copy for console players.

  • Here's why modern gaming suuuuucks.
  • I mean... My FiOS 300/300 is $39.99/month (what's a landline/cable?)

    I do have fancy NVME 4.0 Drives...they don't really cost more than comparable SATA III SSDs now...

    It is totes insane we have 1TB+ MicroSD cards now 🤯

    Like consoles are a trap, subsidized hardware/sold at cost to trap you into their software/DRM. And also really just crappy specced PCs.

    I live near game stores too... But I also Live near MicroCenter 🥹

  • Here's why modern gaming suuuuucks.
  • Spoiler

    Definitely don't search for Madden NFL 95 SNES ROMS

    RetroArch is really neat.

    Steam Deck OLED is pretty awesome. Microsoft-free PC in your hands.

    Anyway it's all about DRM.

    You will own nothing and you will love it. /S

    You can give your steam info to your loved one and accidentally forgot to tell them when you die 🥹.

    Or there's always GoG.

    I've been🖥️ PC/Linux 🐧 only since 2019, no regrets.

  • [Bazzite] Fedora Kinoite Duplex Printing Issue
  • I have a Brother HL-L2395DW

    Tho when I went to add it as a printer, my system automatically selected the "reccomended" drivers on Plasma 6+.

    I remember on older Plasma, that you still had to select Brother first, then search for model type. At that next screen or if I edit my current printer, I searched for L23:

    By generic printer driver, I meant the cups/driverless one on this selection screen. Opposed to any official Brother or GutenPrint drivers/ppd files.

    I did try searching for your exact model, but nothing showed for me...tho I can't tell if that's because mine is already wireless/UPnP and grabbing only it's settings.

    I'm using the Brother HL-L2395DW series, driverless, 2.0.0

    I Just have to also make sure duplex printing is set to on, both system and firefox/application whatever settings. On Firefox I use Flip on long edge.

  • [Bazzite] Fedora Kinoite Duplex Printing Issue
  • Have you tried using the driverless cups driver tho?

  • [Rumor] Valve may be working on official Waydroid (Android app) support for Steam
  • On Bazzite I believe people use Firefox installed as Android app, so they can simply switch to it for game guides etc, while playing a game, in GameScope/Big Screen/GameMode™

    I'm too lazy to test, because I just run it as my daily driver on my Desktop.

  • My Python MK II buy date for August 7th Pledge post was 🔒d Pledge your Python MK II buy date for August 7th, 2024 post.

    I, Commander Eeyore_Syndrome, pledge to not buy my Python MK II until August 7th, 2024. And I was an Odyssey pre-order even. Who will join with me?

    So I am reposing here.

    I'll be voting with my wallet going forward.

    > "I, Commander Eeyore_Syndrome, pledge to not buy my Python MK II until August 7th, 2024". And I was an Odyssey pre-order even.

    Who will join with me?

    Fascist volunteer mod locked on the official forums because "petition".


    FDEV goes full ARX monetization mode. Python Mk II & Updates To The Gamestore - Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

    Greetings Commanders,3310 is a busy year for Elite Dangerous, with three Titans down already, Powerplay 2.0 in the works, four new ship variants on th...

    Python Mk II & Updates To The Gamestore - Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

    Wanna fly a Python MK II before August? Sure that'll be some IRL $$$$ please. 🤮

    Don't have Odyssey?

    Still a Horizons poor? Shame on you Have to pay up or never fly a Python MK II.

    Also "boosted" ships. With weapons + ship kit + paint job.

    IMHO let us sell pre engineered ships ourselves eh? >.>

    Hey Frontier. How about an engine upgrade to DX12 and some FSR 3.0 instead?



    > "That...... Looks Radioactive."

    Definitely not Slurm™


    New Elite Dangerous/Odyssey Deluxe Edition/Pricing update. Elite Dangerous on Steam

    Take control of your own starship in a cutthroat galaxy. Elite Dangerous is the definitive massively multiplayer space epic.

    Elite Dangerous on Steam

    Steam Frontier Sale Pricing:

    04/24-?? Elite Dangerous: $5.99 Odyssey: $11.24 🥳**Deluxe: $9.99 (Elite+Odyssey)**💥 Normal New Pricing: Elite Dangerous: $19.99 Odyssey: $14.99 Deluxe: $24.99 (Elite+Odyssey)

    Runs great on Linux:

    Still on Windows 7? Can't upgrade to 11?


    "But does it work on Steam?"


    "What if I have it through Frontier?"


    No new sale/pricing at Frontier Store as of this edit

    Epic Game Store has the same pricing as Steam, as well as the same Deluxe edition:


    "What if I have it through Epic Games?"


    Can also install with Lutris


    Elite Dangerous Market Connector is also available as a Flatpak:


    Still on Console? 🆓 PC copy:


    OLED Switch? Nah we got OLED Steam Deck now:


    Refurbished Steam Decks:


    Universal Blue hits 1 Million Image Pulls!


    > One Million Image Pulls - Happy Birthday to Us!

    > WE DID IT!

    > Today we crossed one million image pulls. Though Kinoite continues to dominate the leaderboard, our steady march forward continues.

    > If you've been kicking the tyres on this next generation of linux desktop, we thank you! This means that we've had a million upgrades, which isn't a bad start!

    Come join us at Universal

    My Personal Write-up


    • Hit me up, here on Lemmy or:

    Toot me on Mastodon:


    Handy Focused Grinding-Chart

    Stolen from Reddit Apparently mob types like hording certain weapons.


    Diablo IV game settings PSA

    You can uncap the cutscenes FPS from 30, by unchecking the box in graphics settings. Don't be me and beat ACT IV before noticing.

    Also checkout enabling tool tip comparison and advanced tooltips.

    And audio effects for loot are really spiffy especially if you use headphones.

    There's also settings to play with toggles for channeled abilities as well.