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Anon plays GTA: Dubai
  • Turns out this greentext was 3 years before they made it legal for women to drive in 2018

  • Anon has nerdy hobbies
  • You should shoot your shot

  • Anon finds his people
  • It was like this when I found it

  • Anon uses reddit
  • agreed, upvoted

  • Electric Cars
  • Wtf is he even saying

  • Anon is a magician
  • It eventually works every time.

  • Anon reads Plato
  • Well shit, I missed that.

  • Anon lives differently than his peers
  • They're saying "cutie pie" not her age

  • Anon meets a girl at uni
  • In case you like videos better

  • Anon is chased by lions
  • I'm going to edit the post title to match this.

  • Anon goes hiking
  • The crazy ones I've posted get downvoted to hell. People seem to equate laughing at Anon with supporting whatever craziness Anon has written.

  • Anon goes to the gym
  • He thought a car would materialize

  • Anon wants to play CoD
  • Full circle back to cartridges

  • Error uploading images?
  • Confirmed working for me! Ty

  • Error uploading images?
  • It's happening to me right now too, but I can't see the error message because I'm using an app. It just fails and fails.

  • Anon babysits
  • Hopefully it's just 4chan lingo. However I've learned not to give Anon the benefit of the doubt most times.