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It's time to stop thinking plastic phones can't be premium
  • The first Android phones were really exciting. I got a Samsung Galaxy (no numbers, no letters, just Galaxy) in 2009. AMOLED screen - the first Android experience for me. Unfortunately Samsung dropped the update support really soon - which got me into custom ROMs - another exciting thing...

  • How a fed up carpenter found his stolen power tools — and 15,000 others
  • I recently listened to a story of someone in Berlin tracking his lost bikes (yes plural) using air tags. The police helped him because they were genuinely interested in the new possibilities to actually find stolen bikes. Before they just had no real chance to track any of the stolen goods and therefore weren't able to help without relying on just heresay.

  • Where to view comment drafts?
  • I agree. I was completely unaware of that button and I was looking everywhere in the settings for an option to delete (accidentally) saved drafts or even clear all of them if necessary. Maybe we two are the only ones but it seems a rather unintuitive location. I understand why it's there: to use a drafted comment several times in different threads, but the feature I was looking for was to delete a draft and it didn't occur to me to look in the editor for such a feature.

  • Americans in Paris celebrating the night prohibition in the US ended, 1933
  • Even the NYT only writes according to our 1933 photo caption.

    Everything in this photo is in English. Even the writing on the mechanical piano is in English. I have to admit that I am not an expert on 1933 Paris, but again you would have a hard time to find anything like that in France even today.

  • This post keeps crashing my Boost FreshRSS how to force articles not load in full length - (It's FOSS) - SLRPNK

    Hello! Recently started selfhosting FreshRSS - and while it is really good, i have a few hicks with some of the feeds im fetching from, for instance Its Foss. As seen in the extremely long screenshot below(Picture2), to illustrate what I mean, the feed is extremely cluttered with addtional small ico...

    Does this happen to anyone else? As soon as I open the post (it's in the [email protected] community) I briefly see the contents and then Boost crashes. So it could be a comment causing this or the post itself when fully loaded. I'm using a Pixel 6 with Android 14.


    Grocery shopping apps

    I am currently using Bring! with my wife to organize our grocery shopping. I am looking for a self hosted alternative. I looked at the awesome self-hosted list and tried Specifically Clementines and of course Grocy. I like that Grocy also includes meal planning although the whole inventory management is too much for us. What I don't like is the interface for both of them. I don't see us using this while in the store with a kid on the arm. It is way too fiddly and complicated. Also adding new items to the list is rather complicated in both apps.

    Do you have any suggestions for other projects with a more user friendly interface (even if it means less features)?


    White Wonderland

    On the slopes between Käserstatt and Mägisalp in the Swiss alps. Hasliberg overlooks the Haslital and Lake Brienz with Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau (Top of Europe) on the other side.

    The image was taken by me in January of 2012.

    CC BY-NC-SA 4.0