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Whatever, I don't exist.

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Literally everyone
  • They also don't (or shouldn't) eat plastic

  • Mental health tip
  • Right up there with the people who ignore me, leave me alone or exclude me when I'm down. I'm depressed because I'm being excluded and feel isolated, jackasses.

    "Just show up and do the thing, you're always welcome!" (Ever tried just showing up when you've been removed from being told where the weekly thing even is and no one answers when asked?)

    The amount of oblivious hypocrisy I've run into while navigating the deep blue is astounding.

  • "I can never tell when he's joking." - Kira
  • No Pinkie Pie so it's only a regular nightmare, not a night terror.

  • Leaky bags
  • Won't be long before flour companies start packaging with fabric so people can make clothes.

  • According to Imgur: "So Australia's capital is turning 100 this year, and for some reason they made this bizarre fucking turtle balloon with ten nipples for the occassion"
  • There's also SkywhalePapa. (Skywhaledaddy?)

    And yes these things are as ugly as the images suggest. People really shouldn't turn their fetishes into public art.

  • I wish I knew another language
  • Permanently Deleted

  • I am 1pm friend
  • What I wouldn't give to be somewhere where stores don't close down while the sun is still up. This is a capital city, even.

  • I am 1pm friend
  • Permanently Deleted

  • I am 1pm friend
  • 6am friends could have also brought about world peace, but no, they had to wake up the 11am friend.

  • Any funny/interesting misheard lyrics in songs?
  • Shower the horse, ya bum.

    (Ciao adios - Anne Marie)

  • I am 1pm friend
  • I've done this. Don't recommend it, but it's great to point at when telling people not to wake me.

  • I am 1pm friend
  • I want to punch whoever thinks being a shifted sleeper (4am-noon or 6am-2pm in my case) is a bad thing. I had a job that loved me for taking all the late shifts that my age cohort didn't want so they could have a social life. I just didn't want to have to wake before noon. :D

    If I try (and fail) to keep social hours, aka business hours, I have to contend with severe insomnia (in bed by midnight, awake til sunup), or I just don't sleep. Either is bad for me, my health, and the sanity for those around me.

    Where I live, most things are finished by noon, and stores close at 4 on the weekend. Late night shopping means open til maybe 7pm on a Friday. (I miss my home city/country. Weekend hours til 6pm, late night (open til 9pm) three nights a week. Moving here was like going back in time forty years.)

    Grr Argh and stuff.

  • I just posted Gowron for the glory of the empire!
  • I cleaned a shelf in my studio for the glory of the empire?

    ... Oh well. At least one shelf of three dozen is tidy.

  • Do you personally know someone who has a wikipedia page about them?
  • A few. Most recent is my neighbour.

  • The Wizard of Speed and Time (1988)
  • Brilliant! Thanks for adding this. :) My youngest has been dabbling in stop motion, and we've been going down the rabbit hole of stuff I remember from the old times.

  • The Wizard of Speed and Time (1988)
  • I absolutely adore your profile pic - I've seen it around and it always makes me giggle.

    So jelly about the soundtrack! I had a VHS - but it's long gone. (I did shoot the machine that chewed it up, don't worry!)

  • The Wizard of Speed and Time (1988)

    A stop-motion movie from many years ago. An enthusiastic, campy romp that pokes fun at the movie making industry.

    It's one of those movies that leaves you giggling, or scratching your head in confusion.

    Lemmy is a worse platform for women than Reddit was
  • I don't actually want to be nomadic, I'd love nothing more than to have a group of gaming friends that lasts. Inevitably, each time finding a new group gets harder.

    I have no support network, No real social group either. I am for all intent and purpose a ghost. My opinions don't matter, my presence isn't wanted. No one notices when I leave.

  • Lemmy is a worse platform for women than Reddit was
  • To be a woman online means to feel unwelcome. Leaving a new community is pretty much inevitable unless you are willing to swim in toxicity.

    I've lost count of how many 'welcoming' communities for game/hobby/interest that I have left because of the inevitable creep of (male) toxicity and harassment.

    And it sucks to watch so many people not speak up, and to be targeted for further harassment simply because I said rape jokes weren't funny. (Or tying and drugging up a woman so T could have a girlfriend, if the group I play online games with are stalking my account read this. You guys are part of the problem.)

    I just want liked minded people to share my interests and play games with.

    I, and other women shouldn't have to navigate or ignore toxicity to simply exist in public spaces.

    [Downvotes prove my statement. I'm not welcome or wanted, I get it. See you after my funeral.]

  • I just can't even.
  • Wait for the sequel:

    "I live in an iron lung and that's ok!"

  • Wolf ship from EVE Online.

    Background is from one of the stars in game.