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I find useful stuff at the dump and make long winded rants against consumer culture. Inspired by Pickle Rick and whatever I can scrounge.

Workflow is Linux + Lineage based on free hardware.

Quit buying shit from companies that destroy the earth in the name of making the already rich even richer.

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Cyclists blame "utterly ridiculous bike prices" for brands' ongoing struggles
  • Bicycles are one of the few things I spend money on these days, but I have been lucky to get quite a few for free. For some reason people discard a lot of bicycles at my local dump. I have found some real classics to refurbish. Some I keep and some I have redistributed to family and friends.

  • Apple crushes creativity and its reputation in new iPad ad
  • Great counter-point. So we are offended by a commercial AND calling for a ban on differently abled people from using music creation apps! How many differently abled people in your life would love a $1000 iPad designed for an able bodied person? Or would they want something designed with them in mind? Speaking of condescending. "Sounds like a you problem. Don’t piss on everyone else’s parade. "I think a lot of people here are confused and angry at clouds" "I’m sorry your music career didn’t pan out after all that work. Not everyone can be a musician."

    Dis you?

  • Apple crushes creativity and its reputation in new iPad ad
  • Does anyone know an even slighty successful musician who uses a 5 year old iPad? Now, are there any slightly successful musicians that we can think of that use a 5 year old (affordable) guitar? Or a 5 year old computer? How about a cheap drum machine or sequencer? How about giving a kid anything but a $1000 iPad (or a 5 year old paperweight)

  • Apple crushes creativity and its reputation in new iPad ad
  • Save us 5 years. Just put the new ipad into e-waste collection now. Meanwhile, anyone want to use all the real tools designed specifically to make music? Any kid with half a brain will spend their $1000 musicmaking budget on something useful

  • Apple crushes creativity and its reputation in new iPad ad
  • You are delusional to think even one of the 9 million kids living in poverty in the US would buy a $1000 iPad as a tool to make music. In 5 years that fucking $1000 iPad is only worth cracking open to harvest as e-waste. A kid buying a $50 dollar pawnshop guitar is far more likely to continue to make listenable music than some fucking dipshit buying an iPad. Maybe in 5 years they can sell that guitar for $50 to another kid who will successfully make music. Or maybe they luck out and that guitar is worth $5000. The kid who can afford to buy the $1000 iPad will hopefully use this as a chance to learn about planned obsolesence...

    Here's a thought, maybe an iPad is a wasteful piece of garbage technology. Maybe this isn't a rant about technology and preventing opportunities, maybe its a rant against shitty technologies that are wasteful.

    Get off all our fucking lawns.

  • A crushing backlash to Apple’s new iPad ad
  • Hey Apple, Great ad. It perfectly encapsulates what an iPad is...a shit product juiced from the tears of real creativity - A soul crushing, art destroying block of useless shit forged from real tools.

  • [ META ] What is the community's opinion of Pop!_OS?
  • POP is an excellent distro for a number of use cases. I can't speak to System 76 hardware but Pop is definitely one of the good Distros. I have used it for about 5ish years to run Davinci Resolve on video editing laptops and workstations. Another use case for POP was for breaking Mac OS acclimated relatives out of their walled gardens. Relatives as old as 80 have had very little problem adjusting to it after having help installing it. Looking forward to Cosmic but I will make sure I have backups and other stuff to tinker with during the transition - was the same way during Wayland transition on my other machines.


    • Davinci Resolve working with a little bit of fiddling and continues to run solidly.
    • No hassle with Nvidia drivers on editing laptop.
    • 4-5 years daily driver on Thinkpads (t460,13) and other older laptops (daily use)
    • Gaming on Nvidia good.
    • Elder folks adjust easily from Mac OS. Its basically Macbuntu for them without the complete pile of shit that is Snaps.


    • POP Shop was kinda shite. Had a few problems years ago. Wasn't patient during upgrades or used terminal. A couple of shitty things happening recently but looking forward to testing out everything Cosmic (I have a rock solid edit station that will remain AMD on Endeavour OS to make sure I can still work).
    • Name doesn't bother me, but would be better as just POP OS