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[Spoilers] What are your thoughts on the first raid tier?
  • I didn't mind the knockback part honestly. I'm more worried about the part before it where you've got to remember which spot is safe, when it's safe, and whether it gets hit once only or more than once.

    Thankfully wasn't an issue the first time around for me but I feel it will be at some point.

    But yeah, the hearts mechanic, specifically the AOEs and moving hearts, I need some work there 😅

  • [Spoilers] What are your thoughts on the first raid tier?
  • They're fun fights I think. I found the second one the most annoying personally, the mechanic where you have the hearts over your head and then the arena is flooded with AoEs and random hearts moving out from the middle has tripped me up a few times so far, I haven't intuitively found the safe path through it yet. Rest of it was good though!

    I think I'll have to run through them again a couple of times just to get comfortable with everything but definitely enjoyed the tier, and the story is a bit of fun too.

  • What are your thoughts on the first raid tier?

    This thread will have spoilers on the first raid tier that released with patch 7.01 so don't click into the thread if you haven't done it yet or want to avoid spoilers on the new fights.


    Patch 7.01 Notes - A New Challenger Appears!

    The main change in 7.01 is the release of the first raid tier (not the Savage, that'll be in two weeks with 7.05), and also a bunch of potency tweaks, so see if your jobs are impacted.


    Fashion Report Week 337

    Courtesy of @KaiyokoStar on Twitter/X.

    Why aren't there adult only flights?
  • I've had one instance of a baby in business class. Was flying from Johannesburg to London for work, so was lucky enough that work policy allowed business class for a flight of that length. Someone had a baby with them also in business and that kid screamed non stop virtually the entire flight. Was a lot of unhappy people when we landed.

    Was an overnight flight too so the expectation was that everyone would sleep the majority of the trip. Nope.

  • Do you know any singleplayer games that are infinitely replayable?
  • Was looking for this. The crossover randomiser of Link to the Past and Super Metroid is a masterpiece, and if you like one or both of the games it provides you with a new way to have the complete the game every time you play it.

    Add in the different flavours like entrance randomiser (where not only are the items shuffled but the doors you enter don't go where they normally go), or keysanity (where keys don't stay in their dungeons and can instead be anywhere) and it turns what was already a great SNES area game into something you can play over and over again.

  • In Regards to Upcoming Job Adjustments


    Scions & Sinners: FINAL FANTASY XIV Arrangement Album Added to Streaming Services!

    The Scions & Sinners album is now available on streaming services! There's a good chance your favourite service has it available, but Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube all have it. The full list is available here.


    Arrangement & Performed by Keiko

    • 01 'Neath Dark Waters
    • 02 A Long Fall
    • 03 Invincible
    • 04 Shadows Withal
    • 05 Pa-paya


    • 01 Tomorrow and Tomorrow
    • 02 Return to Oblivion (Amanda Achen Vocals)
    • 03 What Angel Wakes Me (Amanda Achen Vocals)
    • 04 Tomorrow and Tomorrow (Instrumental)
    • 05 Return to Oblivion (instrumental)
    • 06 What Angel Wakes Me (instrumental)


    Arrangement & Performed by THE PRIMALS

    • 01 Ultima
    • 02 Blinding Indigo
    • 03 Equilibrium (GUNN Vocals)
    • 04 A Long Fall
    • 05 Return to Oblivion


    • 01 Insatiable
    • 02 What Angel Wakes Me (Masayoshi Soken & GUNN Vocals)
    • 03 Shadowbringers

    Dawntrail Countdown Illustration - We're Live!

    Dawntrail is now live for everyone! We hope you're enjoying your time in Tural ❤️


    Dawntrail Countdown Illustration #1

    Surprising no one, the final day of countdown illustrations is the newest melee class added in Dawntrail, the Viper! They totally got this piece commissioned and are now negotiating to slay some local vidraal to try and pay for it, so if you have some work, please, let them know 🙏🏻

    Yoshi P apologizes for Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail issues. The expansion is currently in early access.
  • I can't speak to the Xbox stuff but for the most part I feel the Dawntrail launch has gone really well. Yes, there's some bugs, that's usually inevitable for a launch of this size, but the only game breaking one I've seen was Syrcus Tower which was fixed in under 24 hours without bringing the game down for maintenance.

    But I don't think there's been anywhere near as many queuing issues as there was in Endwalker, and while I'm only just past the first dungeon in the MSQ the only issues I've seen (other than ST) have been cosmetic.

  • Dawntrail Countdown Illustration #2

    Rounding up the last of our pre Dawntrail jobs, it's the tank with the knife you can still bring to a gunfight, Gunbreaker! Also known as "three DPS in a trenchcoat" the Gunbreaker gives everyone the chance to act out their favourite scenes from Final Fantasy VIII and gives you plenty of buttons to keep you busy while you take the hits for the rest of the party.


    Dawntrail Countdown Illustration #3

    Due to a huge increase in demand for today's illustration the White Mage from the massive uptake of new hires into the Viper Blade Sharpening industry that the Deputy Directory of Turalism has promised includes White Mage Insurance, it is now required that anyone coming across from Eorzea to Tural does so as a White Mage. Thank you for your understanding.


    Dawntrail Countdown Illistration #4

    Few things are as important fell cleave as the bond between a warrior fell cleave and their Chocobo fell cleave. Standing on the front line fell cleave they are more than capable of taking fell cleave whatever the enemy has to give fell cleave, with plenty left in the tank for another 10 rounds fell cleave.

    Dawntrail 7.0 Patch Notes
  • Also a lot of the potency increases aren't just always there, they're based on new traits you get in the level 91-100 range, so you won't see those increases immediately in most cases, you have to level up and get the new job trait.

  • Dawntrail 7.0 Patch Notes

    The full patch notes for Dawntrail are now available? Are you excited with what's coming?


    Dawntrail Countdown Illustration #5

    🎶 The bard opened up their case and said "I'll start this show", and fire blew from their fingertips as they rosined up their bow 🎶 And they pulled an arrow across the string and it gave an evil hiss 🎶 Then a band of voidsent joined in, and it sounded something like this 🎶

    How will you spend your time during this maintenance?
  • Honestly probably just watch some TV or get some extra work done, although if you're looking for a game to play, the remastered version of Beyond Good & Evil came out this week. Been probably 20 years since I played it originally but I remember it being a fun game with a great cast and musical score.

  • Dawntrail Countdown Illustration #6

    For honor. For Doma. For Eorzea. For those we have lost. For those we can yet save. Today's illustration is the Samurai, and they feel right at home when the odds are against them. Don't let their light robes fool you, a quick flick of their wrist and you'll be out before you know what's happened!


    Preliminary Patch Notes for 7.0 Launch

    They'll likely post an updated version during maintenance but for now this is what's been released about the upcoming changes.


    Dawntrail Countdown Illustration #7

    Shields? Check. Nouliths? Check. Kardia? Check. Prognosis? It's time to shoot lasers at the bad guys until they stop moving! Sage is the healer that Square-Enix gave us to demonstrate that yes, healers are in fact supposed to be doing damage as well. So raise a glass to your local Sage, and just remember, if they're busy shooting lasers, they're still healing their tank. Only a week to go now!


    Earn free rewards and a mount by watching Twitch during the Dawntrail launch in July!

    Watch any participating Twitch channel streaming FINAL FANTASY XIV Online with the "Viewer Rewards" tag and receive item codes for the following rewards based on how many accumulative hours watched:

    • 1 Hour Watched: EXP Boost Meal Set (Buttery Mogbiscuit & Fat Choco Choco) x10
    • 3 Hours Watched: Aetheryte Ticket x10
    • 6 Hours Watched: Chocorpokkur Whistle (Mount) x1

    Check the Lodestone article for more details!


    Dawntrail Countdown Illustration #8

    With the power to call upon avatars of the primals themselves, Summoners can bring awesome destructive power to bare against their foes. But at the end of the day, once that power fades, Carbuncle is always there waiting for you. Such a cute adorable glowing floof ball. Remember to feed your carbuncles everyone!


    Dawntrail Countdown Illustration #9

    Big damage. Fancy hats. And the honour of being Yoshi-P's personal job of choice, today's illustration is the Black Mage! Although looking at this picture, it seems less about the mage and more about the Chocobo and the cats, how adorable are they?


    Dawntrail Countdown Illustration #10

    Enter the Fray with today's class, the Dark Knight! Enter the night of the living dead as you take the plunge into the blackest night on your journey to Tuliyollal.


    Fashion Report Week 334

    Courtesy of @KaiyokoStar from Twitter/X!