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Even if god exists religion can't possibly be the way to god
  • On the internet? In general I take someone that spells "God" with a capital to be a theist (usually only 2 of 3 monotheistic believes, because Muslims usually use "Allah" probably). Or perhaps raised as a theist, lost their faith, but not bitter against their old faith. while if someone uses "god" they are probably not a theist.

    Makes sense to me too: I as a theist would refer to "Thor" as a "god" because to me it is not an entity that exists. It would only make sense for someone that is an atheist to not use a capital to refer to my "God": They don't believe it to be a real entity after all.

    E: although, I guess fictional characters do use capitals, so maybe I'm wrong.

  • New York governor to launch bill banning smartphones in schools
  • Early testsresults in the Netherlands have shown great succes. Less cyber bullying, more socializing by students, and better engagement in classroom. The students actually prefer it too.

    I thought it was stupid too, but I've come around to it. A box full of dopamine hits is not for teenagers to decide wether they can interact with it or not.

  • Even if god exists religion can't possibly be the way to god
  • I know this is just a showerthought, but what do you define as religion? The term religion doesn't necessarily need a God.

    Or do you mean the 3 mainstream monotheistic religions? (Christianity, Judaism, Islam)

  • Ah yes, organization.
  • To be fair, I'm the opposite of efficient with my tab usage. I close tabs often as soon as I switch to a different task, only to find out I still needed that tab.

    I only just weeks ago discovered that tabs are kept open after rebooting (I had to turn power off during a session). That is how automatically I close tabs normally. A blessing and a curse.

  • Physical Media (Blu-Ray, Music CDs)
  • About a year ago, I started buying DVD's from thrift stores. I rip them all and put them on my Plex server. I recently aquired a Bluray player and starting to collect those too. Since those take up MUCH more diskspace, I only watch bluray with the physical disk (storage in Europe is unfortunately more expensive than in the USA)

    I also started collecting CD's again (mostly from thrift stores too). I rip these to FLAC and also put them on my Plex.

    The beauty of this system for me is that I still have to physically flip through stuff to build my collection. Since it takes up physical space, I limit myself to stuff I actually really want to see/listen to. But by digitizing it, I have the advantage of having acces to that curated content everywhere. The added timesink of ripping and metadata correcting gives me more satisfaction and appreciation for what I bought. A sense of pride and accomplishment, if you will.

    So I buy Physical to make sure the collection stays curated and manageable, but digitize most of it for the convenience.

    Due to the appreciation of my collection, I now watch more movies and listen to more music than when I had acces to netflix or Spotify.

  • Why is End of Life of an OS bad for an average user?
  • I guess that's where I have a limited understanding of how Internet and maybe even exploits works: how would people even find my machine? There is little to no incentive, unlike with a corporation. They must know where my door is to even use the keys.

    Can you just sort of do a brute force scan of all machines currently on the internet? Seems unlikely. In my mind, you can only access a machine if you have some idea about it's whereabouts, either physically or digitally. But then again, I have no knowledge about these kinds of things.

  • Why is End of Life of an OS bad for an average user?

    I get that there won't be any security updates. So any problem found can be exploited. But how high is the chance for problems for an average user if you say, only browse some safe websites? If you have a pc you don't really care much about, without any personal information? It feels like the danger is more theoretical than what will actually happen.

    Or... are there any examples of people (not corpos) getting wrecked in the past by an eol OS?


    In this CD booklet, they forgot to remove some Japanese lyrics.

    This is the cd "Kingdom of Desire" by Toto. This booklet shows some lyrics which appear to be Chinese (E: nope, Japanese according to comment) Those are not sung in the song.

    Bought in Thrift store, so maybe bootleg? Doesn't look like it though, it has a sticker on the front with touring dates of the band. So probably sold at a tour?


    What are your favourite lesser known websites?

    I want to see if I can get a spark of the "old internet" back by making a starting page for myself with all kinds of cool websites. But not sure where to start because Google obviously will not work for this.

    So... what are some of your favourite websites?


    What is a good eli5 analogy for GenAI not "knowing" what they say?

    I have many conversations with people about Large Language Models like ChatGPT and Copilot. The idea that "it makes convincing sentences, but it doesn't know what it's talking about" is a difficult concept to convey or wrap your head around. Because the sentences are so convincing.

    Any good examples on how to explain this in simple terms?

    Edit:some good answers already! I find especially that the emotional barrier is difficult to break. If an AI says something malicious, our brain immediatly jumps to "it has intent". How can we explain this away?


    Behringer Pro-800 vs Roland JX-08


    I'm in the market for a budget-ey Poly-synth. I have a Microfreak which I love, but the 4 voice limitation is really starting to bug me with pads. I'm slowly trying to create a dawless setup (Have a Keystep Pro to make it all happen)

    So any of you have any experience with either Pro-800 or JX-08? How easy is it to find the sweet spot on them? How much menu-diving in day-to-day use?

    Thank you for your time reading this :)