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Electric ground for electric fence outlet question
  • TT means that there is a ground connected directly to the equipment housing, so basically a rod in the soul connected to the box.

    I solved it with a connector from the 3 phase outlet so it's no stress to get an electrician out to sort out a more permanent solution.

    Even if it's a late reply I appreciate you taking the time!

  • What is the equivalent stereotype of 'women should all be homemakers,' for men?
  • I moved into a house where a person with "basic electrical skills" lived and there are so many fire hazards and death traps. I wish electrical assistance was cheaper so people doesn't mess with that. It was an old partner to the person I moved in with and she was upset that I hired an electrician to redo quite alot[

    Not anything against your skills, the phrase just reminded me of my former home :P

  • Emoji "anomalies" by European countries
  • Interesting!

    I was thought the five continent model as a child concerning the geographic continents (but Australia was called Oceania) and the seven continent model in society class (Samhällsorientering)

  • Box Office: ‘Furiosa’ Just Barely Beats ‘The Garfield Movie’ in Disastrous Memorial Day Weekend — the Worst in Decades
  • Wouldn't you want to see a prequel where you follow Q during college in similar vein to National Lampoon's Animal House as well as a developing issue with the patent office where he tries to file more and more outlandish and dangerous inventions until British Secret Service finds out and recruits him?

  • Otari and surroundings

    I just got the beginner box for my group (I'm an experienced GM and the group consists of young teens with neurodivergence) and the box looks like a perfect fit for us, and I plan to continue with the Troubles book and possibly the Abomination book as well.

    Does anyone know if it's worth to get the flip-mat and if the books will get reprinted to ORC?

    I also would like to get any ideas for adventure books fitting for a group of younger players if you have any!

    Thanks in advance

    Electricians Droechai

    Electric ground for electric fence outlet question

    Hello, I bought an electric fence kit for some goats and horses for a plot of land which requires grounded power outlet.

    I wonder if a TT ground connection for the outlet (or fuse circuit the outlet belongs to) would suffice or if I need to redo the whole barns electrics since it's all ungrounded at the moment except for a 3 phase outlet connected to the garages electrics.

    I just want to know what I should ask an electrician about when I ask for quote and time. If I need to redo the whole wiring I need to hold until next springto so I really hope for a smaller job :)

    If I use wrong terminology Im sorry since English is not my first language


    Pc monitor

    Hey, I need to update my monitor and would like some recommendations. The PC I'm using are used both for work and gaming. Should I go for a 2560x1440 or a 1080p monitor if I want to target 120ish refresh rate?

    The games I mostly play are Elite Dangerous, Microsoft Flight Simulator as well as BG3 and older titles

    The demands I have for the monitor is low latency, high refresh rate, around 27 in size.

    HW specs:

    Radeon RX 6700

    16 GB RAM

    Ryzen 5 3600

    The RAM and CPU is being upgraded around Christmas.

    Thanks a lot in advance


    Best rugged phone?

    I've been using a Xcover Pro until recently but it shut down and never rebooted so I'm looking for a new rugged phone.

    Anyone has any recommendations? Looking online is a jungle of tier lists with dubious recommendations but it seems many recommend a brand called Ulefone, is it a good brand or something to stay away from?

    Would prefer to use the distro that comes with the phone.

    Thanks in advance