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cafe in Amsterdam could not produce a receipt -- a “digital transformation” scenario; are receipts no longer obligatory?
  • These things are small experimentation gardens, big corporations are looking at these setups with interest:

    It reduces overhead costs on their end, no printer costs, no paper costs, less personnel-hours needed since the customer does all the work by sorting out their own menu, adding their own email adress, and inserting their order in the system.

    It might lead to the next step in ordering fast food (on site), customers ordering on their own phone (email login required) and using qr codes to transfer them to the local restaurant's ordering kiosk...

    Ofcourse the savings will only be on the corporate side and the actual food will just keep getting more expensive for the customers.

    Now for the receipt thing, I don't know the exact rules, but a written receipt must be provided if the customer asks for one. A "pin" receipt, ie. validation of payment is not a legal item to be used for tax deduction because it does not list what you bought nor the amount of tax, not sure if both percentage and the amount must be present.

    It sounds a bit like you went inside a place that was a startup by some "students" with bright new ideas that were not fully thought out yet. They easily go for the bottom line in costs saving by dropping staff costs as much as they can, probably corrects itself over some time.

  • Trump says ‘Hunter is calling the shots’ and Biden’s ‘ego’ wont let him quit White House race in Hannity rant
  • Well I am not a fan, at all, far from it, Biden is too old, he was too old 4 years ago... But it has absolutely no use to choose a new candidate 4 months before the election and still expect to get a landslide win.

    Because without a landslide win there is nothing against the door to stop Trump claiming victory and destroying the USA just for the benefits of his close friends and family (and keeping himself out of jail).

    Heck, it will be like last time, Trump will be found mostly on the golfcourse (and billing the government for it again) and his family and henchmen will run the country for him, ignoring the law, congress and even the constitution. 4 years later Trump will have installed one of his sons permanently in the white house, without an election.

    Only an overwhelmingly Democrat win will give anyone pause and realize that Trump has no right to claim anything (again).

    Currently there just is no blue candidate that the whole country knows all about and can accept enough to massively vote for, and there just is no time to present and get to know one.

    I would almost say make it a dual Democratic ballot in November, any votes for either of the blue candidates go to the eventual winner. But I don't think the republicans will allow that to happen.

  • Trump says ‘Hunter is calling the shots’ and Biden’s ‘ego’ wont let him quit White House race in Hannity rant
  • Finding the best candidate is a ship that sailed 2 years ago if not 3... Same with prosecuting and jailing Trump before the elections deadline saving him.

    Mistakes were made, the train is chugging at high speed, pulling the emergency break now, 4!!! months before the election, will not end well.

    It is too late to go find another candidate that has any sort of chance to beat Trump.

    Biden still has a hidden card or two, but if too much attention is laid there certain voters will lose interest for sure.

  • Gladiator II | Official Trailer (2024 Movie) - Paul Mescal, Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington
  • I try to avoid watching trailers these days but accidentally stumbled into this one... and beyond it plain showing too much it left me puzzled and disappointed.

    This does not have the look and feel of a Ridley Scott movie, almost all the way through it left me wondering IS this the Gladiator 2 trailer or is it for something else?

    What's with the very bad placement of the rap music? Come on this does not fit at all. I can only hope the soundtrack for the actual movie will be leagues better.

    I did not like ANY of the characters, besides the presentation being a jumble, no character stood out to where I'd think "oh I am interested in his story".

    All in all, originally I was looking out for this movie, but my interest dropped far after seeing this trailer, not the effect a trailer is supposed to have.

  • Gladiator II | Official Trailer (2024 Movie) - Paul Mescal, Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington
  • Don't forget most trailers these days show the whole movie in a condensed form... The ones for comedies plain show all the big jokes like it's not important.

    The art of the good Teasers and Trailers died somewhere after the time the first two Star Wars Prequels came out.

  • Project 2025 Architect Signals Bloodshed If Left Opposes Trump-Led 'Revolution'
  • It looks and feels like everyone is waiting out what happens in November and with it what happens in January... (There might not even be an inauguration in January, Trump might begin his day 1 dictatorship right after he claims winning the elections, and has his goons to support him)

    Everybody that matters now is frozen from acting untill past the election, while imo now should be the time to intervene and not let it roll onwards, remove one of the chess pieces now and the momentum might not be unstoppable.

  • Project 2025 Architect Signals Bloodshed If Left Opposes Trump-Led 'Revolution'
  • I've been gently pushing for the same message but at best hear people say "oh it's just politics, and we have laws against all this so it will be years before anything can truely change"

    Hitler's power was solidified in a matter of months, whereby he threatened and/or had his political opposition killed. Then he came with the excuse "I don't believe my people did this"

    No one dared say any of it was against the laws, he was fully above the law and shielded anyone he felt worthy of the same, ofcourse he would have them dissappear when their use ran out..

  • Your vote isn't enough.
  • I have hope democracy prevails... But also a big feeling that the republicans have all their pawns lined up for a perfect storm this time (and half of them are still hidden), allowing them to be able to semi legally brush the election results aside. They had 6+ years to prepare...

    Only a true landslide of blue votes might be able to give some of them pause, a small difference would be ignored and decided upon faster than Gore vs Bush.

    Trump will declare a win regardless of the outcome.

  • Conspiracy Theorists Think Biden Was Hit With Directed-Energy Weapons During Debate
  • Pleasantly surprised he is mentioned in that way.

    I stood near him on "conventions" a few times with some years in between and he is such a nasty person both while making phone calls and in the way he treats others/his staff.

    Comes over as someone who can't find any joy in the small things in his life and p*sses on everyone else because of it.

  • Trump is “absolutely” immune for “official acts” on Jan 6th, SCOTUS rules
  • Trump could now argue he, as sitting president, was threatened in his functioning by the new president elect, and it was an official act to block the transfer of power as long as the sitting president has concerns about the validity of the votes. (Ofcourse he always has those concerns)

    And now with the coming elections he will claim the same and as a bonus he officially and in the open has the republicans refuse to certify a losing vote because that also threatens his position and impedes his functioning.

    If the lower courts now claim his acts were not official he will just appeal that back to the Supreme Court, thereby still delaying any closure of the case well after the elections.

  • Now I Know Why Even The Best Jedi Masters Didn't Stand A Chance Against Palpatine
  • This is not a new revelation, I guess it just eluded a lot of people watching the movies.

    Palpatine could do it on a galaxy wide scale, Yoda mentions "The Dark Side clouds everything" in the prequels.

    I don't remember which, but in various games the Dark Side users had similar powers.

    Also, Obi Wan influences the mind of stormtroopers etc. it is a logical conclusion that Dark Side users have abilities like it.

    That it is now done in the middle of a lightsaber fight just means the one doing it is trained in this style of combat.

    Ofcourse imo it still is bad writing if it works on just about every jedi, in their prime, attacking him in that group.

  • First Presidential Debate Megapost!
  • Trump demanded the debate, Biden should have demanded thorough fact checks with graphs and balances.

    I personally would not have stepped in any debate setting with a certified liar and scammer without any sort of fact checking, it's just foolishness.

  • First Presidential Debate Megapost!
  • You bring up a point there that I have not seen many people consider: Where is Kamala Harris in all this? And from the outside it is as simple as that.

    A friend in Europe said: Biden is everywhere but we never see or hear from the VP. In this time of big elections I find that odd.

  • Here’s how much Google says it’d cost to fulfill Epic’s biggest demands
  • Yes this sounds like a very convoluted way to go about things, but I am not sure if it was the actual verdict that is so badly constructed that it demands this or that Google gives itself and everyone else a lot of unnecessary pain.

    Samsung also does auto updates etc and co-exists with the play store on samsung phones (granted, it lives within their android skin), even updates some Google play store (installed) apps, so I am not sure what or where the issue is/lies.

    But now Google wants app stores within app stores within app stores as a solution?

  • “We Can Still Contact Technical Support in the West”: Russian weapons are being manufactured on foreign machinery — but why are they still running?
  • Well one small step would be to stop selling or dealing with subcontractors, will not fix it but does add an extra hurdle to things.

    Technical issues? Go on-site to where the machine is supposed to be ... have your own technicians look at the machines on site and report back.

    But I guess those costs put pressure on the profits of the company.

  • Trump's Not 'Bluffing': Inside the MAGA Efforts To Make a Second Term Even More Extreme
  • It was a fluke indeed, no one really expected him to win, he himself the least, he was mostly there for the attention.

    But once he was sworn in and the dust settled, the country was stuck with him and would need to ride it out. Problem is, Trump liked playing with the big boys, feeling important and enjoyed being gawked at on his golf course... Not to forget he could use the cash flow, billing the government millions, putting his friends and family in places they had no right to be, it was all useful, and he made himself useful for those keeping him in his seat.

    But near 2020 Trump realized he needed to stay there or his world would come crumbling down from debt and his illegitimate activities hidden by his white house shine. So he would go and try to keep the position. Alas that decision did not come with enough time beforehand to cement his position. So they had no preparations on hand when the time was there and his force of headbobbers plainly was too small to push him past the election results.

    But that was a lesson learned, and he and those helping him come with the 2025 plan, try to get as many pro-trumpers in useful positions before the election, years in advance, so that they can help push him back in the white house, no matter what the actual vote says...

    And here we are; The judiciary system is heavily tilted towards stalling all Trump court cases beyond the elections. The electorate is slithering its way through covert adjustments of voter rules and registration zones. And the legislative shows all signs on this time really refusing to certify losing results.

    Meanwhile Trump has a more focused mob now that he can rile up and has more solid plans/experience on what kind of action or roadblock is needed where.

    I really do hope cooler heads will prevail. But the months before and after the switch to 2025 will be quite the ride. And possibly bring enormous changes for the whole world.