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I miss console ads being this weird
  • "Only Happy When it Rains" automatically begins playing in head

  • Name this cut
  • The Vertical Tonsure

  • Like a big, fluffy eraser
  • Diwali Doggo

  • Because it takes slightly less mental energy to sit and stress than to do the thing.
  • I think the reaction depends on how aware one is of how one's flow state works. Neurotypical people seem to be able to get back into it much easier than us ADHD types, but I think that's often because our flow states tend to be deeper, so it's much more annoying to be knocked out of it for seemingly trivial reasons by people who don't know how hard it is to get back into that state after an interruption.

    In my opinion, this is (mostly) a "training issue". If I know this is how my brain works, it's my job to train those around me on how to help me be as efficient as possible, even if it's something as simple as "if my headphones are on, do not interrupt me unless something is ON FIRE, OR if I have been working for more than 3 hours without a break."

    If either of those things are true, it's also my job to not be annoyed by the interruption, which is of course often harder than the interruption itself.

  • "britain has no culture" explain this then
  • That's the local "Bobby Lives Matter" representative

  • What a frightening suggestion...
  • "Everyone liked that"

  • Convenient horrors
  • "Alexa, bring me a beer"

  • Coming to terms with no longer having privacy and control over my technology
  • Check out Valetudo. It turns supported robo vacuums into local only devices. Works amazingly well and integrates with Home Assistant for the whole tech nerd cloudless smart home experience.

  • The inside story of Elon Musk’s mass firings of Tesla Supercharger staff
  • I suspect you jest, but most of his 11 kids were born via IVF, so...

  • What a free-thinker!
  • that a cut-out in his hat for his prescription Oakleys?

  • It has to be a conspiracy of some kind
  • They clearly do not understand the magmatude of such a project.

    It would get so hot that you'd "pop pop!"

  • Cops pumping rubber bullets into the UCLA student protest
  • Pro-tip: It's almost never a Good Day in LA

  • A snapshot of heaven
  • The Donkey Kong Bongos accessory on top of the TV is just...chef's kiss. Perfect.

    Donkey Kong Bongos

  • Japan
  • Oh look, it's Mt. Fuji. Again.

  • Bill Barr says Trump often suggested executing rivals in heated White House outbursts
  • "Fun" fact: Those two things are connected! Without the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine by Reagan's FCC in 1987, the group called Citizens United would likely not have been able to form in 1988, as they would have been required to provide opposing viewpoints when they expressed their terrible views on national tv or radio networks.

    Additional fun fact: Rush Limbaugh's nationally syndicated radio show (which began in 1988) also would not have been possible without the repeal of the fairness doctrine.

  • Keurig's new K-Rounds coffee pods are plastic-free and could finally make single-serve coffee-making sustainable
  • A Welshman and a Scotsman meet on a blimp and devise the stupidest idea for a gastropub...