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Dr. Bob

Recovering academic now in public safety. You'll find me kibitzing on brains (my academic expertise) to critical infrastructure and resilience (current worklife). Also hockey, games, music just because.

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Andrew just wants to open his files on Windows 10
  • I was married to a lawyer for years. They have to bill somewhere from 1700-2200 hours a year to stay on partner track. And they can't bill every hour that they're working (although they can double up sometimes by using the minimum 2/10ths of an hour). My sympathy is with the lawyer. It's not a power dynamic, it's how the firm makes money and what you're there to do.

  • Restored my faith a little
  • Sort of. The second world war had a profound impact on demographics in Europe and North America. During the war birthrates were lower than average but during the postwar period there was a surge of births - the baby boom. Once everybody had a houseful if kids birthrates dropped off again - Generation X (that's me).

    You're right in that every "generation" since then has gotten fuzzier - for exactly the reasons you mention - and is defined more by cultural events than demographics. But it's also true that the baby boom and bust has had a profound impact on our society, including the invention of "teenager" as a distinct phase of life.

  • Greensleeves is almost 500 years old. I'm sure there were other very popular songs when it came out, but Greensleeves had to staying power to still be here. What do you think is today's Greensleeves?
  • Happy Birthday has the kind of universal recognition you'd be looking for. Maybe in 300 years there'll be a lyrical shift towards something more interesting. I know multiple versions of Greensleeves. The Cuckoo is the other song that I can think of with a long history. The wiki article doesn't fully capture it. I'll stick something in here later.

  • Rhamnose
  • I'm not sure you can. I can see Sigma Aldrich selling it by the kilogram for research use. I'm not sure there is an approved human formulation. If it's because of that gut paper lactulose is pretty easily available.

  • What's the greatest invention of 21st century, in your opinion?
  • We had a 3d printer in the 90s at my Uni. It built layers with laser cut paper lol. It was the cheapest version available and it lived in the engineering department for rapid prototyping. This link says they were invented in 1981, metal sintering was added in 1988 and fused filament in 1989.

  • What's the greatest invention of 21st century, in your opinion?
  • OLEDs were built in 1987 I saw my first VR demonstration in the 90s (and it wasn't cutting edge then). I saw my first AR demonstration then as well as part of an undergraduate engineering fair. And so on. I just looked up maglev trains - in commercial use since 1984.

    I don't disagree that there hasn't been refinements, improvements, or commercialization of technology, but there hasn't been a technological leap or invention that I can think of in the 21st century.

  • So my wife thinks we're getting shelled tonight.

    She doesn't really watch hockey so I don't know what her opinion is worth. But she wanted to do Leafs Lucky Guess with me this morning. Evidently we are going to lose 16-1 or something.


    Do audits actually matter?

    The US 2nd circuit has ruled that auditors opinions aren't relevant in cases of investor fraud because the statements are too vague for people to rely on. Whut?

    Wall Street Journal article here for those who have access.

    Here is a professor's blog entry for a barrier free commentary on the importance of the case.


    What is the biggest corporate heel turn that you know?

    I was thinking about this after listening to Marc Andreassen blather on about how he doesn't trust government as a repository of trusted keys and other functions. He advocates for private companies to perform critical functions. Standard libertarian stuff in many respects.

    The problem of course is that corporations lack accountability. They can shift terms and conditions or corporate purpose and there is little meaningful recourse except to stop using them. I can think of small examples that don't widely resonate (Mountain Equipment Co-op I'm thinking of you 🤬) but are there big examples that I'm missing?


    Recommendations for lightweight WSYWIG page editor?

    I am finally going to join the '90s and set up a blog. The audience is mostly students to show how the academic stuff blends with real world professional practice. I'm an adjunct so I have a foot in both worlds.

    I have my domain names (parked for years) and free webhosting through my university - but the university doesn't provide any development tools. All of the recommended tools I've run across (weebly, wix, webflow etc.) either want to host the page, manage the domain name, or require a fee to link the page to my host. I'm simply looking for a low cost site builder where I can edit my files and move them to my webspace.

    Any recommendations for a WSYWIG style editor? I'd be happy to not have to learn any actual coding, but will if I have to.

    The last time I did any of this I was manually tagging static pages in notepad (lol).