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Box Office: ‘Furiosa’ Just Barely Beats ‘The Garfield Movie’ in Disastrous Memorial Day Weekend — the Worst in Decades
  • The annoying children are what stopped me from going to the movies - lights go out and suddenly it's just a just a sea of jackasses with their phones out or talking to the movie. Not worth the annoyance, especially with how much they charge for everything these days.

  • What a frightening suggestion...
  • I've been putting a bunch of time into Battlebit, so I dig shooters, and I am an old Eve player so I'm used to 'Fuck you' level of support for newbs...

    Is it something you can drop in/out of? Don't have a lot of straight blocks of time to dedicate to gaming these days (which is partially why I like battlebit so much).

  • The Linux Experiment - Linux kernel variants explained: Zen, Xanmod, TKG, RealTime, Liquorix...
  • Write some shit. I read faster than this moron talks. Alternatively I'll just not watch it?

    Take like five seconds and figure out why marketing folks want videos to be the default and come back to talk with grown ups.

    I fucking hate how stupid most people are. Our species is fucking doomed.

  • How do I quickly navigate to browse specific magazines?

    With reddit I could go to the sidebar and quickly type in a subreddit if I wanted to browse it specifically.

    What's the KBIN or Lemmy equivalent? Using the search function doesn't seem as simple even if I can usually eventually find something to click on (seems like it's usually some random comment from the magazine).

    Edit: oh and any way to combine magazines from differ places into one view? Sort of like the multi thing reddit did for a bit.