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Canada Added 250k Unemployed People, Most In 5 Real Estate Markets
  • Doesn't our financial system require population growth?
    Corporations are judged on how much they have increased their profits year over year, and not just that they were profitable. Once you get to a certain size, the main hurtle is the size of the market and not your ability to extract more from it.

    Also, when you look at the chart, it's basically at 2017 unemployment levels. So, the income generated through income tax should be proportionate, which means that we should be able to beef up social systems to help those without work.

  • Reminder: The FRT isn't the law!
  • I see that Reddit

    Girl, stop talking about your ex and move on.

    since stores without balls won’t sell them

    It has nothing to do with testicles or courage, it has to do with business sense. If there is a higher chance that an item is going to become illegal than another, stocking up on items that you might not be able to sell doesn't make sense.
    You don't have infinite storage, or displays, or money. Having too "Dead stock" will shutter a store.

  • Unable to work in their official language of choice, some public servants are quitting — to Canada’s detriment
  • Being bilingual is a metric for hiring, so some people who can say "Jim apple George" or "monet es George" will call themselves bilingual. So knowing enough to be hired, and knowing enough to actually do the job are two different things.

    So, if I work at the CRA, and I go into a meeting where we're discussing some finer points about the tax code, and how it interacts with a s85(1) rollover or eligible vs non-eligible dividends, am I going to speak a language that I am confident that everyone in the room actually knows, or the one that I might need to repeat myself 15 times or make a mistake in front of everyone at work and look stupid?

    Another (better) article that this article sites:

    In short, francophone public servants feel uncomfortable expressing themselves in French because their anglophone colleagues are not sufficiently fluent in the language.

    More than 39 per cent of anglophones surveyed said they do not feel comfortable expressing themselves in French. Around 70 per cent cited a lack of practice speaking French while 61 per cent feared having their accent and mistakes judged and corrected. Forty two per cent also reported feeling embarrassed when their francophone colleagues reply in English after they have tried to express themselves in French.

  • Pickleballers were losing their court to tennis. So they staged a sit-in.
  • The pickle-ball people in the article mention that one of the reasons that they want to use this court, is "our homes are right here.” So it depends on how close those homes are, and what's between the courts and the houses.

  • Pickleballers were losing their court to tennis. So they staged a sit-in.
  • From a pickle-ball website:

    Pickleball sound levels within 100 feet of courts will usually be around 70 dBa with no sound reduction efforts applied. This is as loud as freeway traffic sound.

    70dBa is much louder than tennis, and the game should be played on courts that are designed to deal with the sound.

  • We Rejected Monarchy in 1776. The Supreme Court Just Brought It Back.
  • Saying the USA has been a democracy for 248 years is a bit of a stretch. when:

    White men who didn't own land didn't get to vote everywhere in the USA until 1868.
    Main-land Native American males who left their tribes and lived like white people could start to vote in 1887.
    The above but for Alaska in 1915. In 1925, they needed to also be able to pass an English literacy test to vote.
    Women were allowed to vote in the 1920's.
    Black people were allowed to vote in the 1960's.
    The act that prohibits racial discrimination for voting rights was passed in 1965.
    Alaska Natives were able to vote without taking an English literacy test, a language which they may not speak, in 1970.

  • Connect A Song DerisionConsulting

    Bad religion - you

    Gotta break up the religious streak.

    Why isn't there enough gay porn on lemmy ?
  • This account is under an hour old, and this reads like copy-pasta trying to make gay people look bad.

    Edit: Yeah, their other comments/posts are just calling everything homophobic. This is just a bad troll.

  • Spain introduces porn passport to stop kids from watching smut
  • Yet, you only streamed because you needed to pay rent, or didn’t you?

    It's pretty fun to having guys go on and on about how big/suckable your dick is and how much they want you to fuck them. If I was single I'd probably do it again, even without being paid.

    Also, I did not propose immediately anything that would threaten the activity in the way you practiced it

    When you responded to @[email protected], you said that you were against all porn.

    To be clear, I’m reading your response as against porn in all forms and for all audiences based on your wording, is that what you mean?


    I was showing one of the many examples of being in the sex industry, without any abuse and without it being "paid rape" as you put it. You didn't say "some", "a lot", or even "most". You simply generalized all sex work as harmful to the worker/performer.

    My problem with pornography is the reality of it as well as the reality of prostitution in general. The porn industry is the home of abuse, in every sense. First in the rawest sense, the physical and mental abuse that actresses go through; second in the reproduction and propagation of the culture of abuse, considering that it is the most recurrent theme in porn films; third in the economic sense, pornography, like prostitution in general, is the sale of consent: the actress or prostitute receives money to have sex with someone she would not have sex with under other circumstances, in short: paid rape.

  • Connect A Song DerisionConsulting

    The W's - Flower Tattoo

    The lyrics of this match the naming scheme of the last title: The _____ with the ____ _____

    "I'm in love with the girl with the flower Tattoo"

    Spain introduces porn passport to stop kids from watching smut
  • I paid rent using a webcam years ago, and I am not sure that your points really apply to all porn/sex-work. I am not denying that it doesn't apply to some of it though.

    Men paid me to chat with them, let them watch me jerk off, and sometimes watch them watch me jerk off. I was probably going to jerk off anyway, and knowing what I was so attractive that people would pay me to see me do it was a turn on.

  • Connect A Song DerisionConsulting

    Watsky- IDGAF

    Sometimes you can tell someone to cut the crap, other times you just need to say IDGAF and walk away.

    Connect A Song DerisionConsulting

    Watsky- IDGAF

    Sometimes you cab tell someone to cut the crap, other times you just need to say IDGAF and walk away.

    Connect A Song DerisionConsulting

    The Guess Who - No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature

    The title contains a /

    Connect A Song DerisionConsulting

    Take me or leave me - Idina Menzel and Tracie Thoms (RENT)

    The title has 2 opposing ideas. Also, Chicago is primarily a musical, and secondarily a city.

    Also-also, I know rent is awful, but this song is catchy.

    Connect A Song DerisionConsulting

    OK Go - Here It Goes Again

    The last song seems to be asking the subject to let go of something and stay/talk with them. At some point Kelela, you just need to say OK GO and move on.

    Connect A Song DerisionConsulting

    Chic - Le Freak

    Freak out!

    Connect A Song DerisionConsulting

    Herb Alpert & the TJB - The Work Song


    Connect A Song DerisionConsulting

    The day we killed - Five Iron Frenzy

    The way you live shows no remorse For the day, the day we killed Crazy Horse Innocence with glassy eyes Kill the nation, steal their pride

    Connect A Song DerisionConsulting

    The Hand, The Furnace, The Straight Face - project86

    The last song is copyright 1986

    Connect A Song DerisionConsulting

    Tracy Bonham - Mother Mother

    mother ...mother

    Connect A Song DerisionConsulting

    Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become

    Animal I have become.

    Fun to play on bass, even if you don't like the band

    Connect A Song DerisionConsulting

    The Garbage man - Alf Clausen and Ian Maxtone-Graham.

    Garbage vs trash.

    Also, sorry about the U2, but the garbage theme fits

    Connect A Song DerisionConsulting

    Rain by Steve Conte

    in the rain, In the rain, in the rain I walk in the rain, in the rain



    Going to start running V5, any advice?

    So, I haven't dabbled in the Word of Darkness ("WoD") or the Vampire games since I was an early teen. I only played like 2 sessions, so I am not worried about rules for other editions coming into my head. That being said, what rules am I going to get wrong when running a game of the newest edition of Vampire the Masquerade ("V5")?

    Any decent house-rules out there? Any advice?

    Connect A Song DerisionConsulting

    Samwell - "What What (In the Butt)"

    Asshole to Butt

    Connect A Song DerisionConsulting

    Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad - Like a Foojin

    Album art is dog.

    Connect A Song DerisionConsulting

    Gwen Stefani - The Sweet Escape