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Does Kamala Harris have a chance and
  • The only point I'd argue is that whenever I see pictures of people protesting outside abortion clinics there are plenty of women there too...

    The abortion topic might not necessarily pull the womens vote as hard as you might think.

  • Does Kamala Harris have a chance and
  • That may work in Harris's favor. She is a woman and she isnt white...

    Now I know theres minorities and women who do vote red but if you look at the population based on percentages white men are only 31% of the population, White women 30%, 12% black, 18% Hispanic. If she pulls white women, and the POC (not to mention the LGBT+ vote) she could absolutely walk it in. She just needs to convince those people to get up off their asses and vote in record numbers.

  • What opinions do you have that you consider (shallow && pedantic)?
  • Socks and slides is only acceptable footwear for taking the bin to the kerb or checking the mailbox. If you're wearing them in public I immediately assume you are a classless dumbass and your opinion on anything is irrelevant.

  • What makes gel capsules so expensive in comparison to other pills?
  • A high end tablet press can make over 1.5 million tablets an hour with no additional consumables or ingredients, Its purely mechanical. Conventional tablets will definitely be cheaper to manufacture but not to the degree that they are sold at in retail markets the whole sales chain of gel capsules are deliberately marking up the product because if you have trouble swallowing conventional tablets you WILL pay the markup.

  • What do you think of the need for food to be traditional ?
  • Traditional is fine when its a good tradition.

    Now to preface this I am very white, but my whole life Ive heard from people that "My great grandmother brought this recipe over with her on the boat" and I have to bite my tongue not to say "Yeah but could she cook?" In a rural town of 50 families there has to be one woman who is the worst cook in town and theres a non zero chance it was her.

    I am absolutely the best cook in my extended family on both sides because I read, research, watch, practice technique and experiment.

  • Jack Black announces new movie ‘School of Spineless PR Management’
  • There may be more to this that we arent aware of like they agreed to not do controversial material ages ago and Kyle pitched the joke and Jack said "Dude fucking no, we dont want to touch this."

    It might be more about creative differences than the actual joke is what I'm saying.

  • The taste of 🦅🇺🇲 Freedom 🇺🇸🦅
  • I know a really serious bodybuilder who swears by his twice a week recovery meal. 2 double quarter pounders, 2 large fries, large coke, chocolate sundae and a protein shake.

    100% of his daily fat, salt, carbs and a massive sugar spike smashed down within 15 minutes of rubber legging his way out of the gym.

  • What's the most cringe shirt you can come up with that's okay to wear in public?
  • Australia already has this.

    Northern Australia is refered to as the Northern Territory or "the NT" also officially abbreviated to NT.

    Someone somewhere came up with the slogan "CU in the NT" and its usually printed with "in the" in much smaller font. Its an excuse for dumb fucks to walk around with shirts and stickers on their car with the word "Cunt" on display. For some reason I cannot fathom for the life of me.

  • What is your side hustle/gig?
  • Bounced for a decade.

    Pretty white girls arent used to hearing the word NO or being on the recieving end of violence. The idea that someone might just not give a fuck and smack them in the mouth is alien to them.

    Big guys are used to being percieved as a threat, my wife can argue for an hour with someone in customer service over a dispute, but the moment I weigh in and I'm anything less than dripping with pleasant energy security turns up in minutes.

    When I was bouncing people would say "You cant touch me! Thats assault!" and I'd say "No, I shouldnt touch you. Big difference. I can do way more that just touch you if I decide you're worth the trouble... Now go away."

  • Intelligence agencies should start conducting black ops on Ransomware hackers and phone scammers.

    They risk our infrastructure and they steal or extort billions. I wouldnt feel bad if I read "Scam phone center destroyed in mystery explosion"


    Has anyone here been prescribed TRT? Or had a partner on it?

    Got my bloods done and my Testosterone levels are LOW. I'm working out a lot and kind of pissed Ive been doing it on "hardmode" for god knows how long, but before I take the doc up on the script I'm doing my due diligence on the realities. It seems like every article I find is either written by a trt clinic or is a one sided hit piece. So Im after some real world experiences.

    Full movies on YouTube Delphia

    Class of 1999 (1990)


    I threatened to steal my friends identity to legally change his name to something funny. What name would you use?

    My current favorite is "Phillip Mypants"


    Is it too late to get involved?

    Just asking, is starting a new character now going to leave me annoyed and feeling like a little brother tagging along or is new character progression pretty forgiving?


    I feel like this could be the Lemmy version of the "Narwhals Bacon" bullshit.

    Even though the Narwhals bacon shit was cringe as hell.

    Cars Delphia

    Dear Americans. Realistically what can a 5.0L fox body (pref manual) in pretty good shape cost these days?

    I'm Australian and Fox Bodies arent super common here and are eligible for classic import status. Im not looking to do something soon but I'm also daydreaming about this pretty hard and I'm really curious about how viable the idea is.

    Doesnt need to be a special edition, manual is strongly preferred but hardly essential if they command a big premium and I do like the later models with the 1 piece headlights. Liftback or notchback is fine either way.

    Yes I've googled but that only really shows what people on BAT and clasifieds are ASKING not what they can realistically be had for if I started trying to buy one.


    Ever made a great joke and the audience was too small? I'd like to hear it.


    The crossover we need.


    What Stereotypes do you definitely fit?

    In what ways are you absolutely the stereotype?


    Why does incest result in birth defects?

    Just to be well and truly fuckin clear. I am not now nor have I ever been nor will I ever be contemplating shagging a family member.


    Does anyone have any Jonsbo VR1 parts?

    Im doing a custom case with a Jonsbo Vr1 I picked up super cheap. Im after the screws for the glass sides specifically but if anyone in Australia has one Id be interested in picking up a whole case.


    People who dont particularly care for or celebrate Christmas, Whats your favorite Christmas song?

    I know the Mariah Carey song is hated because its overused, but its also objectively a well produced piece of pop music.

    My favorite though is O Holy Night. Performed well I want to stop and listen to it. It moves me, and I dont give enough of a fuck about religion to call myself an athiest.


    Whats a recent movie that you enjoyed even though you know its not "good"?

    For me it was the White Men Cant Jump remake. It wasnt "White men cant jump 2" but it was a good sports movie. I liked the characters, it had some clever nods to the original. Ive put it on again a couple of times while doing stuff around the house. 5.1 stars on IMDB seems pretty harsh.

    What about you?


    Has anyone on here owned a v6 2014ish Dodge Journey

    Father in law needs a new car and at his wants/needs/price intersection is the V6 Journey/Freemont.

    Just after some genuine owner feedback if anyone has any.


    i just want to talk about Dungeon Crawler Carl

    Seriously, I love this series so much. The Audiobooks are amazing.

    Ask Lemmy Delphia

    What ways could AI/Machine learning be easily used to improve society?

    A lot of the press about AI/Machine learning is doom and gloom. What do you think are some good use cases that would improve every day peoples lives?

    writing Delphia

    Programs for worldbuilding.

    Im trying to put a Scifi universe down on (digital) paper and Ive found that the process doesnt really lend itself to linear type word processing software. Least not for me.

    Is there some tool that writers use for plotting out long arcs or keeping their reference material easily accessable to avoid anachronisms or inconsistencies. Possibly something that allows internal linking to other chapters?


    Sigh Can we meme about something else please?


    Knock Knock. (Short story)

    The managers offices have windows that look out onto the main floor, I'm a training officer and sometime supervisor so although I look in the windows before I go in I'm generally "read in" on anything going on so If the doors closed I dont pay it much mind unless the boss is having a closed door with a staff member.

    I went to walk in the door and got it half open before the facility manager bodily slams it closed. He looks out the window and sees its me, and says "Learn to knock!" gives me some paperwork to chase up.

    3 minutes later I come back with paperwork, he is sitting there back to the window... with his coffee. I made eye contact with the other supervisors and went full cheshire cat. I waited till he lifted his cup and I closed fist pounded on that door like I had a fucking warrant.

    He came about 3 inches out of his chair and wore the whole cup.