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Secret Service spotted Trump rally shooter on roof 20 minutes before gunfire erupted
  • Open carry is legal in that region. The shooter was well outside of the rally and well within his 2nd amendment rights to be open carrying.

    A rational person would say that he voided his rights as soon as he started eyeing the rally through his scope. But the 'goodguy with a gun' cult is far from rational.

  • Mini bike pump recommendations for bicycle commuting?
  • If you define useful tools as "crap" then i can see why it's illogical too you.

    I do not define tools as useless "paraphernalia." I carry enough things with me to get my bike back on the and me to my destination without having to rely on anyone else. If i flat 3 tires on my hour long bike commute, but ive only got 2 CO2 carts, then that pump is going to get me home.

  • Mini bike pump recommendations for bicycle commuting?
  • My pump doesnt go in my bag it's strapped to my frame. When im commuting im carrying lunch, and a change of clothes. What is a few extra ounces fit piece of mind?

    I like commuting on lightweight tires and standard butyl tubes because the lowered rotational weight is much more noticeable than the static weight of an extra co2 cartridge, tube and pump. I commute on the same road bike I use for fun.

    Airing up my bike before i leave in the morning and not riding in the gutter means I'm not putting my tires where all the thorns and road debris is located.

    Im not gram conscious. And i think it's a little ironic that you are considering how heavy you've made your wheels in the name of flat protection.

  • Anon notices a trope
  • As a guy with audhd and long hair, when life gets extra tough, cutting all my hair off is simple way to remove extra self-care steps from my life. This allows me to focus on other more pressing tasks. And it's completely reversible

  • What's something that seems obvious within your profession, but the general public seems to misunderstand?
  • It's a very small percentage of the population that is affected by bike seats without center channels. It may help you, it probably won't harm you.

    A slight warning there is some concern that the cut out collapses as the saddle ages, causing the padding to pinch your anatomy rather than support it. The less pressing on your saddle the less of a concern this is.

    The best place to have padding while riding your bike is against your anatomy. Wear a chamois if you're planning on riding longer distances. You can get them as either the classic spandex or as a pair of padded briefs you wear under some shorts.

    The most important part to bike saddle fitting is thus:

    1. A saddle designed to support the width of your sit bones

    2. A saddle designed for the posture you ride your bike with (a euro style city bike needs a much different saddle than a keirin race bike)

  • Biden introduces Zelenskiy as ‘President Putin’ at Nato summit
  • It sure is. It's probably gotten worse with age. Stress also triggers stutters. Knowing he's under intense scrutiny from all sides on every word he speaks in public probably makes it worse. Especially after a lifetime of dealing with pudding brains associating a speech delay with failing mental acuity.

  • Pope Excommunicates Trump-Loving Ultra-Conservative
  • The bit that western xtians like to say means don't do gay sex could be better translated to "don't fuck your apprentices"

    But king James was fucking his advisors, who were more than twice his age, while they were translating the bible into English so they took some creative liberties