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Shortest license agreement ever.

You have to agree to proceed as well.

You still have three wishes.
  • OMFG just the other day I couldn't play gta singleplayer without logging into my rockstar account, had to go through customer support to play my fucking game I "owned" on steam.

  • Just finished Spiderman Miles Morales
  • I played it back when it came out on PS4, thought it was good but a bit too short compared to the spiderman game and didn't like the story as much. Still found it fun and the winter look is really cool!

  • Toxic linux communities moment:

    Original Comic:


    Reddit or something, idk I use lemmy.

    Reddit or something, idk I use lemmy.


    Please help

    No actually, I'm the one on the left


    Living life on the edge


    Best feeling ever (OC)

    (I also posted this on Reddit, I'm not a reposter)


    Abnormally high ram usage on idle (NixOS)

    My computer over the last week has (after using the computer for a few hours) shown very high ram usage, around 50 - 60% out of 32GB, even though nothing in htop appears to be the culprit with the highest consumer being Firefox at 1.6% ram, even in a tty, around half of my ram is being used up even though no process shows over 0.1% ram. Rebooting does seem to work, but I'd prefer not to every few hours. Do you think it might be an issue with hardware? I did build my pc so perhaps something's broken?



    Truly people of our time!


    So unfortunate