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One in five children on the planet is now overweight or obese.
  • I can get behind the logic of more screen time probably meaning less physical activity. But someone needs to explain to me how eating less would ever lead to weight gain. Especially when your typical breakfast junk is just as unhealthy as snacking could ever be.

  • Währenddessen in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern...
  • Habe ich vorher auch noch nie gesehen, ist aber offensichtlich die Antwort auf die Regenbogenflagge, die im aktuellen 'Pride Month' überall ist. Quasi 'National Pride' und mit dem Timing Anti-Queer.

  • title
  • After all this time, I gotta ask: Do people really drop their pants to their ankles? At that point it's more or less resting on the floor and that seems disgusting to me. I always rest my pants on my knees.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Scrap that, two weeks of vacation is something I can achieve. However, I had 6 weeks of summer break back in school - give me that. I don't think I'll ever have that much uninterrupted time again until I retire, assuming I'll ever be able to.

  • Vegan hotdogs // Veggie "Completo Italiano"
  • A vegan sausage can very much be its own thing, both tofu and seitan have their own distinct flavour profile. While there certainly are fake meat sausages, you cannot just assume it is one because of its shape, the same way a meat sausage isn't just a fake cucumber.

  • Samsung loses lead in foldables market after 42% slump in sales
  • I still don't think the tech is there. My current phone is 6 years old and there still is no reason to get a new one - I couldn't imagine a foldable lasting that long. The ones I've seen in person didn't age particulary well.

  • The first social media babies are adults now. Some are pushing for laws to protect kids from their parents’ oversharing
  • In addition to the details above, she also told lawmakers that when she was 15, she was in a car accident. Instead of extending a comforting hand, her mother shoved a camera in her face, she said. She later told CNN that her mother took photos and videos of her on a hospital gurney and posted them to Facebook.

    That's just disgusting behavior. I don't think that woman was fit for parenting with or without social media.

  • It’s not just boomers, young people are voting far right too
  • That's not actually all that surprising. The far-right, at least in Germany, is far more prominent on social media. It sucks but I don't think we can prevent that. We have a lot of complex problems but social media favors short answers instead of complex ones. A lot of younger people simply lack the critical thinking to see these simple answers for what they are - bullshit. And I can't blame them, they have been exposed to this bullshit for most of their lives.

  • Decks for starting out


    I'm fairly new to Master Duel and didn't play much Yu-Gi-Oh! in general for the past decade - you could say I'm a complete amateur.

    Now, I've done most of the solo mode stuff to get to know some more archetypes and played the current Theme Chronicles event to the point where I got all obtainable gems with the vendread loaner deck. Luckily, the loaner was actually quite good, so I didn't need to build a deck. (Got all gems with a 22:8 win ratio.)

    After all of this, I want to dive into ranked. For the solo mode stuff I've used an Endymion deck, which seems to be rouge at best - and I've only got the bare basics for the deck anyway (pretty much no extra deck). But now I have no clue which deck to go for. I don't know shit about the meta game and even less about the longterm viability of decks, as I don't want to spend all my ressources on building a deck that will banned soon anyway (like, Baronne seems like something that will be banned soon). Or worse, something that is simply unfun to play.

    I don't particually enjoy stun decks and I'm not into all or nothing combo decks ending on a board full of generic boss monsters (looking at the new superheavy stuff). Is there something viable to start building, ideally with a low power version to test the strategy, before commiting to pulling/crafting all cards needed? (like, Mannadium would take all my ressources and it's gamble if I'd like it)


    Got some minor troubles with Godot itself, am I missing settings?

    I'm just starting out with Godot and I've run into some strange or unwanted behaviors. Maybe some of you can help me fix them. I'm currently running Godot on arch linux with x11/i3 as my desktop environment.

    1.) Godot got some really aggressive focus. The editor grabs the focus mid typing in other applications and suddenly I'm tying there. With i3 being a tiling manager, Godot is sometimes passively resized when I resize another window - of course it also immediately gets itself focused and messed the resizing up.

    2.) The focus within Godot is even stranger. I can ctrl c + ctrl v nodes just fine on a freshly opened project. But once I've a clicked a single property in the import or inspector docker, ctrl c + ctrl v will work exclusively there. Even if the import docker is hidden underneath the scene docker where I'm clicking the nodes I want to copy/paste.

    3.) The last one is about using an external editor. Whenever Godot encounters a bug, it will automatically open the script in question. Which is annoying because I use vim for everything and will throw warnings at me, that the file has been changed. I've looked through all editor settings and tried setting vim as my external editor but the behavior persists.


    How would you rank the mainline games you've played?

    Basically, as the title says. I've got the itch to play another dragon quest game and would like to know how well regarded the ones are I didn't play yet compared to the ones I've played. Although I'll probably play IV in preparation for the upcoming DQM game, as I love those, maybe I've got time for two. Anyways, here's my list:

    1. DQ V (DS version)
    • It's got the overall best story thus far and includes monster taming, which I really liked. Overall just one of my favorite games.
    1. DQ VII (PS)
    • I'm oddly fond of VII. I'll acknowledge that it probably is not better than some of the following ones on paper, but it just clicked with me. I really like the beginning part of RPGs and VII got several of those with how disconnected it is at times.
    1. DQ XI (Switch)
    • I loved every second of XI and would probably rank it higher if the post-game wouldn't do what it does. While I really liked them later on, the Hero and both twins started off quite bland.
    1. DQ VIII (3DS)
    • The game itself is still really good, but it never grasped me with its story as the ones above did at times.
    1. DQ IX (DS)
    • IX never clicked with me at all. Having only silent no-names in you party already started off bad, but the overall story wasn't my cup of tea either. I generally like class systems, but this one didn't do it for me either.