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What's the most expensive thing you've come to own that you've never gotten to fully use?
  • Oh, that's unfortunate.

    The blisters one will get with that is crazy. Especially if you're in the army and can't stop willynilly.

    I once marched 12km with bleeding blisters the sizes of small apples and had gone through all the skin layers because if I had stopped I would've had to stay during the weekend to do it again.

  • A 3-year-old girl died during an ‘exorcism.’ A judge has now ruled her family can stand trial
  • Aborting a pinhead sized embryo is murder in cold blood, but using religious delusions as a shaky excuse for a premeditated murder of an infant is just religious practice people can't be held accountable for.

    Ameeericaa, fuck yeah.

  • I wonder which one is harder
  • You're really bad at this, you know?

    You're literally helping elect a fascist leader. And you don't have a defense, because you're doing it on purpose, which is also why can't even mention it.

  • I wonder which one is harder
  • You:

    refraining from using my vote, so that Trump will win is the moral and reasonable course of action to help Palestinians, despite Trump being an insane fascist who's also Putin's little bitch

  • I wonder which one is harder
  • Do you know who the candidates are? Who the other guy is?

    The person whos promised to remove all climate actions and regulations on day one. A guy who is taking dick from Putin every night while screaming "harder daddy". A drooling megalomaniacal diaper wearing fascist, who supports Putin and Netanyahu.

    You're not voting for genocide. You're not even voting for Biden. You're voting against Trump.

    If you're an American with the right to vote and you don't vote Biden, you are directly supporting Trump, Putin, Netanyahu and other far-right leaders.

    Have you ever heard of the trolley problem? You're online, so you should have. Do you know what's never the answer to those problems? "I walk away but also take no responsibility for allowing more people to die." Sorry, not an option. The lesson is that inaction is a choice with consequences.

  • I wonder which one is harder
  • Biden's approval is trash no matter what i'm doing here

    Weird then how you keep doing something you know is completely futile for, say, >8 hours a day.

    What are the conditions like in those troll farms?

    Bet you would love living in a civilised country like me. Too bad. Keep pushing that garbage.

    You know you can't say the thing outloud. You know you're very strongly implying to "not vote for Biden until he fixes Gaza conflict", which is ridiculous, and definitely a dumb man's idea on how to try to manipulate people into not voting for Biden.

    Thus, the joke about the cognitive capacity. Too bad you can't recognise how stupid you are yourself.

  • I wonder which one is harder
  • This guy does literally nothing but tell people how Democrats are awful people (and implies you shouldn't vote for them)

    TONS of posts like that.

    I really wouldn't be surprised to find out he's Russian.

    No-one is supporting genocide. If people don't vote for Biden (and even if they do, the popular vote might not be enough), Trump will win.

    The only case where saying "don't vote for Biden" would be if Trump was actually a better, smarter, more emphatic president, and would use the US's power to instantly stop helping Israel.

    And who exactly thinks that's even possible in any scenario or even parallel universe?

    Not voting for Biden would be like being a pro-Hitler British person in 1939.

  • “CSAM generated by AI is still CSAM,” DOJ says after rare arrest
  • Technically we've solved world hunger. We've just not fixed it, as the greedy fucks who hoard most of the resources of this world don't see immediate capital gains from just helping people.

    Pretty much the only real problem is billionaires being in control.

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