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New map shows how devasted the climate is predicted to be where you live
  • Sea level rise takes a lot of time. The projections I saw were somewhere around 1 m by 2100 and 10 m by 2300, depending on the amount of warming of course. I think hurricanes will be a bigger issue for them in this century.

  • Rule (Penance 14/100)
    1. The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. They have greatly increased the life-expectancy of those of us who live in "advanced" countries, but they have destabilized society, have made life unfulfilling, have subjected human beings to indignities, have led to widespread psychological suffering

    I don't know, life before the industrial revolution was pretty shit for regular people too.

    I'd rather not have to worry about my family (and friends) starving to death during the next famine. 40-60% of children in medival europe died before adulthood. I can't even imagine the psychological suffering caused by this alone. Then there was frequent war and disease outbreaks, basically no healthcare, and so on...

    I'm not saying that everything's great nowadays, we urgently need to fix many issues. But many things were way, way worse before modern civilization.

  • Russia's LGBTQ+ community is turning to Telegram as the government cracks down on them
  • Now, your claim is that Russia started the civil war as a pretext to invade and that the separatists are just Russian proxies. On the other hand, the Russian narrative would claim the same thing about the Euromaidan coup.

    I guess most the 400.000 - 800.000 Euromaidan protestors were CIA agents in Russias view then?

    It's well known that many people in Eastern European countries don't trust Russia one bit after their experiences in the USSR. Of course there's enormous pushback when politicians in power try to strengthen ties with Putin (and cut ties to EU countries), it would be really weird if there weren't. The same would happen in Poland and many other Eastern European countries who were staunchly anti Putin long before the invasion, even though they don't have an immediate threat from a shared border with Russia.

    In my opinion, if people really cared so much about the Ukrainian people, then we should've been providing them with foreign aid for domestic development, long before any of this started.

    Before the war, people weren't really aware of the situation in Ukraine and there were 100 other problems that seemed more urgent, so there just wasn't any political pressure to do something.

    As far as I can see, it's just about US/Ukrainian state interests vs Russian state interests

    Western countries just stood by in the first days and did nothing, as they had no hopes for Ukraine surviving for more than a few days. If the Ukrainian public weren't willing to push back, they would've had no chance to stop the Russian advances and their government would've collapsed in days, just as both Russia and the West predicted.

    It would be a better use of funds to accept territorial concessions

    Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians fled from the occupied territories, and accepting that they will never get their relatives and homes back will be unthinkable for a large part of them, especially after the reports of forced relocations from occupied regions into Russia (including thousands of children) and all the suffering that Putin has brought upon Ukrainians. Maybe they will reach the point of making concessions if they see no hope of retaking the territory. Ultimately this has to be decided by the Ukrainian people.

  • Russia's LGBTQ+ community is turning to Telegram as the government cracks down on them
  • You said you "don't fully agree" with Russia intervening in the civil war (by shelling kyiv I guess, because theres definitely civil war there). As if they didn't provoke it in the first place to justify their invasion.

    I also wouldn't expect people who are criticial of war to say that they "don't fully agree" with Russia waging a war of aggression and commiting mass murder and war crimes in Ukraine, I would expect some actual condemnation of such atrocities.

  • Russia's LGBTQ+ community is turning to Telegram as the government cracks down on them
  • Yeah, I don't fully agree with their decision to intervene in the Ukrainian civil war

    Of course Russia had nothing to do with the war. They would never fund and support the separatists, or spread anti Ukrainian propaganda amongst the Russian speaking population, because Putin loves democracy and just wants the best for everyone, of course. /s

  • Climate goals could make gas heating obsolete. So why do gas companies keep adding customers? Building more gas infrastructure is like investing in video rental stores 15 years ago, says expert
  • I agree that there's no way around petrochemicals, and we'll have to offset the emissions to reach net 0.

    Gas heating has an alternative though. Heat pumps are already cheaper to run compared to gas heating, even without any carbon offsetting.

    The pressure to reach net 0 is only gonna grow as the impacts of climate change get worse. To reach net 0 we'll have to offset all significant emissions. When the offsets are priced in, using gas heaters becomes insanely expensive in comparison to heat pumps.

    It's just a matter of time until gas heating is essentially dead. It might be in 10 years or 20 years, but there's no way around it.

  • Gruppe im Bundestag will Widerspruchslösung bei Organspende
  • Der Vorstand der Deutschen Stiftung Patientenschutz, Eugen Brysch, hält die Einführung einer Widerspruchsregelung gar für verfassungswidrig. Grundsätzlich sei jeder medizinische Eingriff ohne Zustimmung des Betroffenen eine Körperverletzung, sagte Brysch der Zeitung Augsburger Allgemeinen.

    Körperverletzung nach dem Tod?

    Werden Obduktionen auch nur nach ausdrücklicher Zustimmung durchgeführt? Wäre mir neu.

  • Trump vows to ‘drill, baby, drill’ despite rally attendees wilting in extreme heat | Supporters hospitalized following rallies in Las Vegas and Phoenix, where temperatures have broken records
  • Read the second paragraph again. I explicitly said that I'm not happy about their suffering, regardless of their political opinions.

    It's just disingenuous to claim that people merely take issue with their opinions when it's the actions that are the real problem, although that still doesn't justify schadenfreude.

  • Trump vows to ‘drill, baby, drill’ despite rally attendees wilting in extreme heat | Supporters hospitalized following rallies in Las Vegas and Phoenix, where temperatures have broken records
  • This is "people with a different political opinion are suffering, yaaaaaay!"

    To be fair, the issue isn't that they have "a different political opinion", the issue is that they will cause insane amounts of suffering and deaths down the line if they get their way. Climate change will kill millions of people, and trump and his supporters seek to make it even worse for short term political gain (aside from the attempts to install an authoritarian dictatorship and all that stuff).

    That being said, I'm also not happy when indoctrinated people suffer, regardless of their murderous ideologies. Imo it's more of a cultural issue, and nobody has any direct control over the culture/social environment that they grow up in.

  • Funny how that happens
  • But the majority of us loves our animals

    And when the milk production drops, the vast majority of dairy cows get their throat slit and their bodies sold for profit. I surely wouldn't treat those that I love that way, but I guess animal farmers just have a very different concept of "loving animals" compared to people who have pets, for example.

  • Little things you can do to save the environment
  • We've already come a long way on price, thankfully. When I go to local supermarkets or discounters (Lidl, Kaufland, Aldi, Penny,...), the store brand meat alternatives are already as cheap as their factory farmed products. Same for the milk alternatives, soy yoghurts, and so on. So price parity has already been reached in many cases, at least here in Germany.

    I guess now the issue is that many of the discounter alternatives don't taste the same as meat yet (although they're getting better), and the premium plant-based products taste great, but are still more expensive than the cheapest meat products.

  • Little things you can do to save the environment
  • Serious question, what could possibly convince them?

    We all learnt about the atrocious living conditions on factory farms long ago. We all know that the meat industry is terrible for the environment and climate. We learnt about the avian flu being spread on cattle farms, with owners hiding the cases from the authorities, with 0 regard for public safety. We all know that migrants and children are systemically exploited by slaughterhouses, many get PTSD or become alcoholics, some get severely injured or die because of accidents.

    Yet after all of that, meat eaters still happily give their money to these places every time they go to a supermarket or restaurant.

    The meat industry got people so hooked on animal products that they can get away with basically anything, change my mind.

  • Bird flu has now jumped to cows - and their milk. Could humans be next?
  • This one isn't human to human transmittable. It jumped to one human, but can't infect other humans from there, so unless it mutates in a bad way it won't start a pandemic. That's very unlikely with one infection, but there will be more if it stays on animal farms.

  • Bird flu has now jumped to cows - and their milk. Could humans be next?
  • It would take away breeding ground for human transmittable mutations. With literally billions of animals, mainly in filthy conditions, we just keep rolling the dice every day for a strain that starts a pandemic. We can either try to abolish factory farming, or just hope that the next pandemic won't be much worse than covid.

  • Blocking instances

    Is it possible to block all communities of an instance from showing up in the "all" feed? Or would you have to block each community individually?