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attacking kamarule


Gabe Ruleden

Description: a screenshot of a tweet by news wire saying "BIDEN TO MAKE MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT IN COMING DAYS" with a quote tweet above it saying "Half Life 3"





Trump sentencing date in hush money case postponed more than two months to Sept. 18
  • Yeah, Fascism isn't great at surviving long term, the problem is how much damage it can do while it is in control.

    They value the in group more than being correct, so it's really hard for them to pass between leaders. Not to say it's impossible, but historically it hasn't worked well.

  • What's stopping him?
  • It's absolute immunity for "core constitutional acts" and presumed immunity for every other official act.

    The ruling also said trump can appeal rulings on if specific acts receive immunity, so they can overturn a ruling they don't like.

  • That is an act of cruelty towards the poor pokémon
  • Oh yeah, they're free to decide, I just disagree with them! I get the decision though, and if I were on charge of a large distro, I'd probably make the same choice (until plasma is on a normal release cycle)

  • That is an act of cruelty towards the poor pokémon
  • Yeah, like I'm all in favor of having an opinionated design, but their dominance makes their bad decisions actively harm every other de. Stuff like refusing to compromise on cross-desktop protocols

  • That is an act of cruelty towards the poor pokémon
  • Their whole attitude towards development is similar, down to not working with other dekstops and insisting on doing things the way that works best for them regardless if it's worse for the linux ecosystem overall.

  • *insert "bomb them" sound effect*
  • Nobody hears about them shutting down oil factories, attention getting stuff is why those are talked about.

    They never do any actual harm either, like Stonehenge was cornstarch, it'll all be gone the next time it rains. They paint the glass in front of paintings, not the paintings themselves.

  • rule lake nation


    Gamescope causing bad visual artifacting on older games

    Whenever I try to use gamescope on a few games, it produces weird visual artifacting that looks like lots of small sections of the screen are in the wrong place.

    Example 1: - spec ops: the line

    Example 2: - dishonored

    Any ideas what's causing this?

    I'm using gamescope -f -H 2560 -W 1440 -- %command%. It also happens if I just do gamescope %command%.

    System information:

    • Desktop: Plasma 5.27.10 wayland
    • Kernel: 6.7.2-arch1-1
    • Mesa: 23.3.4-arch1.2
    • CPU: Ryzen 7800x3d
    • GPU: Radeon RX 7900 XTX

    This truly is the year of the linux desktop


    Finally ruled it


    Rule collection unit


    They can't keep getting away with it






    Just as planned