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Where do we stand on sex work?
  • I stand on the corner of the street where my customers can see me.

    But in all seriousness, so long as they are doing it by choice and have not been forced into it by criminals or financial difficulties then it's not a problem. If it's controlled and safeguarded like any other employment then it's entirely up to you of you take them up on what they are selling just like anything else.

  • Sunday edition
  • Now it just needs a classic not-realy-a-punchline Heathcliff one-liner said by another character to round it out.

    Like a bird saying "the internet is the future" or butcher saying "he claims he's transcended"

  • Creative Assembly Reportedly Working On A Total War: Star Wars Game
  • How would star wars even work in a total war game?

    I can see the hero characters like jedi and such fit with how they work in the WarHammer games. Things like tanks and walkers filling the space of single and low unit count monster troops.

    But would regular troopers be standing in lines of 50? I suppose it's not a stretch of the imagination to think they could make smaller infantry units, but I have always associated the total war games with dragging out the lines of my spears and flanking cavalry rather than flicking small teams of shooters into cover positions

  • Gotta love artistic pawns
  • Getting it to add the horseshoe pin seems to confuse it too much even with some wording tweaks. But this was one of the best out comes. Mentioning it's erotic nature makes little difference

    Here's one from dwarf fortress. A wooden cup encrusted with gems, rings of bone and iron. It couldn't quite grasp the additional menacing spikes of bone, but it came out quite good I feel

  • Gotta love artistic pawns
  • I always find it interesting to put these descriptions into midjourney and just tweak them a little to remove the pawn names, specifically say it's a statue, that sort of thing, so it can process properly.

    You can do it with the art from dwarf fortress and other games that do similar things as well.

  • This post brought to you by the Super Earth Ministry of Truth

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    > Rule

    Uggghhh, another community I have to block.

    Getting a bot to spam out 12 posts in a minute is not the way to make me want to engage.

    Taskmaster VR!
    Alan Davies twitter account is being used to beg for bitcoin.

    Due to how poor twitter is run, he can't get it back.

    I wish celebs would just ditch the platform already.

    What ever happened to that Fallout:London mod?

    It came to mind a little while ago and I went to check it out but there's hasn't been an update on their site since they released that trailer.

    It was looking pretty sweet so it would be a shame if it had stalled.

    Anyone got any hot gossip?

    Question: Can I block an instance?

    I've been using the all@everything feed to see all the different instances. Subscribing to ones I want to see more of and can then see in my subbed feed later. Then blocking ones that I don't care about to trim down what appears in all@everything.

    There's a few instances now showing up for specific nationalities which I'll never be able to understand. Is there a way for me to block or hide these instances from the all@everything feed?

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