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Gamers aged 55+ account for almost a third of gamers now, and that share is on the rise.
  • Man, have you ever tried bowling or god forbid golf, movies, or guns?

    I've got games where I've paid the equivalent of less than a dollar per house of entertainment and that's after optional micro-transactions.

  • Michigan man with suspended license joins court hearing via Zoom, while driving
  • I mean I had a girl in my eighth grade English class ask how to spell DNA. Is this really worse?

  • What is the best captcha service for privacy?
  • Yeah... Probably eventually knowing them, sadly not yet

  • Steam Friends and Deck Verified — EA Launcher No Longer Required
  • Cool! It Takes Two is a great game; hopefully this lets more people enjoy it!

  • The Internet Archive is under a DDoS attack
  • One possible answer is to allow anyone to see votes categorized by instance, so you know where they're originating from.

    Small/single user instances could be aggregated together/anonymized or maybe that's just the price you pay for having a single user instance.

  • What were your misconceptions about Git when you first started?
  • That's excessively bureaucratic to the point of being useless in most cases.

    Hard and fast rules are generally bad and "squash everything" is pretty much a by definition hard and fast rule with the result being "I'm just not going to care that much about my commit messages."

  • Families of Uvalde victims sue Activision, say Call of Duty is 'the most prolific and effective marketer of assault weapons in the United States'
  • Ahh yes, the children. Fuck off, for the sake of children.

    The world doesn't need more of this fear mongering nonsense, based on false premises, pushed by ignorant people looking for easy answers.

    Let's ignore the millions of people that get together and play first person shooter games without ever committing a crime. Let's ignore everything else that went wrong in the lives of every school shooter.

    Those dungeons and dragons devil worshippers have really done it this time haven't they? Completely ridiculous.

  • Hotfix - Now Live!
  • Happy to finally see the return of the other weather conditions and the double bosses. It's been a bit rough lately; I hadn't been able to get a single Hunt to 50 with the intensity of all of the matches / nearly constant single boss fights involving everyone in the server.

  • The new, rewritten Proton Mail Android app is now available to everyone!
  • Ugh... It's wayyyy at the bottom of the list for me (behind a dozen or so folders that I do use, but use far less regularly).

  • Why open source projects can benefit by being better designed for users
  • Kagi Summary:

    Open source software alternatives like GIMP, Kaden Live, and Inkscape often fall short compared to their closed-source counterparts like Photoshop and Premiere. This is because open source projects tend to lack dedicated designers, quality assurance teams, and overall management, resulting in subpar user interfaces and missing key features. However, there are successful examples of open source software like Blender and Thunderbird that have overcome these challenges by building dedicated teams, standardizing their designs, and engaging with users. The open source community faces difficulties in competing with the ease of monetizing software today, as independent developers are more likely to create their own closed-source apps rather than contribute to open source projects long-term. While open source has produced many great tools, improving the user experience and management of larger open source projects could help them better rival their commercial competitors.

    As for "why the downvote" ... this is a click bait title with a "tell me something I don't know" levels of content. The #1 problem facing all OSS is a lack of volunteers. It's rare that a project owner is actively malicious towards their user base or doesn't understand that things like UI/UX and QA could be better.

    This has similar energy to a Twitter argument I had with Liam from GamingOnLinux that made me lose all respect for him. OSS authors are not indebted to their users. If you want OSS to be better ... go spend some time making it better or donate money to the authors of the software to allow them to spend more time on it.

  • What's your favourite search engine?
  • I'm a Kagi user ... I've also previously responded to the referenced post on Kagi.

  • Do you play non-steam games?
  • Yes, though it's increasingly rare because most game developers would rather just integrate with Steam than setup their own account and payment systems ... and I can hardly blame them.

    A prime example is Andrew Gower's new game. The dude started Jagex and RuneScape he surely could make a new account system, billing system, etc for Brighter Shores ... he has all the experience necessary at a scale few developers have the experience with. He's just opting not to and it's surely because Steam's offering in terms of game promotion and ease of access is unparalleled.

  • Would it be a good thing for the average person to self-host their apps? If so, how to get there?
  • Something with 1-click installs like TrueNAS can help quite a bit. It's still something that requires active involvement from the operator to do well though. If you're self hosting, it's like DIY construction, if something falls down ... you can't sue your contractor/nobody's going to make you whole again except yourself.

    There's also the networking side of things. I just wrote up some thoughts on that as well...

    Things like ZeroTier/TailScale/Nebula can make this monumentally more approachable and safer. It's still far from for everyone though.

  • Why VPN tunnels are safer than opening a port on my router?
  • Yes, WireGuard was designed to fix a lot of these issues. It does change the equation quite a bit. I agree with you on that (I kind of hinted at it but didn't spell that out I suppose).

    That said, WireGuard AFAIK still only works well with static IPs/becomes a PITA once dynamic IPs are in play. I think some of that is mitigated if the device being connected to has a static IP (even if the device being connected from doesn't). However, that doesn't cover a lot of self hosting use cases.

    Tailscale/ZeroTier/Nebula etc do transfer some control (Nebula can actually be used with fully internal control and ZeroTier can also be used that way as well though you're going to have to put more work in with ZeroTier ... I don't know about TailScale's offering here).

    Though doing things yourself also (in most cases) means transferring some level of control to a cloud/traditional server hosting provider anyways (e.g, AWS, DigitalOcean, NFO, etc).

    Using something like ZeroTier can cutout a cloud provider/VPS entirely in favor of a professionally managed SAS for a lot of folks.

    A lot of this just depends on who you trust -- yourself or the team running the service(s) you're relying on -- more and how much time you have to practically devote to maintenance. There's not a "one size fits all answer" but ... I think most people are better off doing SAS to form an internal mesh network and running whatever services they're interested in running inside of that network. It's a nice tradeoff.

    You can still setup device firewalls, SSH key-only authorization, fail2ban, and things of that ilk as a precaution in case their networks do get compromised. These are all things you should do if you're self hosting ... but hobbyist/novices will probably stumble through them/get it wrong, which IMO is more okay in the SAS case because you've got a professional security team keeping an eye on things.

  • Suggestions for Linux Distribution
  • I'll +1 the Fedora KDE for desktop usage and Debian for server usage ... this combo is where I've landed after over a decade in the Linux space mixed with personal and professional usage.

  • The Internet Archive is under a DDoS attack
  • Yeah, it's actually ... a bit creepy.

    Federated voting in general seems like it could use some rethinking to enable private voting but also to protect against vote manipulation. Right now the fediverse is arguably incredibly vulnerable to vote manipulation campaigns.

  • The new, rewritten Proton Mail Android app is now available to everyone!
  • It seems nice ... but where did the archive message button go?

  • Why VPN tunnels are safer than opening a port on my router?
  • The company Tailscale is a giant target and has a much higher risk in getting compromised than my VPN or even accessible services.

    One must be careful about this mindset. A bunch of smart lightbulbs that are individually operated aren't a particularly appealing target either. However, in aggregate... If someone can write a script that abuses security flaws in them or their default configuration ... even though you're not part of a big centralized target, you are part of a class that can be targeted automatically at scale.

    Self hosting only yields better security when you are willing to take steps to adequately secure your self hosted services and implement a disaster recovery strategy.

  • Why VPN tunnels are safer than opening a port on my router?
  • The thing about something like TailScale or ZeroTier or Nebula is that it's dynamic. These all behave similar to a multiplayer game ... a use case every residential firewall should "just get."

    The ports that are "opened" can change regularly, they're not some standard port that can just be checked to see if it's open (typically).

    Compare that to the average novice opening port 51822 for wireguard or 22 for SSH and you start to see the difference. With those ports, you've got a pretty good idea what's on the other side and it might even be willing to talk to you and give you error messages or TCP ACK packets to confirm it's there (e.g. SSH).

    This advice is as you can probably imagine more relevant to things like OpenVPN that are notoriously hard to correctly configure or application protocols like SSH or HTTP.

    With these mesh VPNs you also don't have to worry about your home dynamic IP changing and breaking your connection at inopportune times... And that's a huge benefit (IMO). It's also very easy to tie in new devices to the network.

    A lot of it is about outsourcing labor to programs that know how to set up a VPN and make management of it easy. That ties into security because ... a LOT of security issues boil down to misconfiguration.

  • TikTok’s Pro-China Tilt

    A bill that will force the app’s Chinese owners to sell will soon become law.

    TikTok’s Pro-China Tilt

    The times dives into an intelligence report on how TikTok's political algorithm anomalies align with the CCP's Geostrategic Objectives

    This report highlights major differences in the prevalence of hashtags related to subjects like Hong Kong Protests, Tainanmen Square, Tibet, the South China Sea, Taiwan, Uyghurs, Pro-Ukraine, and Pro-Isreal when compared to other major social media platforms.

    Additionally the times cited a Wall Street Journal analysis ( which "found evidence that TikTok was promoting extreme content, especially against Israel. (China has generally sided with Hamas.)"

    RuneScape's Combat System Updates - Biggest Changes with @IronAraxxor 👀 - YouTube RuneScape's Combat System Updates - Biggest Changes with @IronAraxxor 👀

    We've recently made some huge updates to combat systems in RuneScape, so we asked @IronAraxxor to break down the most important changes - take a look 👀----...

    RuneScape's Combat System Updates - Biggest Changes with @IronAraxxor  👀

    I thought this was a nice summary. I haven't been on in a while so I haven't seen the changes first hand. How are folks liking them?

    Linux Laptop WiFi Access Point Selection

    Hi all,

    I'm visiting a relative that has a Google WiFi system with multiple access points. There's an access point literally right next to me that I can see in the KDE BSSID list with 100% connection strength.

    For some reason, it's instead picking a BSSID with only 60% strength. Does anyone have any thoughts on why it's choosing this access point instead of one of the others? Is this something the Google WiFi controls/suggests to the laptop, is something bugged, or is there a good reason Linux might be choosing this particular access point?

    EDIT: It turns out the access point placement was actually just really bad, and the access point in question was not even making it to the rest of the LAN... The speed difference between my phone and laptop seems to be just that, something to do with a difference between the framework and the Pixel's wireless cards (or drivers). Even with everything corrected, the Pixel is significantly out performing the framework.

    Teaser for upcoming event "Sealed Caches" Desolation's Wake - Sealed Cache #hunt #crytek #gaming #huntshowdown

    With the arrival of fresh munitions, the contest to claim them grew heated.For every Mission during Desolation's Wake, a Sealed Cache will be found in a cent...

    Desolation's Wake - Sealed Cache  #hunt #crytek #gaming #huntshowdown
    Apologies for the recent Spam

    The recent spam was a result of me hooking up (my) auto post bot to the Zed community without taking enough precautions.

    This is a bot I wrote to take care of posting community news automatically... It's been doing very well for various other Lemmy communities.

    Alas... Most RSS feeds are designed to only have a few recent posts. I was expecting it to post maybe 10 things... Instead the RSS feed was complete (i.e., included ALL Zed Industries posts). The bot thus preceded to posted everything Zed Industries has ever posted.

    I've removed all the duplicate posts and left the new ones up... Sorry if you were impacted in the ~15 minutes or so it took me to get the situation sorted.

    I'll be making some changes to how the bot handles newly added feeds to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.

    0 Regarding Recent Varlamore Leaks

    We've made a short statement addressing a number of Varlamore-related videos aiming to dispel misinformation being spread by bad actors to turn a profit.

    Regarding Recent Varlamore Leaks

    (A catch up post ... the bot was broken by my instance upgrading to Lemmy 1.19, fixed now!)

    0 Bots, Bans and Appeals: An Update

    An update from us on all things bots, bans and ban appeals.

    Bots, Bans and Appeals: An Update

    (A catch up post ... the bot was broken by my instance upgrading to Lemmy 1.19, fixed now!)

    0 Defender of Varrock

    It�s time to see if the prophecy comes to pass, as we revisit a truly classic quest... Defender of Varrock!

    Defender of Varrock

    (A catch up post ... the bot was broken by my instance upgrading to Lemmy 1.19, fixed now!)

    0 Post Game Jam and Merch Update - This Week In RuneScape - News - RuneScape - RuneScape

    We've got just some of the fruits of last week's Game Jam to show you, plus exciting merchandise updates and more!

    Post Game Jam and Merch Update - This Week In RuneScape  - News - RuneScape - RuneScape

    (A catch up post ... the bot was broken by my instance upgrading to Lemmy 1.19, fixed now!)

    0 Hunt: Showdown - 6th Anniversary Twitch Drops Gameplay Stream - Steam News

    Join us in the bayou to celebrate together! The Community team is now live 🔴 over on Twitch, bringing in Hunt: Showdown's 6th anniversary with a bang! Join us on Twitch

    Hunt: Showdown - 6th Anniversary Twitch Drops Gameplay Stream - Steam News

    (A catch up post ... the bot was broken by my instance upgrading to Lemmy 1.19, fixed now!)

    Desolation's Wake Teaser | Hunt: Showdown

    New teaser video released ... I really hope we're getting a moving train on the new map (or perhaps one of the existing maps?)!

    Soul Survivor Thoughts & Experiences?

    I mostly play the traditional bounty hunt mode. I enjoy it quite a bit, I have over 700 hours in the game, I tend to play in 3-4 star lobbies with friends, and have a ~1.3 KDR.

    Soul Survivor on the other hand I've always struggled with. I tend to either get the wellspring and die before the timer runs out or get into a shootout that I just don't have what I need to win before that happens. I've yet to actually win a single game of soul survivor in probably a couple dozen tries.

    My Soul Survivor KDR is like ... 0.4. I'm wondering if that's mostly down to the lack of match making? Or just, IDK, does anyone have any advice or experience they want to share about Soul Survivor?

    Dark_Arc Dark Arc

    Hiker, software engineer (primarily C++, Java, and Python), Minecraft modder, hunter (of the Hunt Showdown variety), biker, adoptive Akronite, and general doer of assorted things.

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