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  • Sure, she has nice breasts, a cute smile, glasses I like, but I think what really turns me on is her taste in music :)

  • What do you want to ask to do but they'll say no?
  • Sorry, I somehow just assumed you are talking about a long-term relationship, now I see you didn't mention anything about that :)

    So yes, what I said applies to a relationship where you had enough time to build up mutual trust, can't comment on a fresher one.

  • Mayitabellita
  • That cute whimper!

  • Toy aficionados, do you have a favorite you'd recommend?
  • Can you look at any adult products on ali?

    here's a picture, can't find it on amazon, sorry. It's sold as "Double-headed Vibrator for Women AV Massage stick Masturbator Female" or "Clitoris Vagina Stimulator Sex Toys for Women AV Rod Big Size Powerful Magic Wand Massager Double-headed Vibrator".

  • Toy aficionados, do you have a favorite you'd recommend?
  • Glass dildo (type "B").

    Unless you warm it up (e.g. by holding it between your/their thighs for a minute), it's cold, which can be fun.

    And it's heavy. Once it's in, gravity will hold it there.

  • Toy aficionados, do you have a favorite you'd recommend?
  • I was looking for a magic wand, and found this magic-wand/vibrator combo.

    Not cheap, but rechargeable, quite powerful, and some nice "modes". Bought a second one just to have a spare one in case the first one breaks :)

  • What are your sexual expectations in erotic stories?
  • I'm fine with some amount of exaggeration (and at least for me, too much realism can actually take me out of the story).

    The guy comes twice, and you write about how this seldom happens to him, is caused by how hot the sex is, how he was longing to be with [partner] for a long time,... -- perfectly fine. If he comes 10 times in a row, you better have written multiple paragraphs of explanation for it (medical condition? experimental sex drug? not actually a human? [partner] has magical powers?) ;)

  • Newbie question: Are comments federated automatically? [solved]
  • Thanks @[email protected] !. I found something in the docs for admins (gave it a try, it works), but that didn't sound very comfortable, glad to learn that I just have to be patient :)

  • That's how I play shadow of Colossus
  • She's cute. Do you happen to know who she is?

  • What do you want to ask to do but they'll say no?
  • There were a lot of those things. And then I just asked for one, and she was into it, and she got braver and asked for things she wanted to do, and now it's 3 months later and we have tried out a lot of new things. And are both feeling super stupid for not having been confident enough to do this years ago.

    Don't be us. You love each other, you trust each other, so just ask your SO. But ensure them that it's perfectly okay if they don't want to do it, don't pressure them. If they say no, at least maybe it gives them a little courage to tell you what they would like to try.

  • What does the perfect intimate night to yourself look like?
  • Or, if you are not much of a reader (or even if you are): Check out audio. gwasi should keep you "busy" for a few months ;)

  • What does the perfect intimate night to yourself look like?
  • Recommendation for sex toy: e-stim plug

    I never tried something like this before, but oh wow is this fun :) (and you can set whatever strength will keep you at your preferred arousal-level)

  • What does the perfect intimate night to yourself look like?
  • pro-tip: If you find a good, long story that you like, put it on your ebook-reader (Calibre will automatically convert HTML to whatever format your device wants). Ebook-reader in one hand frees up the other one...

  • What does the perfect intimate night to yourself look like?
  • Install text-generation-webui (aka "ooba"), use it to download a good model which your CPU or GPU can handle (e.g. TheBloke/MythoMax-L2-Kimiko-v2-13B-GGUF), install sillytavern and configure it to use your ooba, then get some nice character cards from chub. (or directly use the ooba webinterface to tell the AI to write a hot story)

    I can go into further details if you are interested :)

  • Newbie question: Are comments federated automatically?

    Hi everyone!

    Just created my first Lemmy-account today, and I'm a bit confused regarding federation. I understood that in order to subscribe to communities of other servers, I have to search them first, so that they "appear" on this server. But if I do, most (but not all) of the comments in those communities seem to be missing. Will those be automatically synced after some time? Or is there some secret "sync all comments for this post" button?

    What are some hot clothing ideas for men?
  • Search ali for "rainbow socks", or if your legs are a bit wider, "socks striped plus size". Unless you want to go for the manly man look, of course :)

  • We never left the hotel room
  • Would you mind sharing your prompt/model/settings?

  • What are some good lewd games featuring femboys?
  • As @[email protected] suggested, have a look at Tales of Androgyny; free d/l, works on Win/Mac/Linux/Android.