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Disaster is nearing. Mass displacement. Mass starvation. Mass death. It is all imminent. Do you understand?
  • These kinds of posts are designed to provoke anxiety and waste thousands of people's time, ironically contributing to energy wastage. I don't see how you can engage with posts like these and think you hate capitalism, you're worshipping the act of consuming negativity and giving someone money from your doomerism lol. It's almost like forum autists cannot into self awareness or something

  • It's so obvious when someone has a JavaScript background

    JavaScript is a language that's easy to learn and has a gorillion features shoehorned in, to varying degrees of success. If you're relatively new to programming (just got done learning Python/Java) there's bound to be something new that you learn from JavaScript due to all its extra added features. Though these extra features are cool, over time you will slowly learn of the flaws that JavaScript has, and you will begin to associate "easy to learn with cool features" as the worst mistake that the language made. So, surely the answer must be to reduce how easy things are to learn. You will start to worship anything that excludes the less experienced and has cool features - for example Haskell or JS Frameworks - and you will denigrate solutions that seem too "simplistic and dirty". You will point to examples like C or Adobe Flash, citing that they have must have security vulnerabilities because they're accessible and so stupid people must be creating footguns with them. You will completely neglect the ways in which they're poorly designed and you will completely ignore the positives of both. Fundamentally, you will refuse to acknowledge that it's possible for software to be accessible and to be designed well at the same time.

    Today, the internet is a dumpster precisely because of this false equivalency. It would be easy for Google to remove the guardrails from WebAssembly in some sort of public testing version of Chromium, allowing WASM to support fun little runtimes with 10x the safety of Flash. Artists could use software packages similar to the old Adobe Flash suite in order to make cool things again, expanding beyond the Neocities pages that are currently trendy. Over time, we could improve WASM environments to be incredibly safe, have interesting specialized runtimes and make super cool creations, a development model which basically already worked with HTML and CSS. But, because people still think accessible === vulnerable, we will never have that, and so every site will have the same hyperminimalistic slop look, and artists will be pushed onto the same shitty platforms to do nothing exciting in formats that have existed for centuries.

    Programmers learned the wrong lesson in the 00s - that everything needs to be gatekept to protect people from themselves. The actual lesson was that designing things properly can let anyone make anything. Sure, the DOM doesn't satisfy people's need today, but it used to be excellently designed for its task - that's why it could let anyone build something amazing


    Why do Millennials hate Gen Z fashion so much?

    Every time I see millennials exposed to zoomer fashion they instantly start seething. it's always some 20 year old celebrity who goes outside wearing baggy clothes with a graphic tee and millennials online start screeching shit like


    Why are you people like this


    Crazy how Reddit decided to have interesting content all of a sudden

    As soon as people showed the slightest signs of paying less attention to the Israel-Gaza situation, the entire frontpage is suddenly not enshittified anymore. Wow, look at this insane rapper beef! I haven't seen memes this funny in ages! Hey hockey fans, look at this insane helldivers 2 drama! Of course, all the political bullshit is conveniently removed so you're not angry about that, you're not supposed to be angry about that right now...


    Why do people say 'queer folk' instead of 'queer people'?

    I see this phrase used a lot on blahaj lemmy. I’m actually bi but I don’t really like using the word ‘folk’ over ‘people’... it just kinda sounds pretentious, I don't want to be described like a mythical creature


    Should I avoid or engage in current news right now?

    During the last 'election summer' things went haywire but ultimately nothing meaningful really happened, and not a whole lot really changed as a result of that unrest. This time things are going haywire again, and it seems like something big will happen but people thought that the last time... Would it just be better to ignore everything and go work on yourself, your skills, etc. or consume whatever thing is going on? The constant fear that's being pushed is so emotionally exhausting... I'm finding it harder to care about these things without anything major happening, as shitty as that sounds

    Why there is so much communist propaganda on lemmy?
  • I dislike communism but most communists actually obsess over things that matter due to having terminally Kantian thought processes. I'd rather post in an environment like that than one filled with barely sentient slop consumers who just believe things

  • Reddit embracing all out enshittification
  • I always see takes like this when people discuss alternative platforms. This is almost never the actual reason why people don't switch. The real reason is that most modern internet users are incredibly afraid of using a web browser - anything that isn't an official app is sketchy to them.

    They have been entirely socially conditioned to think that looking for "alternative to x" or "free version of x" will give them an adware extension. Google knowingly promotes adware sites to any 8 year old who wants to get Minecraft for free, so they learn young that you can never trust alternative online services for anything. If a person makes it to 10 and is unable to find emuparadise, they will be afraid of any online 'alternative' for the rest of their lives.

  • Osama Bin Laden's PSN Account

    Windows 10 will start pushing users to use Microsoft accounts. How to turn it off.
  • Lemmy users generally subscribe to the philosophy of "if everyone just thought exactly like me then the world would be utopia"

    The actual solution is to pirate Windows 10 LTSC IOT from (microsoft's debloated version of W10 for sysadmins, it tends to get leaked) for a usable everyday system. The only Linux setups that are possible to daily drive (aren't unstable) are Linux Mint and an Arch setup with Hyprland if you know what you're doing - anything else has serious issues in my experience. Even if you got Adobe and Office apps running (which is possible in some cases), both the most used desktop environments on Linux (GNOME and KDE) are incredibly buggy messes. Literally half of all 'distros' are just trying to make sure those two desktop envs aren't launching nuclear bombs on your machine

  • Youtube is now unusable without a frontend

    I have an extension that can individually disable all the most useless/addicting components of the Youtube site, such as shorts and whatnot. On the search page, I have turned on:

    > hide Shorts

    > hide For You

    > hide Trending

    > hide 'People Also Searched For'

    > hide Search Categories

    > hide Promoted Videos

    > hide Promoted Websites

    > hide Suggested Products

    Do you know what Youtube has started doing? They are now inserting engagement slop DIRECTLY into the search results, as seen in the image above. It's literally a short, yet it's inserted like a video so you're forced to see it. The only possible way to remove it is by using a privacy frontend, as even on incognito mode, Youtube will look at the three videos you've watched and start inserting shit based off that.

    Louis Rossman is right, they all have rapist mentalities... "just let me stick it in"