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Pi Day
  • From the wiki:

    2019 – Cyclone Idai makes landfall near Beira, Mozambique, causing devastating floods and over 1,000 deaths.
    2021 – Burmese security forces kill at least 65 civilians in the Hlaingthaya massacre.

  • Concerned Ape (Stardew Valley): I swear on the honor of my family name, i will never charge money for a DLC or update for as long as I live. Screencap this and shame me if I ever violate this oath.
  • Anything that is worked on for that long is fair game for versioning. It used to be that you bought a version of a software and it was yours for life, but if you wanted the new fancy stuff, you had to buy the new version.

    Now it's either a subscription or an "app" model, how long can a developer continue to support a 3€ one-time-buy app with new features? Buyers run out sooner or later.

  • After printing ABS almost exclusively for about a decade, I'm rediscovering PLA and its fancy variants

    I think 1kg spools are too much, I want to experiment with ALL THE COLORS... But few manufacturers offer 250g, and they are sometimes twice the cost by weight. !


    Old and new


    >Today, on February 28, nearly five years after Control’s initial launch, Remedy Entertainment, the team behind the Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Control series, released an announcement regarding a deal between them and 505 Games, detailing a full transition to Remedy acquiring full rights to the franchise. While Remedy Entertainment previously developed the game with 505 Games having publishing, distribution, and marketing rights over Control, this latest transaction converts this authority to Remedy, giving them full rights over Control, Control 2, and their upcoming multiplayer game currently under the code Condor.