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My first 2 hours with Black Myth: Wukong were a flurry of demanding boss fights, unbelievably pretty characters, and a surprisingly sparse world
  • It really depends, if the long animation has a big pay off then it's perfectly fine, high risk high reward, that kind of move greatly rewards player knowledge of the enemy's move set. It's not OK if:the move is weak or if enemies have no long dmg windows, if any of those are true then those moves will just be entirely avoided by players

  • MTV is turning 43
  • Tbh its kind of scary. When I think about how I could've spent my entire life without knowing I like that I also think of all the things I absolutely love to do but havent discovered yet. Our lives are brief and we really need to try to experience as much as possible

  • MTV is turning 43
  • When flying back home with my family from a trip. Airplanes didnt have individual screens and the movie that was on was terrible (on the shared tvs), so I kept checking every radio station available until I heard (not 100% sure on this) Heaven from DJ Sammy and suddenly I REALLY like music for the first time in my life.

  • Your spoiler tag didnt work for me on, just fyi. But I agree, they completely destroyed any emotional value of that scene and when Uriange joined Yshtola FOR NO FUCKING REASON I was just laughing, completely ruined the emotional scene they were going for.

  • Visions of Mana | Launch Date Trailer (August 29th)
  • Same thing happened with Trials of Mana unfortunately,the remake is good and I liked it but losing co-op is like losing half of the game in this series. I still remember how fun it was playing the original with my brother years ago (had to patch the ROM cause there wasn't an english release)

  • This looks absolutely amazing, thanks!

    It's weird, for the past few weeks I've been trying to switch from reddit to lemmy but something wasn't quite there... I couldn't tell what but I tried all sorts of apps and even the old.reddit style lemmy. After finding this app I can finally say I feel 0 reason to go back to reddit, great work! Kinda dumb but I decided my first post had to be about it since this is the reason for me to be on lemmy now. Also, is it just me or does it adapt to ultrawide resolutions? I've never dreamed to have a better experience browsing on ultrawide but here we are!