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what are the pros and cons of apt vs flatpak?
  • What's up with all the negativity around flatpaks? I use Arch (btw) and I try to install as much as I can using flatpak. I think they are great. They are compatible, usually up to date, easy to install, easy to remove and it won't break your system. The sandbox can be edited to include more paths etc.

  • AMD has preemptively dropped support for Windows 10 on its new Ryzen AI 300 Series chips
  • Oh okey, then I am with you! I have an integrated GPU in my processor that have been tinkering with but for my usecase it's not enough. Ideally would I need two external GPUs in my system so I can game on both Windows and Linux without rebooting or leaving Linux. Detaching a GPU from a running system is quite messy 😅

  • List of useful BTRFS tools
  • I would like to recommend Yabsnap as an alternative to Snapper. It's made for Arch, tested on Fedora and might work on other distros. But it needs more eyes and testers!

    Edit: thank you for the list! It's very nice to see what is available for btrfs

  • Gnome's Adwaita team is breaking icon compatibility
  • If Linux is to go mainstream I feel like KDE needs to be the default Desktop experience on distros. The Windows-like style is what the majority of people recognize and are familiar with and the KDE developers seems to care a lot about their userbase.

    New users already has a lot to deal with and learn when it comes it Linux. They don't need their desktop environment to work against them too.

  • Thank you Raymond Hill
  • This is why I refuse to buy a "smart" TV. My old flat screen TV works perfectly fine with a Chromecast with Google TV. I can even use the Chromecast in my projector or any other device with HDMI input to make it smarter than most TV interfaces I have tried.

  • Do you forget that you need to update your system?
  • But not too frequently. Updating too often on Arch will increase your chances of something breaking. Updating once a week or twice a week gives the developers some time to fix bugs and make changes to other packages as needed

  • [Discussion] What kind of protective and carrying cases do you use for your Deck?
  • Have you had any use for the screen protector? I got the 512gb model with anti-glare and it stopped working with a glass protector on top so I decided to just skip it. Still no scratches anywhere on my deck. I just keep it in the original case when I am not using it

  • Laptop won't shut down on any kernel version above 6.7
  • I have the same problem on my desktop with both KDE Plasma 5 and Plasma 6 using the Zen kernel and Nvidia GPU. It happens randomly, every 10-20 shutdowns maybe, that my computer hangs on Target reached: System Power Off

    I turn off my computer using the button in KDE start menu, which opens the shutdown menu. In there I press the Shutdown icon to turn off my computer.

    I still haven't figured out the issue.

  • [Bug/Feature request?] Clicking hyperlinks in comments collapses the comment

    I am not sure if this is bug report or a feature request but when you click hyperlinks in comments with the single click to collapse feature enabled it collapses the comment. This is very counter intuitive and I feel like it should not collapse when I click on hyperlinks.