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Donald Trump faces travel ban to 37 countries
  • I am a convicted felon who has visited the UK. I was never questioned about it. I entered just like everyone else without it ever being brought up.

    I’m sure it’s different everywhere. I once looked into visiting Canada and recall having to fill out a form or something, but never actually went.

  • iphone 15 pro has something called "always on display" . what exactly is "always on display" i tried to google search it and it didn't really tell me
  • Not really. I’ve used it with it disabled and on and not noticed a huge difference.

    What really kills my battery is the Scrabble GO app. Some of it is screen time for sure, but that app fucks my battery in the ass like nothing I’ve ever seen before. But it’s better than WWF because classic mode and NASPA dictionary so I just adapt.

  • If the human body didn't heal itself, how'd you be doing rn?

    Your body doesn’t heal itself. Cuts need stitches that must be permanent. Bones need to be screwed together even if just cracked. How you doing?