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Nazi Propagandist Nick Fuentes Caught on Stream Watching Gay Porn
  • "I want attention, watch this."

    Stop. Talking. About. Nazis. And. FACISTS.

    Unless they've actually done something like killed people or something. Covering shit like this is exactly what they need. They have no shame.

  • We have to stop ignoring AI’s hallucination problem
  • Hallucinations, like depression, is a multifaceted issue. Training data is only a piece of it. Quantized models, overfitted training models rely on memory at the cost of obviously correct training data. Poorly structured Inferences can confuse a model.

    Rest assured, this isn't just training data.

  • Unable to visit community via search + !name@instance

    I'm unable to visit a community using the sidebar suggested method of searching for "!community@instance" convention.

    Is this normal?


    Kagi search engine releases a "lens" to search lemmy/kbin instances A lens for Kbin / Lemmy instances (or ActivityPub in general) - Kagi Feedback

    With the Reddit situation going on right now, many users are moving to Kbin or Lemmy instances. how some call it, it...

    Kagi is a commercial search engine with some pretty awesome features. This one helps Lemmy users.


    Summarizer fail

    Summarize found text not on the link. Weird.

    LemmyLens Cyberflunk

    More project details?

    Are you planning on publishing any more details about his project?

    • Privacy policy
    • how often is data updated
    • will this be open source?
    • Will there be rate limiting?
    • What use cases are allowed?
    • Who are you? lol

    How do you manually visit a community?

    I can't figure out how to have sync visit a community I have an address for. [email protected] in search doesn't work. I see no other way of doing this. Am I missing something?


    app to search all icons for installed icon packs

    Does anyone know of an app that will search all installed icon packs for a term?


    Am i using Sync wrong? If i see a federated post, i can't get to the insance home or see the other communities on the instance


    [email protected] popped on my feed, and I visited the c, only I wanted to see the other communities on the instance. There doesn't appear to be any way to do this.

    Am I wrong?