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Silmarillion Reader's Guide
  • I have a version from the 80s that has a map and an appendix with all the names. I felt like that was enough for me. Whatever it takes though. My biggest recommendation to people is to just stick with it. The first part reads like the Bible or something but after that it becomes much easier.

  • They really want people to RTO
  • This has been 100% true for me. I started working from home at the beginning of the pandemic and haven’t gone back. I lost 45 pounds in the first year and have managed to keep it off since. It’s all because I can eat better by making my own meals at home.

  • Al Gore Thinks Trump Will Lose and Climate Activists Will Triumph
  • I believe Trump will lose but I’m not so sure about the other part. Democrats will only take action on climate change if it doesn’t impact capitalism. Capitalism can’t exist if we want to truly tackle Climate change.