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have you crimed today?
  • Don't do this to me. I don't want to feel these feelings



    let go of the hate to make room for all that fuggin gold

  • Just a teensy bit of lead clogging up the ol' noggin

  • forget Primm, I wanna go gamble


    war never changes

    Just a NV meme that I stole

    There’s always tomorrow
  • My go-to lately has been "I'm living the dream, one nightmare at a time."

  • Red alert issued in Croatia over heatwave
  • Stay safe over there 💜

  • Post your favorite doohickeys (incl. vehicles)
  • It's the demon core.

    TLDR: there was an "experiment" that involved using a screwdriver to hold the top half of the cover to get the core as close to critical as possible. One time the screwdriver slipped and the top fell releasing a huge amount of radiation in a very short amount of time.

  • "Fry" is an ambiguous word in English
  • Shhh, no one had better tell this person about the many different uses for the word "fuck"

  • “A simple calculation”
  • Thanks. You just gave me flashbacks to my college classes. I felt a shudder run down my spine

  • Post your favorite doohickeys (incl. vehicles)
  • You might even say it's the core of demon...onic s-stuff


  • Post your favorite doohickeys (incl. vehicles)
  • Slightly modified doohickey

  • Big Boyee
  • Gotta include the picture of the kiwi taken by one of the sawmill workers

  • Post a prompt, have an art from this insane russian
  • Draw something that makes you happy

  • Frenemies [MoringMark]
  • Amity definitely saw some horrors beyond her comprehension when Hooty bit her face

  • buzz buzz fellow cazadors

    Excuse us
  • Just let me sneak past ya here

  • "Acceptable Casualties"

    "How do I make the no-no thing be a yes-yes thing?!"
  • "In my experience, magic doesn't like metal. It needs to be flesh."

  • hmmm

    it's the only halfway decent radio station in my area
  • I definitely didn't post this meme because I saw that video

  • it's the only halfway decent radio station in my area

    Weekly what have you been playing discussion - week of July 1st, 2024
  • Been playing through Tunic. It's an adventure game that has a similar art style to the Link's Awakening remake, but you play as a fox. The game has an in game manual that you find the pages to and it's written in a different language that gets translated as you play. So you run into situations where you had the ability to interact with something from the beginning of the game, but you just didn't know until you find the manual page much later on. It also borrows the bonfire mechanic from the Souls games, resting refills healing potions and respawns enemies.

    This game was meant to be a chill relaxed thing to do before I hop back into Elden Ring for the new dlc, but it has been kicking my ass more than I expected.

  • hi im new to lemmy, some intro and questions
  • Welcome! So the way Lemmy works is similar to how Reddit works. There are communities where people make posts and discuss telated topics. These communities can be as specific as a fandom for a certain book, movie, or video game, or as general as any meme that gets a giggle out of you. Luckily I am on jerboa too, so in the bottom left of the page there should be a magnifying glass that will let you search for any community you want. The majority of users here are pretty tech savvy, so the Linux and programming related communities are pretty active. Join the ones you like, block the ones you don't like. You can also change the posts you are browsing to see only posts from communities you are Subscribed to, to Local which is only communities in the server you made your account on, and All which is anything and everything. Be prepared to see a lot of NSFW if you browse by all. Have fun and if you have any more questions, I'm sure anyone will be willing to help how they can and recommend new communities. I'm a big fan of Non-Credible Defence, but it is definitely not for everyone

  • doesn't even compared to Gwent


    the industrial military complex needs to be fed, and it craves Papa John's




    the piss colored filter is more of a problem than the constant crashing


    gotta wonder why the aliens would build these rooms

    (this is the first level in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1)


    Did you know... Jet is just mutant cow jenkem?


    what happens in Zion Canyon, stays in Zion Canyon


    when you lore dump on someone who has only seen the Fallout show


    Who would win? An apex predator and modern day dinosaur, or one buzzy boi?


    It's all Glup Shitto


    when you want to explore before doing the main story


    New Mr. Vulpus video is out!